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A moment from Mimi's first hypnosis induction

What is

This website is a collection of my studio produced erotic hypnosis videos filmed over the past two decades.

On this website I explore the sexuality of my female participants, and the content is of an adult nature.

I make use of the erotic aspects of hypnosis to conduct this exploration, as well as to trigger physical, mental and emotional responses, with the hypnotic orgasm being my favorite.

Why did you create the public area?

Over the last two decades I have come to two conclusions.

In the early years of my work, I encountered little outside interfrerence. Typically the only real opposition came in the form of the challenge of "You Can't Hypnotize Me" or the challenge of the existance of or validity of hypnosis as something that is real. These both typically represented the zeitgeist of the general public's perception of hypnosis from the previous generation of stage shows that focused on setting up these challenges and then defeating them for an audience.

With these being the most common challenges that I would face, my style, methods and mannerisms evolved in response. I decided a long time ago that I wanted the experiences that I created to be a cooperative effort as opposed to some sort of conflict. During my early explorations, a good friend's wife presented the idea of hypnosis as a model of communication. This was another approach to the traditional model of power or control that I had developed under.

Over time I would sythesize this different ways of approaching hypnosis in to my own style.

However, throughout the second half of my career, I've watched the world change, and now there's a lot of outside interference and obstacles to my work. I've come to the conclusion that in order to continue to have a voice, I need to be equipped to welcome accomodate a larger audience to my website.

With my work being adult in nature, I can't just open the flood gates and put it all out there. The middle ground is this public area that requires registration, that also limits the presentation of the material to what you would find on late night broadcast television, or terrestrial radio. This second part being particularly interesting, because in our society we seem to permit just about anything, as long as you don't actually see what you're listening to.

What will I find inside?

Right now you will find a very limited selection of videos that are suitable for presentation to a public audience.

We also have audio only recordings of more sensitive material, in line with the principle that the public standards of decency seem to be much more flexible for adult material as long as it's heard and not seen.

This public area is a work in progress and will evolve and develop over time.