Jen Hypnotized

58 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2013-10-16

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I begin my session with Jen, my sexy girl next door, by taking her hands in to my hands, and having her focus her eyes. I have her focus on her breathing, clearing her mind, and inviting my voice in to her mind. I gradually relax her and clear her mind. We establish a sense of structure around her and I take control. As she eases in to the process, she hands over control. With the simple gesture of the drop of the hands, we see that she’s relaxed and lets go. I take her in to the trance state.

I deepen her trance state while relaxing her body from top to bottom. She flows easily in to the process. She’s calm, peaceful and receptive. I link her mind, body, imagination and my voice. There is no resistance and we I suggest feelings of pleasure and then ticklish feelings. She’s very responsive to this and I switch the tickles to pleasure, and then transform it in to the best sex of her life, linking these feelings to my voice.

She’s visibly aroused while still being fully clothed. I give her the pleasure trigger and I continue to increase her arousal. However, sensing how easy it will be to bring her to orgasm, I temporarily block her orgasm, and then suggest that she’s being tickled. She has such a strong response that I can’t resist triggering her orgasm. I then have her cum on command.

As she feels pleasure I ask her to nod her head if she’s enjoying what she’s feeling, and she does so enthusiastically. I relax her in to my arms and she goes relaxed and loose. I have her count backwards in a passive way, and then surprise her with pleasure triggers, orgasms and a sexual climax. She responds definitely and instantly.

I suggest feelings of kisses on various parts of her body as she feels sexy. I suggest that she wants to feel the air on her chest, and she lifts her shirt up to reveal her beautiful breasts in her adorable pink bra. I gently stimulate her arousal and then suggest that she lift her bra up too. The revealed, slightly disheveled state of her clothing is incredibly sexy.

I restore her to her count, passively as if nothing had happened. I gently tease her with pleasure commands while she counts and then suddenly wake her up. We talk a bit about her response to hypnosis.

As we talk about what she’s feeling, I establish a physical connection with her, and we connect in a very perfect way. The moment gets very intense as I build up her pleasure, and then I relax her back in to the trance state. She melts in to my arms and rubs along me, excited and aroused. I explore her feelings and have her explain what she’s feeling as she feels it. She’s in a sexy trance state where she feels really good and all she wants to do is cum. I continue to tease and stimulate her with suggestion. I re-create her orgasm block to create a little tension, and amplify her desire for it. I switch gears to the tickles and then at the right moment I have her look in to my eyes and trigger her orgasm.

I relax her and give her a chance to catch her breath. I give her feelings of bliss and pleasure. Then I freeze her in the moment right before orgasm.

At the snap of my fingers I suggest that she believes that she’s in her shower and she’s about to take a shower and goes through the motions that she does when she takes that shower. It’s very sexy to watch. I freeze her in the middle of it, and stimulate her pleasure. I suggest that she soap up her breasts. As she rubs herself, I ask her how she feels. She’s very comfortable and enjoying herself.

It transforms in to the suggestion of sex, and she gets very in to it. I give her my hand and allow her to move it wherever she wants. Although she is very responsive to me, there is hesitation on moving my hand, so I slow things down and reconnect with her. I wake her up from the trance state and ask her if she feels comfortable with our interaction. She says that she does, so I trigger more pleasure as a post hypnotic trigger.

We take her back in to the trace state and I allow her subconscious to guide her. I suggest that she’s dancing against me. She’s rubbing me in a very pleasing way that I am enjoying, so I suggest that her ass is a little more sensitive to encourage her behavior. I suggest that she takes my hands and she feels a little naughty and enjoys the pleasure. She moves my hand to her breast and it feels very nice. I suggest to her that we are having sex and that it’s a little rough, but in a good way, and totally by surprise in to an orgasm and a climax.

I relax her and let her catch her breath. Because she’s comfortable with me touch her breast, I give her a suggestion that links all sorts of feelings and attraction and desire all linked to me touching her breast. I use this trigger, and she orgasms loudly in pleasure.

I calm her down for a moment, and then I trigger an orgasm in her in the way a male experiences orgasms. Compressed and intense. She experiences this, and then I take her in to an intense space with tickles, orgasms, and everything that comes with me squeezing her breasts.

I relax her and build a slow gentle pleasure mixed with arousal and curiosity. I then suggest that she perceives me as the most attractive man she’s ever met and that she’s going to be very forward. I talk with her a bit while she’s in this state. I then have her look in to my eyes and slowly and gently cum.

I slow things down and have her march in place while I look at her body. This turns in to jogging in place and I watch her boobies bounce. I surprise her with an orgasm in the middle of this.

I link my touch with her pleasure, turning anywhere I touch in to an erogenous zone. When I touch anywhere that is already sexy then it’s incredible. I start moving my hand down to her pussy with the suggestion that if her subconscious wants me to stop that it will have an orgasm. I almost make it and the she has a very powerful orgasm.

I trigger a chain of 6 orgasms that happen after I wake her from the trance state. Then I take her back in to the trance with the balloons again, stretching out her sexy body. I tease her pleasure and arousal, increasing it more and more while she squirms. I then wake her up with the intensity and the arousal still there. I bring her out of the trance state and talk with her about her sexual nature.

I give her orgasms in different parts of her body and listen to how they affect her differently. I bring her to multiple orgasms building in to an intense sexual climax. I bring her to a more conscious state of mind, and have her describe what she’s feeling with the different localized orgasms. I mix one of them with tickles.

We build up to an intensity, so I relax her and take her to a sleepy place. I have her think of how she feels when she’s really sleepy, and horny and she enjoys herself. The closer she gets to orgasm the more blocked it becomes until I release it. I turn her loose on herself. Then I have her describe how she’s feeling. She’s starting to get tired, I’m physically wearing her out. I bring her a chair, and now she’s a puddle on the chair masturbating and squeezing her breasts. I tell her to use her special trick to get herself off. She’s unable to get release, and I keep pumping up the energy and intensity and positive energy, and then trigger an intense orgasm.

I fascinate her with my finger, and take her in to a deep trance. I mildly arouse her. Then I do a silly game where I suggest that she’s watching a movie screen that’s causing her to have different emotional responses. I have her watch an adult movie made for her and have her describe to me what she’s seeing.

I have her count backwards, going deeper in to hypnosis. At the end of the count she becomes a mannequin for me to play with. I trigger her orgasm while she’s frozen, not even touching her. Then I switch to tickles. Then I make it so that she can tickle herself, and then I wake her up where she has to tickle herself. I channel all that intensity in to an orgasm, and then relax her.

I give her a pause, and deepen her trance. I then trigger an orgasm in reverse. I bring her out of the trance state, but I give her a fixation with my eyes. I let her experience the orgasm in reverse in her conscious state of mind. I have her describe the orgasm in reverse. She describes it as “the worst tease ever.” I explore her desire, teasing her more and more and more, exploring how incredibly horny I can make her. Then I trigger an incredible orgasm.

I give her a confusion suggestion regarding getting dressed, and then talk with her while she’s trying to dress. I take her back in to a little trance with some more tickles and pleasure as we wrap up the session.

"Jen is a great subject she really reacts to your requests and suggestions. I really enjoyed this session as she is obviously enjoying the experience as much as you and her audience. I think this is what differentiates your work from others on the internet."

"I definitely enjoyed this session! Jen was an incredibly attractive girl and her reactions to all the stimulus was incredibly arousing. The entire video was great."