Gothic Cindy Hypnotized

97 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2007-04-23

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We meet Gothic Cindy, and in the pre-induction interview, she tells me that she’s skeptical about hypnosis. I then proceed with the induction.

I take Gothic Cindy deeper in to a state of hypnosis, and suggest that she focuses completely on my voice. I then give her a post hypnotic suggestion to return her to a state of hypnosis any time I say the phrase, “sleep now,” every time going deeper than the time before.

I continue Gothic Cindy’s induction process, by taking her through a progressive relaxation exercise. I can see that she has a lot of stress and tension, as I watch her release it, one area at a time.

I evaluate Gothic Cindy’s responsiveness with the balloon test. I also suggest that she is being tickled. Her responses seem to indicate that she’s experiencing the sensations, but are confused by them.

Gothic Cindy is very responsive to my direct instructions, and she also seems to be very relaxed. So I give her suggestions about going in to a deeper state of hypnosis, and specifically that anything that I describe to her will be felt by her mind and body and it will become reality in every way. First I suggest that she feels cold, then I suggest that she feels hot. She responds, but very subtly. So I switch to feelings of being kissed at different places on her body, and this gets more of a reaction out of her. I suggest that she feels kisses moving up her thighs, and that it’s causing her to tingle, and to feel pleasure through her entire body. Now I see that she is responding very powerfully to the suggestions on the inside, and when the responses make it to her relaxed body, that she is very much experiencing the sensations.

I suggest that as I lift her hand in to the air, the amount of arousal she feels increases. I continue to suggest that when I’ve lifted her hand above her head, that she will be out of control with pleasure, under my complete control. The response is quite intense. I then suggest that she feels more turned on than she’s ever felt in her life, building to an orgasm.

Gothic Cindy has collapsed to the floor after her first hypnotic orgasm. I continue to give her suggestions of arousal and a deeper trance as she listens, on her kneeling before me. I trigger the sensations of pleasure in her again, and have her describe what it feels like.

Gothic Cindy is feeling so much pleasure that she can not even stand on her own. So I have her place her arm around my neck for support, bringing her closer to me, as I increase the pleasure that she feels. I give her the idea that being in my arms brings her pleasure, and suggest that she embraces me as a lover as she feels even more pleasure. I suggest that she expresses all over her pent up pleasure and desires. I have her describe how she feels as she literally climbs on me.

I suggest that Gothic Cindy is about to have the biggest orgasm of her life, but that she doesn’t want to have the biggest orgasm of her life wearing clothes. She tears off her clothes as quickly as she can. Naked, she climbs in to my arms, and I suggest that she feels like a woman in heat, more turned on than ever. I then trigger her orgasm, and she collapses in to a ball of pleasure.

Gothic Cindy is on the floor squirming in pleasure, and her hand automatically moves to pleasure herself. I give her more suggestions reinforcing the idea that my words bring her pleasure. I ask her how she feels about the experience, and her response is positive, so I increase the pleasure. She mentions that she might faint from the pleasure, and I tell her it’s okay if she does. She then orgasms and passes out.

I suggest that Gothic Cindy relaxes, and she feels that she’s on the beach. I then give her more suggestions to believe to place her deeper in to my spell.

I suggest that when she looks at me, she will feel a rush of arousal, and that as well talk she will feel horny and be flirtatious. I suggest that this will be the most wonderful feeling that she’s ever had in her life. We then talk for a bit, and I ask her how she feels about the experience. When we get to the part where she tells me that she didn’t believe I’d be able to train her to orgasm on command, I trigger an orgasm.

I suggest that on the count of 3, Gothic Cindy is going to feel the best sex of her life.

I turn Gothic Cindy in to a kitten, and pet her as she rubs against me.

Gothic Cindy is laying on her back, and I ask her how often she masturbates. Her answer tells me that she does it quite frequently, as does her subconscious movements of her hands when she feels pleasure. So I suggest that she is going to pleasure herself while she fantasizes about me hypnotizing her to do things.

I let Gothic Cindy catch her breath while I give her a thought to repeat. She doesn’t quite understand my suggestion, and this causes some confusion for her. I return and trigger pleasure, suggesting as I rub the palm of her hand that she can feel me rubbing her clit. This goes on until she can’t take it any more, and then I let her catch her breath again.

I suggest that when I waker her up, Gothic Cindy will laugh because I just told her the funniest joke she’s ever heard. I then wake her up and she giggles. I place her in to a chair, because it doesn’t seem like she can stay up on her feet with all the pleasure I’m causing her to feel. She sits in the chair, and I ask her about how often she orgasms. Earlier she indicated that she pleasures herself frequently, but now she indicates that she doesn’t orgasm very frequently, and that they are somewhat unsatisfying. I want to help her feel as much pleasure as possible, so I suggest that she does, and use this opportunity to train her to have the relaxed orgasm. In the heat of passion, I use one of my trigger phrases that I like to use to have my subjects cum, but she interprets it to mean that she should come to me, and does. It gets more intense from there.

