Allison Hypnotized

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Chapter 1
During the pre-session interview, I ask Allison if she has any exposure to hypnosis before. She answers that she has seen it in school and that she is a believer in it. Then I ask the girls what their comfort level is in their interactions with each other.

Chapter 2
After determining where my boundaries are with Allison, I begin the eye fixation induction using a pocket watch.

Chapter 3
I continue Allison’s induction using a progressive relaxation exercise.

Chapter 4
I continue Allison’s induction, testing her responsiveness with the suggestion that balloons are tied to her wrists.

Chapter 5
Satisfied with Allison’s response to the balloon test, I continue to test her responsiveness with the hands stuck test. After I ask her to tell me where a comfortable place is, and she tells me, her bed. I use this as the imagery for the post hypnotic suggestion that I give her that returns her in to a state of hypnosis.

Chapter 6
I give Allison a suggestion that is linked to the snap of my fingers. This suggestion confuses her to a degree, and she comes out of the trance state. This gives us an opportunity to talk for a while. I then snap my fingers again and she goes back in to hypnosis.

Chapter 7
I further entrance Allison with a candle.

Chapter 8
Entranced by the candle, I suggest that Allison will think erotic thoughts. I ask her what the most erotic thing she could do right now would be, and she says, “to touch herself.” I give her a hypnotic suggestion to do so. As she acts on this suggestion, I suggest that she take off her shirt. She continues to touch her breasts, and I give her suggestions that cause her to experience even more pleasure.

Chapter 9
Entranced by the candle and full of erotic thoughts, I suggest that Allison feels an urgent desire to take off her pants. She does so, revealing sexy panties and fishnet stockings. I instruct her to bring her spread legs up on to the table, and I place the candle between them, suggesting that the flame is a warm, wet tongue that is licking her pussy. I suggest that she is feeling more turned on than ever before, in an erotic dream. She continues touching herself as I give her these suggestions. The pleasure builds and I suggest that she feels the best oral sex of her life, and then the best sex of her life.

Chapter 10
I suggest that the best oral sex of Allison’s life becomes the best sex of her life, and she erupts in to a state of pleasure. As she starts to orgasm, I suggest that she has multiple orgasms. I then give her a suggestion to relax, but to continue having orgasms. Then on my command the orgasms peak in to the best pleasure of her life.

Chapter 11
I give Allison a post hypnotic trigger to orgasm on my command, “orgasm now.” I suggest that she wake up and focus her eyes on the candle, while we talk for a bit about how she feels. I then use my post hypnotic orgasm trigger. I never get tired of watching her orgasm, and continue to use the trigger.

Chapter 12
After all those orgasms, it’s time to take Allison back in to a deep trance. I ask her if she thought that she would be made to cluck like a chicken. I can’t quite make out her response, but I don’t push it. I take her deeper and deeper in to hypnosis. I bring her to her feet.

Chapter 13
I suggest that when Allison’s eyes open, she’s going to take a look around the room, and the first guy she sees is going to be the cutest guy she’s ever seen in her life. She will also know that he is responsible for all the pleasure that she just felt. I then snap my fingers, and she looks around, and when her eyes lock on to me her entire manner of being reveals what she’s feeling about me. While Allison puts on her clothes, I talk with Melenia about what it’s like to watch it happen. I then talk with Allison a bit about what it was like to be hypnotized. I then trigger a few orgasms and suggest that she climax. [ End of Session ... Leading in to Melenia and Allison Twosome ]