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What People Are Staying About Dahlia Hypnotized:

" Thank you Aaron. I just finished watching Dahlia and I really had to comment and say that this is by far your best one yet for me. I watched it from induction to final conclusion and paid close attention to everything. I even laughed at your expression when you almost didn't catch her from falling. (I was surprised and worried for 2 seconds.) That was priceless.

Beautiful 10 body. Completely open minded and good sport: 10. Sexual obedience gradually increasing: 10. Perfect pussy (you have to admit that yourself). 10 10 10 10! Audio and video was good when watching on my main big TV. I appreciated the camera support you had as well. You also finished just in time when she was getting tired and I also like your subjects in a dress rather than slacks but that might just be me.

This video also has the benefit of high-re-watch-ability. One can watch this one many times and never tire of it. Another thing I appreciated was there was less redundant "silly" stuff. Sometimes I feel that I watched hours and hours of tickling but the mixture in this one was just right. I tire of the same old thing over and over again but this one was a perfect combination. You used some great techniques and your confidence in yourself was very high and you were always in complete control.

I also love that you just don't suddenly end it but have a nice encore and let us know that you are in charge of your subject 100% and there is no compromise. I know you take your work very seriously and it shows.

Amazing and again. Well done. PERFECTION!"

"That was pretty amazing. I'm going to go on out on a limb here and guess that she was likely your favorite subject you've ever had. This is going to be a huge hit.

I really hope she comes back to do another shoot. :)"

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