Aimee Hypnotized

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Aimee has a fascination with hypnosis and has seen it done twice before, once in high school and once in college. She's never volunteered before our session, but as I explore her memories later in this session it appears that she ended up in a light trance in the audience during the first show she watched.

Aimee is very responsive and I see signs of her going in to a hypnotic trance immediately when I begin the induction. We can watch her eys and her facial expression respond to my initial suggestions regarding her blinking. Even when I take my hands off hers, they remain as they are as she's received no stimulus that they should change. I give her a trance trigger and tell her to sleep now, and then her arms drop loose. We move in to the balloon test, which she responds to. I switch it over to feelings of euphoria with a big smile. I then suggest that she's being tickled, leading to the tickle butt suggestion.

I see how responsive she is, and start moving in to suggestions to cause her to feel aroused and to respond favorably to me. I give her the standard pleasure and good girl triggers. I watch her response to these trigger, which is immediate and physical.

I ask her questions relating to her erotic feelings and impressions and sexual submissiveness. She answers very positive to all of these questions. I give her suggestions to draw her closer to me in light of the answers that she provided.

I link the feeling of pleasure to my touch on her breast, probe her response to it, and establish consent. This goes smoothly and I feel her breast, while continuing to stimulate her pleasure. Her facial expressions show enjoyment while we do this. I give her an orgasm trigger, but we don't use it yet. I continue to build up her arousal and attraction.

I give her the embrace command. She responds to it eagerly, so eagerly that she responds to it before I quite trigger it. I continue to give her suggestions to respond favorably to me while she is in my arms. I give her a suggestion that causes her to move and sound like she's having sexual intercourse when I grab her ass in both hands and give a little squeeze.

I give her the trigger to stand at attention on my command. She's responsive to this, and I trigger her pleasure and arousal as I brush the hair out of her face. I suggest that anywhere that she feels my skin touching her skin it becomes a temporary erogenous zone. I then touch her face and stroke her lips with my fingers.

I give her a trigger to kiss me on command. She's very responsive to this, and is a very good kisser. We kiss for a time, and then I trigger her orgasm. I can see the camera angle isn't the best, so I have her stand at attention. Without moving from attention, I have her kiss me. I trigger her orgasm while feeling her breast and can feel her nipple poke out in that moment in sexual arousal.

I have her take off her dress, and she reveals a pretty lacy blue bra. I continue to reinforce the enjoyment of my touch on her skin. I establish her consent to touch her anywhere, and at this point I'm becoming physically aroused. She's pressed against me and I draw her attention to my pleasure as a man. I give her suggestions to respond favorably to that and trigger another orgasm.

I ask her about her last time having an orgasm before tonight. She smiles and answers yesterday. I have her describe the circumstances surrounding that orgasm. She speaks quietly and there was mild fan noise that I didn't notice before the session. This is the transcript of that conversation:

"Before tonight, when was the last time you had an orgasm?"

"Yesterday." Smiles.

"Good girl. Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure. When I say the word begin I want you to describe the circumstances of that orgasm as if you were writing in your diary. Do you understand?"



"Well, I was laying in bed, waiting to go to sleep. Just feeling really horny, so I took out my toy and started playing with myself."

"Good girl, pleasure."


"When you used your toy and you were playing with yourself and you brought yourself to that orgasm, what were you thinking about?"

"I just wanted to cum really bad."

I like her pleasure command to that past state, and give her a trigger to cum on command, relating it to that experience. I then have her kiss me on command and use your cum trigger. I am very pleased with the response.

I then have her stand at attention, and use her cum trigger and orgasm trigger while I pull her bra down, nicely framing her cute breasts. I give her a trigger to climax on command, and the effect is rather spectacular. I then have her embrace me.

I bring her out of the trance state and her response is very positive. I use her various triggers on her and observe her responses. They are all very positive and we establish that she is enjoying herself. I ask her to tell me what she would say if someone asked her want it was like to be hypnotized.

I then feel up her breasts and trigger an orgasm. I pay her a compliment on her kissing ability and how much I enjoy it, while triggering more pleasure and orgasms. She has a very strong reaction, and I have her kiss me again and trigger another climax, before having her stand at attention. She snaps to attention and gets a spaced out look on her face.

I suggest that the next time I use her kiss command that she is going to fall madly and passionately in love with me. I prime her acceptance of that command and then trigger her. She was already a good kisser, but the enjoyment, enthusiasm and passion of that kiss has noticeably increased. I link similar feelings and attraction to her looking in to my eyes and then ask her if she's felt a desire to have a Master before. She nods yes.

I have her count backwards in a deepening exercise while I move back to the camera and take a good look at her from head to toes, triggering an orgasm along the way.

