VIP Level




Order Credit

Video Comps


VIP Trial


7 days from purchase


Crystal White, Gothic Heather


VIP Introduction


14 days from purchase


Gothic Heather 2, DJ Skye


VIP Legacy


21 days from purchase


Gothic Heather 3, Violet Hue


VIP Active


30 days from purchase


Clover, Ashley HS 2, Rita


VIP Bronze


45 days from purchase


Allison, Nurse Betty, Amanda


VIP Silver


50 days from purchase & AutoHeal


Violet, Violet 2, Crystal Public, Cupcake


VIP Silver II


50 days from purchase & AutoHeal


Wish HS, Allison 2, DJ Skye HS


VIP Silver III


50 days from purchase & AutoHeal


DJ Skye HS 2, Violet 5, Gothic Cindy


VIP Silver IV


50 days from purchase & AutoHeal


Allison 3, Mickey, Kathy


VIP Gold


90 days from purchase & AutoHeal



VIP Platinum


120 days from purchase & AutoHeal



VIP Double Platinum


150 days from purchase & AutoHeal



VIP Triple Platinum


365 days from purchase & AutoHeal


Where do I find out my VIP Membership Level, points, and expiration date?

As part of the menu bar, your membership status is displayed. This includes your vip level, points accumulated, and expiration date.

Why are there different levels of VIP Membership?

As I have explained to a number of members privately, I've set up these levels for a number of reasons.

First, I want to have a mechanism to rewards members who have achieved higher levels. This will take the form of discounts, special offers and special privileges.

Second, in order to insure the economic survival of the website and maintain my ability to do new production, it's become necessary for me to formalize the duration of memberships. Each membership level gets a set period of time extended from date of new purchases.

Please note that the terms and conditions of the VIP Member Levels program is still a work in progress and is subject to change at any time.

What are VIP Order Credits?

VIP Bronze members and higher will be granted instant access to the number of videos in their orders up to their order credits without having to wait for their order to be processed. If the total number of sessions ordered, across all unprocessed invoices, exceeds the number of VIP Order Credits, the VIP Member will still have to wait for the order to be processed to access the remaining sessions.

Example 1:

Jack is a VIP Gold Member (level 7). He places an order for 2 sessions. He has 3 VIP Order Credits.

Jack receives instant access to both sessions without having to wait for the order to be processed first.

Example 2:

John is a VIP Bronze Member (level 5). He places an order for 3 sessions. He has 1 VIP Order Credits.

Jack receives instant access to the first video in his order, that he can enjoy while waiting for his order to be processed.

Jack will receive access to the remaining 2 sessions after his order is processed.

Example 3:

Smith is a VIP Active Member (level 4). He places an order for 5 sessions. He has 0 VIP Order Credits.

Smith will have to wait for his order to be processed before he can access any of the videos, because his VIP Standing isn't high enough to have the Order Credits benefit.

Are there any disqualifications to the VIP Order Credits benefit?

A VIP member must have a current account and a clean history of no declined transactions. Order Credits may be denied on a case by case basis if a VIP Member has a history of excessive declined transactions.

Why are order credits necessary? Why not offer instant access on all orders?

Due to the restrictions that I operate under, I'm unable to have a fully automated order processing system. This has been frustrating to both you and me, as it creates a delay in the time between when you want to purchase and see a new video and when I can run that order and make it available in your VIP Member's Area.

With the VIP Membership Levels, a portion of the videos in your order are instantly available to view, without having to wait for the order to be processed, which can take up to 12 hours.

The reasoning is that by the time you've accumulated 30 points and earned Level 5 VIP Bronze status, you have a proven history with the website. Because you've proven yourself, you've earned the bennefit of not having to wait.

What is AutoHeal?

Many VIP Members of Silver or higher have either purchased all the content available, or have purchased everything that they are interested in. As such, if there is a dry spell in new production, then this may make it difficult to keep their account in good standing. AutoHeal will cause an automatic point to be added upon account expiration in the event that no new content has been released, extending the membership as if the member had made a purchase.