Suzy Hypnotized


I'm happy to see all the excitement about the re-release of Suzy Hypnotized.

Please note, if you already have Suzy Hypnotized in your VIP member's account, you do not need to re-purchase this session. You already have it, and it's already available in your VIP member's Area.

Suzy Hypnotized (2004) Re-release


I'm happy to announce the re-release of Suzy Hypnotized. Preview picts and a description can be found here.

This classic session featured an erotic hypnosis session with a former cheerleader. The session begins with an eye fixation induction using a crystal pendant, which we return to from time to time in the session.

Suzy has a hot body with particularly attractive breasts. I place her on display doing some hypnotic mannequin play. At one point we see the depth of her trance and hypnotic responsiveness, having her bite in to an onion and believing it's an orange. As the response to a post-hypnotic trigger, she spills a glass of water on herself repeatedly through the session.

The pacing and the characteristics of the session is consistent with that phase of my work, and over the session has stood the test of time, remaining a favorite of a number of VIP Members.

Feedback from this session will have an impact on whether more classic sessions will receive this re-release treatment.

Reflections on Victoria Hypnotized


Victoria Hypnotized ( Preview picts and Description ) remains to this day to be a key and pivotal session in my own person erotic hypnosis journey.

Throughout my career as an erotic hypnotist, I had never seen a woman whom I have just met less than ten minutes ago turn in to such a horny and sexual creature. During our pre-induction talk nothing seemed unusual. Everything seemed so routine that I didn't even bother setting up the studio. Then all of a sudden it was like a switch had been flipped.

During earlier phases of my career I might not have believed my eyes, but at this point all I could think of was the line from "Starship Troopers..." "Don't pass up a good thing."

This session, this part in particular really opened my eyes up to how things could be, and I like to think that if this state of being is possible in a subject, then why wouldn't they want to experience it? Looking at it another way, wouldn't it be cruel to have a woman in such a state of heat and to not give her some stimulation and pleasure? Why wouldn't you?

If you haven't checked out this session yet, I would encourage you to do so, because it's pretty hot!


Amy Hypnotized


Amy Hypnotized (Desc and preview picts) is a classic session that has come up a lot in recent conversation through the questionnaires in the Information Center.

One of our VIP Members wrote:
"I came to your site a few years ago because someone showed me a video of Amy Hypnotized. I think to this day I enjoy that one the most because she was obviously such an introspective intellectual, and because she was so naturally responsive part of her really did have a hard time getting a handle on what was going on. Watching that conflict was truly funny."

To Which I responded:
"Amy Hypnotized will always be one of those sessions that I felt was very important in the journey that I went through. At that point I'm only a few years in to my career as a full time erotic hypnotist, I'm in my early 20's so I'm still sorting things out in terms of my understanding of a number of things, and in my exploration of Amy, I'm learning a lot of things. On top of that, the peculiar way that she responds to the various hypnotic phenomena, combined with the contrasts to her waking state, mixed with this sort of cross of resistance and rebellion mixed with consent and compliance gives me a lot to think about. Never mind the fact that there's something really hot and delicious about her naked and hypnotized and clearly being affected in all these ways."

I've really been impressed by how awesome of an experience the launch of the VIP Information Center has been. It's been great having conversations with a lot of you, and I've really enjoyed sharing sessions with a lot of you that you might not have known about. It's been a lot of fun.

Nurse Betty Hypnotized


Nurse Betty Hypnotized (Preview picts and desc) is a classic session where we have a subject who has been previously hypnotized in her psychology class.

We hear about her experience, and then open up a whole new world of pleasure for her via hypnosis. Deeply responsive, we engage in a bit of hypnosis enhanced role play and have some fun!

Rita Hypnotized


Rita Hypnotized (Desc and preview picts)

Crystal White In Bed (Crystal White 3)


I had a very enjoyable session with the delightful Crystal White.

Newly single, she got ahold of me and asked me if I'd be willing to hypnotize her again. I told her that I'd be delighted to, and then got in my car and drove for two days.

