Alice Hypnotized

93 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2012-01-08

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I meet Alice and talk with her about hypnosis for a little bit before beginning the process. I ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before, and she tells me that she has not. We then talk about what she can expect from the session.

I begin the induction process with Alice, taking her in to the hypnotic state. I see very quickly that she responds to my suggestions. She becomes sleepy and relaxed and lays her head on my shoulder. As she does deeper and deeper in to hypnosis, I can see her eyes fluttering in REM.

I suggest that she feels the sensation of pleasure as I lift her hand. Starting at her toes, it moves higher through her body. I suggest that she feels pleasure and arousal, and I take complete control of her pleasure. I begin to get specific and graphic about the pleasure that she feels whenever I say the word pleasure, continuing to heat her up. As I do this, I see her breathing change to reflect the effects that it’s having on her. I have her place her hand around my neck to brace her, and notice that every time I say pleasure, she squeezes her fingers. I continue to increase the effects of this pleasure trigger. I then suggest that she is feeling the best sex of her life, and that her body is moving to it. I have her stand for a moment, and it’s clear that she’s drawn to me. I give her a feeling that things are wonderful every time I say good girl to her. At this point it’s clear that she’s drawn to me. I suggest that she’s more aroused than she’s ever been in her life, and that the object of that arousal is my voice. I ask her if she can feel it, and she nods her head. I then have her old me tight. She starts to make a little noise when I say pleasure to her, so I suggest that she makes the sounds of pleasure when I say pleasure. Now I can tell that she’s ready to have an orgasm. I then trigger her orgasms.

I suggest that the best feeling in the world would be skin touching skin, so she should take off her shirt. I then continue to trigger her pleasure. I then give her a trigger that causes her to cum on my command.

I take her through a progressive relaxation exercise. As I do so, I suggest that she wants to take off her bra, and make it go away. I trigger her orgasm, and connect my voice to her sexual animal nature. I continue to trigger her pleasure and orgasms, as he gets louder and the experience gets more intense for her.

I have Alice turn around and lean against my body, as I continue to take her through the progressive relaxation exercise. I ask her if she enjoys being hypnotized, and she whispers, “yes.” I then say “good girl” to her and watch her get a dreamy smile. I ask her if she enjoys it when I say “pleasure,” and she says “yes.” I get another dreamy goofy smile from her when I say “good girl.” I ask her if she enjoys it when I say “orgasm now,” and she does. I then trigger more orgasm and have her cum on my command. I continue to entrance her mind and take her deeper in to pleasure. I build her up to the edge of a sexual climax, and then leave her there, and make her ask for it. I trigger her pleasure. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled, before switching it to more orgasms. Eventually she admits that she wants me.

Now that she’s admitted that she wants me, I have her imagine what it would be like to kiss me. I watch her lick her lips. Then I tell her to do things if the thought turns her on. It does, so I tell her that when I kiss a woman that I’ve hypnotized, that she orgasms. I suggest that she’s really curious about it, and tell her that her body has a mind of it’s own and that her lips want that kiss and she’s drawn to my voice. She wants that kiss more than she’s ever wanted one in her life. I make her wait, and continue to trigger her pleasure and attraction. I kiss her and she kisses me back deeply. I then trigger orgasms and climaxes.

I suggest that she would feel very comfortable slipping out of her pants. As she does so, I trigger more pleasure. You can hear a buzz slip in to the audio as my camera person starts adjusting the microphone. I wave her off, then go back to getting Alice out of her pants. I then continue to give instructions to my tech people as I continue to take her in to a state of intense pleasure. I have her take off her panties. Then I pick her up and tell her to hold me tight, feeling more aroused than she’s ever been. I then have cum on my command. I have her open her eyes, and she comes a little out of hypnosis, then I take her deep again and suggest that she feels my fingers stroking her pussy, before triggering another orgasm. I then have her show me how she fucks. I then make her cum hard, and continue to make it really intense. I ask her if she’s enjoying herself, and she tells me that she is. I then have her sit down and count backwards in a trance while I prepare for the second half of the session.

Alice is sitting down, counting backwards, going deeper and deeper in to the trance for me. I trigger a surprise orgasm, and then ask her if she has any desires. I have her tell me what they are and she tells me that she wants me to touch her. I tell her that when I place my hand on her leg, she will move my hand to where she wants to be touched. I then watch her responses give away how good she feels as she moves my hands over her body and to her breasts. I ask her if she likes feeling my touch on her breasts, and she says yes. I then suggest that she will outwardly show the pleasure that she feels as I touch her. I then touch her breasts freely.

I ask her if she’s ever felt as aroused as she is now, she says now. I give her thoughts to increase the arousal that she feels and to get her more in to the mood. I continue to stimulate her with my voice and my touch. I bring her closer to awake, and talk with her about how she feels, while triggering more pleasure and arousal.

I train Alice to have an orgasm in reverse. I then wake her up quickly and trigger an orgasm in reverse. I trigger rapid fire orgasms and pleasure, and have her kiss me several times before placing her back in to the trance.

I have Alice bring her leg up to my shoulder, while I take her through her orgasm triggers. I then have her relax back in to the trance.

I pose Alice like my mannequin. Frozen in to place, I use her pleasure triggers. Then I wake her for a moment an talk to her for a bit, using some of her triggers.

I have Alice wake up, feeling very strongly what she’s feeling. I have her look in to my eyes and answer my questions truthfully and immediately. I can see from her body language that she wants to kiss me. I pull away at first, teasing her, before letting her kiss me, and then immediately triggering an orgasm.

I suggest that Alice has a big smile on her face that gets bigger and bigger, like she’s smiling with her whole body. I then begin to slowly dress her, suggesting that she feels pleasure everywhere that she feels my touch. I let my fingers brush her panties, by accident, and it brings her pleasure.

Putting her pants on, I continue to tease her, subtly bringing her attention to her pussy. I accidentally brush against her panties, and she loves it. I then have her take my hand and move it to where she wants to feel it. She moves my hand down her to her pants, and I suggest that she feels best finger banging right through her jeans. I then suggest that she place her breasts on my face, and then suggest that she’s feeling sex, and trigger her pleasure. I then continue to dress her, putting on her bra.

I finish dressing Alice, and suggesting feelings of pleasure.

I finish the session, and talk with her a little bit, before the last few orgasms.