Pikaboo Hypnotized

61 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2010-11-14

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We begin the session by asking if Pikaboo has ever been hypnotized before, or if she’s ever seen it done before. I then move in to a progressive relaxation induction. I feel her responding subtly to suggestions of pleasure and arousal, so I begin to condition her to feel these things. She tries to keep the responses inside, but after a while I bring the intensity to a high enough degree that she can’t help but show outwardly what she is experiencing internally. When I train her to cum on command and climax on command, this really tips the balance.

I suggest that she feels a desire to take off her shirt. I suggest that when a woman kisses me when she’s hypnotized by me, she not only orgasms, but she falls passionately in love with me. I then have her kiss me. I continue to build up the intensity of her arousal, and suggest that she feels that she’s having the best sex of her life. I let her sit down as she is getting weak in the knees, as I continue the progressive relaxation exercise, and I continue to suggest feelings of pleasure to her. I also continue to get her out of her clothes.

I suggest that her clit vibrates with my voice, as she is now naked and very much turned on, with her pleasure under my command. I continue to stimulate her pleasure and then drop her back in to a trance state. I then perform the balloon test on her to gauge her response to more traditional hypnotic phenomena. I then continue to stimulate her pleasure. I ask her to describe how she feels, and no answer comes out. So I give her ideas about how she feels and help her to clarify it in her own mind. I then have her touch herself without being able to orgasm, while I clarify my control of her orgasms in her mind.

I have her back on her feet, and I continue to build up her arousal and attraction. I then amplify the feeling of her orgasm by having her feel it in multiple places at once on my command. I suggest that she feels that she’s being tickled, and she responds a little to the suggestion, but she doesn’t show a lot of that response externally. I return to suggestions of pleasure, and then suggest that anywhere I touch her skin, it feels as good as if I were stroking her g-spot. I then have her show me how she fucks. I then have her jump up and wrap her legs around my waist which really seems to excite her. I bring her to multiple orgasms.

I give her a number of physical triggers, causing her to respond with pleasure to specific gestures from me.