She was every bit as wonderful as I recall, and in the session we learn that the experience of getting hypnotized by me had a lasting impression.

It's been a year and a half since I last hypnotized her, and we catch up. As delightful (and horny) as always, we take things to the next level in this hour long video. She's still very sensitive and responsive to my voice, and I spend half an hour teasing her and building up her arousal and desires before even thinking about letting her have her first orgasm.

Already sexually eager, I condition her to have a very one track mind, sexually.

(Preview picts and desc)

Danielle Hypnotized


I'm back on the road filming new erotic hypnosis sessions.

You never really know what's going to happen until it happens. After a couple of no-shows, I had the good fortune to have a very enthusiastically horny 18 year old wash up on my beach.

Things moved pretty fast, from initial introductions to the end of post production all taking place in just a little over 24 hours.

It was a very intense session with a delightful young lady, at 18 years old she brought all the horniness and curiosity of that age with her to the session.

The description page and screen caps are available now at this link.

Gothic Cindy Hypnotized


Gothic Cindy Hypnotized was a great session that I had back in 2007 with a very responsive, petite subject, with a cute ass. You can find a full description of the session along with preview picts at this link.

Kimmi Hypnotized 4


I'm happy to announce that I've just completed filming a new session with Kimmi this evening.

It's been about a year since my last erotic hypnosis session with Kimmi, and she's looking great. We spend some time re-connecting with her, and then we explore her deeper as a hypnotic subject.

The description page and screen caps are available now at this link.

Gothic Heather Hypnotized


You can find a full description of the session along with preview picts at this link.

Faith Hypnotized


My newest session with Faith is now online, filmed with 3 cameras.

I can't even count the number of times that I've re-watched Faith Hypnotized, and that's outside of my normal post production workflow. There's a lot of elements to this session that are incredibly erotic and very interesting psychologically.

I knew Faith socially as a friend of a friend, so imagine my excitement when a mutual third party made arrangements for us to do a session together. Initially I had to feel her out, as other people have tried and failed to get her in to a hypnotic state, to take control over her.

I didn't let this worry me, and instead took a bold approach, establishing physical dominance in order to establish mental dominance. This allowed her to let go by being taken, and then I had both her body and her mind.

It was very exciting to have a smoking hot blonde in my arms, and when the moment came to ask her if there was anywhere my hands couldn't go, she gave me no limitations.

The description page and screen caps are available now at this link.

Cupcake Hypnotized


You can find a full description of the session along with preview picts at this link.

Kimmi Hypnotized 2


Kimmi 2 is now available. This session is pretty incredible and I feel pretty secure in saying that it was the top session of the year (so far).

In the first session with Kimmi you could see a lot of shyness. She was very responsive to hypnosis, but there was a little distance. In this session I take a long and slow approach and weave a whole fantasy around the experience designed to bring her to a state of docile compliance and uninhibited pleasure.

Feedback is starting to come in for Kimmi 2, and I'm happy to say that the initial viewers of the session are in agreement with me as to the top shelf nature of the erotic hypnosis experience that I captured in video from this session.

"Hi Aaron, just watched Kimmi 2. It has just literally blown my socks off!! You weren't exaggerating when you said it was your best of the year so far... I thought that would be a tall order, but my god!!! Thank you for such an awesome video!!"

To which I responded:

"As you can see, I'm definitely not one who is prone to exaggeration. I knew that I had something really special with this session. It just hit all the right notes in all the right ways, and when you compare it to Kimmi 1, you can see the effectiveness of the techniques and strategy that I used to take her to that place. I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

The description page and screen caps are available now at this link.

HypnoSlave Collection


The entire selection of videos have been ported over to

Filmed mostly in 2006 and 2007, HypnoSlave was about exploring our subjects a little more aggressively, and with more BDSM equipment involved.

Brittany and Nails HypnoSlaves had some really intense moments, and I turn the girls loose on themselves and each other.

Click here to see description and screen captures.