I have her peel off my her panties quickly and snap back to attention at the snap of my fingers. She caries this out quickly and perfectly. I have her imagine that my fingers are stroking her pussy. She responds to this command and enjoys it. I then have her spread her legs apart. I give her a mantra, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy Master" to repeat as I stroke her between her legs. She responds favorably to this and becomes very noticeably wet from her arousal. I have her look in to my eyes as she continues her mantra. The look on her face is perfect. I trigger an orgasm. I then have her kiss me while I finger her, and then have her look in to my eyes and cum on command. I enjoy her this way for a time before using her tickle butt command on her.

I trigger her climax and in addition to a very sexual vocal response, I see quivering and shaking of her pelvic region. I have her jump in to my arms, trigger a climax and hold her with her legs wrapped around me, and her bottom facing the camera while she exhibits this response. I then have her show me how she fucks. I suggest to her that she will find me to be her favorite masturbatory fantasy and reinforce it with an orgasm. I then have her stand at attention.

At the snap of my fingers I have her take off her bra, adjust her hair and return to attention. I tease her with the tickle butt command. She stands before me, staring blankly while waiting for my next command.

I bring her out of the trance state and talk with her a bit. I then have her stand at attention and explore her responsiveness to my touch in various places on her body.

I place her back in to the trance, have her embrace me, and we explore her memory of the experience of watching the hypnosis shows previously and apparently falling in to a trance state. I explore her feelings about the prospect of being hypnotized by me, and she admits that she felt curious, and that I would have an easy time hypnotizing her. She fantasized about being under my control, to do with as I pleased, and not even remembering anything afterwards. I trigger more horniness on her part, and increase her feeling that I am the object of her horniness. I then have her kiss me again, observing the effect this has had on her. When I have her cum on command it is very intense. While I enjoy how this looks, I realize that the camera can't see her face, so I turn her in to the camera and trigger orgasms while asking sexy questions that she answers.

I position her to where the camera can see her face better. She's rubbing her pussy on my legs and embracing me. I then suggest that her arms feel slippery and although she wants to hold on to me so much they slip. We get an intimate view in to her face as I trigger her pleasure.

I have her count backwards from 20 to 1, deepening her trance and conditioning her submissiveness. I then prepare a glass of water and give her the orgasm water suggestion. We talk a bit and I bring up that I discouraged hypnosis related questions before our session on account that I wanted to have any hypnosis related discussion occur on camera. She asks me if I have ever hypnotized me. I explain to her that I am completely uninterested in the male sexual response, but a few men have slipped through here and there, mostly through my stage shows. It's an open secret that if you are male and have an erotic response during my shows, then you are welcome to it, but it's not really my focus. About then she finishes her glass of water and starts to unexpectedly spontaneously orgasm. She's a little confused, and I explain to her that she's been hypnotized. Really hypnotized, a lot. I then return to having her cum on command.

I stand behind her and feel up her both her breasts. I know she is aroused by this, but I suggest that she enjoy herself and she gets a dreamy smile on her face. I have her cum on command. I ask her if she enjoys pleasuring a man with her mouth. She answers yes, and I suggest that she will fantasize about pleasuring me with her mouth until such day that I permit it. I add the idea to the back of her mind when she looks me in the eyes that "she would totally go down on this sexy man."

I decide to be silly with her and have her blankly march in place. I have her speed up more and more until I trigger an orgasm that takes her off her feet. I have her embrace me and her leg is up in my arm and I wake her up and she starts giggling.

I then have her do naked jumping jacks and trigger an orgasm which leaves her very disheveled. I have her do five more jumping jacks with a tickle butt the whole time.

I ask her if she's ever been spanked for pleasure before. She answers yes. I ask her if she enjoys it, and she answers yes. I then give her a spanking trigger and give her bottom a few playful swats. She smiles as I do this and enjoys the sensation.

I give her the impression that she feels that I am very dominant as I spank her, and in between spankings I stroke her between her spread legs. I the have her cum on command.

I have her make serious animal noises on the tap of her shoulder. The response is quite amusing. I throw in some orgasms because I'm playful that way.

I give her a freeze trigger, and play around with posing her.

I have her show me through her pleasure triggers how much she has enjoyed our session together. I give her suggestions that will cause her to respond favorably to me in the future. I then give her a suggestion that will cause her to squeal with delight and jump in to my arms and kiss me deeply. I then give her a suggestion that causes her to talk with me about the experience and cement the idea of her enjoyment of the experience. However, she's going to find herself having difficulty figuring out how to put her clothes back on while she does this.

She's sweaty and asks for a towel. I give her one, but I add a few suggestions to it.

We talk a bit, as she's all horny and flirtatious. It's very interesting to see what she is like knowing what's going on deep inside her mind.

We talk a little bit while she is in a more normal state of mind. She gets a little playful, but I trigger her and establish dominance. We bring the session to a wrap and I give her suggestions to respond favorably to me in the future.

[End of session]

"Hi Aaron, I really enjoyed watching you take Aimee on that journey. She appeared to actually want more. I do hope there is at least one more session with her.!"