Exhausted again, Gothic Cindy sits down and catches her breath. As she relaxes and catches her breath, we learn that she has now had the highest concentration of orgasms in such a short period of time in her entire life. I take her deep in to a state of hypnosis, and suggest that she feels calm and peaceful. As I have her in a receptive state, I give her self esteem building suggestions. I then ask her if she’s ever explored BDSM, and she talks with me a little about her experiences.

Gothic Cindy mentions having been spanked for pleasure before, so I decide to do some hypno-spanking with her. I hypnotize her to be my slave, and train her to respond with the word Master. I reward her with a tingle of pleasure every time she uses that word in reference to me. I ask her a few questions, and when she hesitates, the hypno-spanking begins. The last spank causes her to explode in to orgasm, in the way that a slave would.

I seduce Gothic Cindy with the idea of making her my hypnoslave again, as I describe it in the most enticing manner. This arouses her, and then I use her pleasure triggers to further enhance that arousal. She can hardly contain herself. Then the tape runs out and it’s time to put in the second tape.

The new tape starts filming, and it catches Gothic Cindy in a state of intense arousal. I have her describe what she is thinking and feeling. Then I block her orgasm response as her feelings get more intense. I freeze the action for a moment to send signals to my staff, and then unfreeze her in to her feelings of passion. The feelings overload her and I drop her in to a deep state of relaxation.

I place thoughts in to Gothic Cindy’s mind to further reinforce her enjoyment of the experience and her responsiveness to me. I then have her feel that she is in a perfect moment, and have her look in to my eyes and orgasm. I them train her to cum on command.

I relax Gothic Cindy, taking her deep, and suggesting that she feel sleepy like she’s just finished having sex for hours, and now she’s curled up against her lover. I then have her tell me how she feels. I then revisit the suggestion that she is being tickled, and now she’s much more responsive. I then move the tickles to feelings of physical pleasure.

I don’t see as much outward expression of the sensations of physical pleasure, so I suggest that she gives in to them, and she does, and the effect is very pronounced. I use this to suggest that she also gives in to the feelings that she has for me, and that she has fallen in love with the hypnotist. I then bring her out of the trance state and notice her behavior towards me.

Naked, hypnotized and in love with the Hypnotist, Gothic Cindy sits on my lap and answers some questions. I ask her what the best part about being hypnotized is, and she tells me that it’s the sensations. I have her describe the sensations, and as she describes them she feels them.

I give Gothic Cindy an increased sense of self confidence that affects her posture. I then expand this to having her do lots of sexy photos for the camera.

As she poses for the camera, I give her the pleasure triggers, and she gives in to the pleasure. I then have her pose more as she feels the pleasure, and then the feeling of sex as she bends over the chair.

I pick up Gothic Cindy in to my arms and trigger an orgasm for her while I hold her in the air. As I hold her naked body, I suggest that everywhere that my skin touches her skin she feels pleasure. After she explodes in to passion, I set her back down and relax her and then ask her to tell me what it felt like to have an orgasm that way.

Preparing to wrap up the session, I begin to dress Gothic Cindy. At one point I look up at my photographer for the orientation of her panties. He nods when I have them right. With renewed confidence I continue to dress her. While I’m down by her feet, I decide to suggest that her foot feels as sensitive as her clitoris, for my foot fetish viewers, and rub her in to another orgasm.

I continue to dress Gothic Cindy, this time with her corset. I scrutinize it for a moment, and then look at my photographer for help. He shrugs and give me a look that says, “I don’t have a clue on this one, you’re on your own.” I decide to get a little help from Cindy on this one. I notice it’s taking a little bit, so I use her pleasure triggers. She throws herself in to my arms and has lots of orgasms, holding me close and tight and clinging to me. As I place her skirt back on her, I suggest that she is drawn to me by a powerful magnetic force, and that she holds me the way that she’s wanted to all night, holding nothing back, as I trigger more pleasure. On an orgasm, she takes me down to the ground, and give the camera an awesome view of her very sexy ass as she grinds her hips to the pleasure that she feels.

I lift her in to the air again, and trigger her pleasure, making it stronger and stronger and stronger building to the biggest, most wildest, most wet, sexy, passionate, blissful, wonderful, volcanic orgasm of the night and of her life. I then have her tell me how it felt.

I wrap up the session. I suggest that she gives me a passionate hug when she wakes up to express how much she enjoyed the session. We then talk a bit, and when she mentions that she doesn’t remember much, I give her an orgasm to remember.

"What an amazing session. Cindy is an incredible subject, so responsive!"

"I am completely blown away by your session with Gothic Cindy. Her genuine responsiveness to suggestion is amazing! Any chance of additional sessions with her?
Keep up the amazing work."