I've also migrated the following HypnoSlave videos:
Brittany and Kelly Hypnoslaves
Brittany and Nails Hypnoslaves
DH Skye Hypnoslave
DJ Skye Hypnoslave 2
Jill Hypnoslave
Kelly, Brittany and Nails Hypnoslaves
Sarah Hypnoslave
Stephanie Hypnoslave
Wish Hypnoslave

HD Videos:
Amanda HS
Amanda HS 2
Ashley HS
Ashley HS 2
Jill HS 2
Nails HS
Nails HS 2
Nails HS 3
Nails HS 4
Sandy and Alexis HS

Harley Greens Hypnotized 1 and 2


We continue to explore deep in to the mind and fantasy world of our shy anime girl.

Harley Greens Hypnotized is now available. Harley is a shy girl with an obsession for anime (Japanese Animation). I slowly and gently make my way in to her mind where I search for her secret passionate side. Once I tap in to it she goes wild.

The description page and screen caps are available now at this link. and this link.

Nikko Hypnotized


Screen captures and description at this link.

Anna Hypnotized


Last night I filmed a new erotic hypnosis session with Anna, a sexy and mature subject.

Anna was curious about erotic hypnosis and very enthusiastic about having the experience. Later in the hypnotic process we find out that she had a secret fantasy about being under control and being made to do sexy things.

What's interesting about this session is that I am quickly able to take control over her in an erotic hypnosis context, although there is initial resistance to relating those feelings to me. Over the course of this session I'm able to change that, ultimately seducing her. This process is captured on video in this session.

The description page and screen caps are available now at this link.

The thing about the Anna session that is really kind of amazing, is that we catch a real world example of a woman who is in a situation where she feels unconstrained to do sexual things with other women but not with other men. Using hypnosis, I’m able to tap in to this and then transfer it over to myself. It isn’t very long before she’s grabbing my cock and begging me to fuck her.

Since I gave her and her boyfriend my word, as a gentleman, that there wouldn’t be any sex or blowjobs today, I politely declined her requests. Sexually, the conquest had already occurred. She was, in her own words, “turned on to me.”

Dahlia Hypnotized


Dahlia Hypnotized rmeains one of the all time favorites for the website, as well as one of my own personal favorite experiences. Screencaps and a detailed description can be found here.

Click Here for a new 3 minute preview of Dahlia Hypnotized and see what people are saying about this amazing session!

Samantha Hypnotized


Exciting news! Our new session, Samantha Hypnotized goes online today. Samantha was amazing. From the moment that I first laid eyes on her, I was captivated by her curves. As we met the first time, I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was going to be perfect. It was a very easy transition in to the trance state, and she continued to look more and more amazing, as each layer of clothing came off.

Screen captures and description at this link.

Kimmi Hypnotized


Feedback is coming in from the just released Kimmi Hypnotized ( description ), and it's already proving to be a very popular session. From the feedback I've been getting, it appears you have all been understanding the tone of the session and the psychology of the subject. I'm very happy about this as this means that I can continue my sessions with her. She's been asking for the last few days when we can meet again.

Here are what people are saying about Kimmi:

"This was one of your best sessions. It was interesting how she seemed to be holding back, but you were able to get her to open up. I love when you get them to kiss you. I know you don't do that with everyone and since she had a boyfriend I was surprised you were able to get her to. Great session!"

"As you correctly note in your article, the first half was pretty tedious and close to discouraging, but you deserve credit for patience and for backing off a bit. The second half was great. A great mix of the traditional stage hypno with the sex... Great hypno confusion and suggestions. She was hot and you were able to make the most of that. Lot's of sleep suggestions, always love the standing asleep naked shots. Yea, it's too bad she wasn't able to push the button a bit more, but the end was entertaining and erotic, without being overbearing, I thought you got the most out of the shoot as you could, hopefully set it up for a return with a bit more sexiness."

