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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I become a VIP Member

To become a VIP Member, you must purchase one or more of my erotic hypnosis videos. The VIP Member's Area is where you are able to access your purchased content. You can find my video list here.

When are you releasing new videos?

I do not operate on a fixed production schedule. Over the past 16 years, there have been periods of plenty, and there have been lean times. New videos are announced only after they are filmed.

My video player is having difficulties playing the video.

All my videos are HTML 5 compliant. Unless I just released the video and there was a render error, it's very unlikely that any video playback issue is server side.

If you have having difficulty playing a video, then download the file to your computer and then play the downloaded copy. You can do this by clicking on the link that says "Direct Download" underneath the video playback window in the VIP Member's Area.

If your video software is struggling with playing the video, then try using VLC. It's probably the best cross-platform and cross-format video player in existence, and works on any computer, operating system, and most tablets and mobile devices.

You can also play the downloaded file through Google Chrome Browser's built in MP4 player.

Please note that supporting desktop applications is beyond the scope of our support. I'll do what I can to help you, because I want you to enjoy my videos. However, if you are running in to any video playback issues, you must first try to help yourself by: 1) using the direct download link to save a local copy of the video to your computer or device, 2) try using VLC or Google Chrome Browser to play back the downloaded file.

I can't see my new video

Please note that new video purchases can take up to 12 hours to process. I try to keep the delay at a minimum, and I do not benefit from this delay. If it were in my power to not have any delay at all, I would gladly make that the case.

You will receive e-mail confirmation of your new order, at which point it will be available in your VIP Member's Area.

I can't see any of my videos

The website uses two security methods.:

The first step is to log in to the VIP Member's Area. You do this by going to this page.

Your username is your e-mail address. It is case sensitive, and must be correctly typed in.

Your password is whatever password you provided when you purchased your video.

If you cannot login, then you MUST reset your password by going to this page. On the password reset page you type in your e-mail addres and a new random password will be mailed to you. If you do not receive it, then you can e-mail me and tell me that you did not receive your password reset.

If you can log in to your VIP Member's Area and you can't see your video, then you need to go to this page to authenticate all your videos.

The expected output will look something like this:

Please be patient, this process can take up to a minute.
Session 121 - Alexandria	success
Session 124 - Alexandria 2	success
Session 81 - Alice		success
Session 6 - Allison		success
Session 8 - Allison 2		success
Session 9 - Allison 3		success
Session 63 - Amanda		success
Session 65 - Amanda 2		success

If you do not get a list of your videos followed by the word success within about a minute or so, refresh the page and try it again. If you still do not get a screen full of "success," e-mail me and tell me so.

If you get a pop up asking for your login and password anytime you are trying to view a video, that means that the automatic process didn't work, and you need to enter it in exactly as you did when you logged in to the website.

Please make sure you enter this in correctly, otherwise you will not have access to view the videos, even though you will be logged in to the VIP Member's area.

I have software that tries to make it a single login for both systems, but because there are so many web browsers and so many devices that can view the web, and because they are all constantly changing it's difficult for me to gurantee logging in for both security mechanisms with a single login.

Also, please note that this website uses javascript and cookies. If you disable either, then you are going to have problems using the website. Most web browser incognito or private modes also break the website.

This website is optimized and tested for use with Chrome, and Firefox. Other web browsers and devices may encounter undiscovered bugs in the software. If you are on a mobile device and are having difficulties, please try downloading Chrome and see if that fixes your problems.

I can't log in!

Click this link.

Within a few minutes you will have a new password in your e-mail inbox. Please remember to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

Remember, your user id is your full email address, and your password is now reset. That means that you can login to your VIP Member's Area.

If you are having trouble with the password, try cutting it from the email, and pasting it to the password field in the login screen using your mouse. It's easy to confuse a zero for the letter O, or the number 1 for the letter l or for capital I.

If, after doing all this, you are still having difficulties, then you can e-mail me but please be specific as to what is working and what is not working, so that I can help you.

What is the relation between HypnosisFetish.com and HypnoSlave.com?

Several years ago when I was in full production, I created HypnoSlave.com to be a variant on my erotic hypnosis with a more prominent BDSM theme and with various BDSM toys and what would develop in to a full dungeon set.

HypnoSlave.com has it's own VIP Member's Area and it's own library of erotic hypnosis BDSM videos. Membership on that website operates the same way as it does on this site, with access to it's VIP Member's Area granted to those people who purchase videos on that website.

New Videos are not currently in production for HypnoSlave.com at this time. I have, however, incorporated some of the erotic hypnosis BDSM elements that I explored through HypnoSlave.com in to the more modern HypnosisFetish.com sessions.

How can I provide you with my web browser information

Go to the following website: yourbrowser.is and it will detect a wide variety of information about your web browser. At the top of the page there is an option to have the report e-mailed to someone. Put my e-mail address in: aaron@betaprime.org .

Are there any tools I an use to troubleshoot my account?

Yes, there are. First, you can do an HTTP Auth Test. This will check to make sure that your php login and your http auth login are both in synch. Second, you can go to this page to authenticate all your videos. (Explained in greater detail earlier in this FAQ.)