"Another great video. You could definitely tell she was a bit freaked out by just how well the suggestions were working on her. She also appeared to have no memory of anything that occurred while she was under. I have to admit this aspect of it was pretty hot even if it made me feel a little guilty. I also enjoyed the blank mind suggestions you threw in occasionally. I'd love to see that incorporated more with other models as well. Overall, I'm glad you did all you could to ease her apprehension and still make it an enjoyable experience for her. She certainly is a cutie. I hope when next we see her you'll be able to draw her out even more!"

Beth and Debbie Hypnotized


Beth and Debbie Hypnotized, one of my all time favorite classic sessions from 2003. While I had done twosomes before at this point, this is the first time that I really start to enjoy having two compliant hypnotized women in a state of arousal at my whim.

You can find a full description of the session along with preview picts at this link.

Rita Hypnotized 3


You can now view the full description of the third erotic hypnosis session with Rita, along with screen captures, at this link.

I'm really excited about this video and really couldn't wait to present it to my viewers. Filmed on my new video camera, the shot is crisp and clear, up close and personal with Rita. We've got good sound signal. However, it's not just the technical stuff that's got me exited!

This session establishes a very clear sexual dominance over Rita. In the first session, we explored her. In the second session we began laying the groundwork and checking how feasible it would be to take things in that direction. In this session we take and use that control.

The highlight, and conclusion of this video is an elaborate and extended hypnotic scenario involving a vibrator and denied / ruined orgasms. In this way we can very clearly see the effect that we are having on her.

Kimmi Hypnotized 1.5


Between Kimmi 1 and Kimmi 2, there was a third session filmed. I decided to cut it short and not to originally show it because I didn't feel that the flow of it was quite right.

From an economic point of view, it's always in my best interest to put sessions online and recover the costs of filming. So generally I won't do anything other than that unless there are good reasons for it. I don't generate a large enough income that I can make that decision lightly.

There is an overall tone that I try to convey with my work, and I operate on the basis that no individual session is so important that I'm going to disregard my subject or go against the tone of my work.

In general, the point of this website has been a record of and a view in to my exploration of women, and what I think erotic hypnosis is. You can watch the evolution over a little over a decade and a half. The theme is that erotic hypnosis and erotic / sexual behavior is something that can be done in a positive manner for the enjoyment of all involved. The primary person who should be enjoying themselves is the subject (or subjects), the secondary person in this hierarchy of enjoyment should be the hypnotist, and then finally the viewer. The tone is light, fluffy and fun, with a confidence that has grown over the years.

While there is nothing wrong with the session, and nothing improper going on. I felt that the tone was off. I'm a lot more sensitive to these things than most people, so I'm going to feel that it's a little off long before we reach any sort of problem or breaking point. It's because of my extensive experience that this is the case, and I always trust my judgement and my instinct on this matter. I've done enough hypnosis that I'm more interested in problem avoidance, than I am to chase any particular effect or session.

This ultimately proved to be the correct decision, and with further analysis and examination, I came to realize that I would need to use different methods and strategies in order to create an appropriate experience to match her responsiveness as a hypnotic subject.

In filming Kimmi 2, instead of winning her over and focusing on her enjoyment of the experience, we are instead making her as oblivious as possible and having our way with her. This is done with her cooperation, and informed consent. As such, it is a change in the theme, while I am attempting to preserve the tone as much as possible.

It's a risky choice, but it yields a pretty awesome session that gives us a view in to this unusual psychology, making it one of my favorite videos for that very reason.

The missing session is referenced in the dialog of the video, and we spend some time at the beginning of Kimmi 2 discussing these issues in order to prepare the viewer for the slight change in theme. I also have this discussion with Kimmi just to make sure that she and I are on the same page, so that we can proceed in a manner that I would consider to be ethical. Immediately there was a lot of interest and curiosity from my viewers as to that second session. Even a year later I am still asked about it. As such I've decided to make it available for those who are curious and just have to know as much as possible about the journey that I've taken her on through erotic hypnosis.

I would only recommend this video to viewers who fit in to that category. For the general viewer I have a wide selection of videos that match the theme and tone with sexy women doing all sorts of wild and crazy things while being hypnotized.

You can find a full description of the session along with preview picts at this link.

Rosalee Hypnotized (Chapter 8)


Deeply hypnotized, attracted to me, responsive to her triggered commands, horny and feeling pleasure, I continue to increase the arousal that Rosalee is feeling. I have her stand at attention before me, instructing her to take off her lingerie when I snap my fingers. This will render her naked before me. I use her tickle butt command, which makes her bounce around while she giggles uncontrollably. Then I snap my fingers.

I reward her for getting completely naked with an orgasm. I continue to suggest that she responds favorably to me and what I make her feel. I then give her a command that causes her to feel pleasure when I touch her breasts, and to cum when I give it a light squeeze. I prime her for this, and get her curious and excited for me to do so. I then help myself to feeling up her tit, and very much enjoy how firm and round it feels in my hand. She has an immediate pleasure response, her mouth dropping open in to an "o" shape as she makes the sounds of pleasure. I give it a little squeeze and she response with even more pleasure.

I help myself to her breasts, as she quivers in pleasure. I trigger more pleasure and orgasms. I then suggest that she feels that I have a dominance over her, before triggering her tickle butt. I have her stand at attention, and use her command to present her breasts. I place my hand on her belly, just a little ways above her pussy, and trigger more pleasure. I then ask her how she feels, and if she would recommend being hypnotized by me. She answers both questions very positively.

You can view the full description of this erotic hypnosis session with Rosalee, along with screen captures, at this link.

Winter 2014

Crystal White Hypnotized, Alexandria Screener and Mystery, are available for Pre-Paid and Friends of the Website.

This update is pretty amazing, and sets the stage for 2015. Crystal White is one of the most delightful women I've ever met in my life, and she's all about getting hypnotized by me. She radiates with this youthful innocence, but underneath it al is a passion and intensity that even caught me off guard!

With Alexandria, we're going in to uncharted territory. She's a female powerlifter with a psych degree and she's in a D/s relationship (during the screener, we even hear from her fiancé off camera). She's fully consenting and excited, but at the same time I've got to figure out a way past all the quirks and defenses. We throw the rule book out for this one, anything can happen, and once we start to get inside we get a taste of the unusual drives, psychology and responses inside.

Mystery is exactly just that. For the first time in 14 years, I bring in one of my private sexual partners. She expressed an interest in filming one of our sexual adventures. However, due to the intimate nature of our relationship and not wanting to risk upsetting her professional life, we've concealed her identity. We ask everyone to respect her privacy in that regards, because she's so excited about sharing our private moments!
This gives us a unique opportunity for a very intensely graphic video where we focus on her sexy ass, her responsive pussy, her tight tits, and our foot fetishists are going to love how much of her feet we see! Mystery is a 20 minute video, but probably the most sexually graphic detail that I've every shown.

Rita Hypnotized 2


Rita is back for a second erotic hypnosis session.

There's a lot of awesome things going on in this video. However, some things in particular stand out.

First, we explore in to an in depth fantasy type of hypnotic suggestion, placing her in to a detailed scenario. This is more similar to what you'd see in a stage hypnosis show, while keeping it compatible and in place with my style of hypnosis and how I run my sessions.

Second, we have a very intense hypno-spanking experience. The spankings have a little more physical force behind them, but with a much stronger psychological impact via hypnotic suggestion. She has a very intense and emotional response to them.

You can view the full description of the second erotic hypnosis session with Rita, along with screen captures, at this link.

Rosalee Hypnotized 2


There are 8 hot minutes that are the most intense part of the second Rosalee erotic hypnosis session. Featuring a very hot masturbation session, while I program her to have very favorable feelings towards me. Her hands moves aside and I take over the physical part of her experience, while we continue to amplify her response. You can see her taking this all in, and it's very hot. It was hot to experience, it was hot to film, and it's hot to watch, so I'm happy to be making this available.

You can find a full description of the session along with preview picts at this link.