Allison Hypnotized 2

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Chapter 1
I begin this session with Allison by discussing our past sessions. I had previously hypnotized her twice before. The first time, she was by herself, and the second time I hypnotized her with her friend Melenia. Allison is laughing when this clip begins, because I had just asked her the identical question that you see me asking her, but the first time I forgot to use a stage name, so I immediately asked it again. Allison is an sexy and energetic and enthusiastic hypnotic subject, and we are both looking forward to this session.

Chapter 2
After a brief break in video continuity, while we set up the camera for the induction, I do a pocket watch based hypnotic induction with Allison. I ask her if she’s ready to be hypnotized, and in a very clear and confident voice, she says that she’s ready. We can see her relaxing more and more, and her eyes getting heavier as she progresses in to the trance state.

Chapter 3
I continue Allison’s hypnotic induction with a progressive relaxation exercise. I adopt a leisurely pace, because it’s clear that she is really enjoying this relaxing experience.

Chapter 4
Now I suggest that Allison picture herself laying on her bed. I also suggest that it’s a cold night outside but she feels warm and comfortable on her bed. As she lays on her bed, I start counting, and with every number I count she feels a blanket covering her more and more. When I finally count down to one, the blanket will cover her completely and her mind will be blank. This is a deepening exercise, and also designed to make her feel safe and comfortable. I also give her a post hypnotic trigger to return her to this state of mind in the future.

Chapter 5
I now give Allison the suggestion that she will find everything I say to be incredibly funny, the funniest thing that she’s ever heard, and that she’ll be laughing uncontrollably, no matter what. I then wake her from the trance state.

Chapter 6
As requested by a member, I give Allison a post hypnotic trigger that makes her feel the effect of sleeping pills. We focus on her face as we watch her give in to the feeling of falling asleep as she struggles to stay awake.

Chapter 7
I suggest that Allison doesn’t remember the number four, and then I wake her up. We play silly counting games for a while and I have her count her fingers. I also have her count her toes, drawing attention to her feet for any foot fetishists watching.

Chapter 8
The idea for this clip came from a suggestion from a member. This is the first time I’ve used it. First I suggest that Allison is very thirsty. Then I suggest that each time she drinks from the glass of water that it will arouse her more and more, and when she finishes the glass she will orgasm. However, as she gets half way through the glass, she’ll find that the hand not holding the glass of water, will start to roam her body all by it’s self, subconsciously. I also suggest that she won’t remember these suggestions.

Chapter 9
I give Allison another glass of water, and she continues to act on the suggestion. While she is getting aroused by the beverage, we continue to talk about what she remembers from the last time that I hypnotized her. I also make small talk in other ways, asking her how long she’s known that she’s been in to girls as well as guys.

Chapter 10
Allison is still in the glow of the second glass of water, squirming in pleasure. I use her post hypnotic trigger to place her back in to a state of trance. I take her deeper and deeper and suggest that my voice sounds wonderful to her ears. I then suggest that every time I snap my fingers, she’s going to stand up and remove one article of clothing without paying any attention to what she’s doing. I also reinforce the idea that the water is a powerful aphrodisiac, and that she’s had two glasses. I suggest that when she opens her eyes, that she’s going to be completely attracted to and turned on by the man she sees. We talk for a bit, and I snap my fingers a couple of times.

Chapter 11
Allison continues to stand before me and take off her clothes at the snap of my fingers. Presented with her eager compliance and attractive body, I find myself a bit overwhelmed. Meanwhile her feelings are very strong for me, and she keeps the conversation going, even when I’m at a loss. She admits that she has a crush on me, as she places her body on display, clearly demonstrating a very inviting body language.

Chapter 12
Back in the trance state, I now give Allison instructions to move her body in ways that I find pleasing. I then suggest that when I count to three, she will wake up and get dressed again. I also suggest that as she dresses, she’s going to feel the crush become stronger and stronger. I then give her another glass of special water, and really can’t help but snap my fingers a a few times. It’s time to change the tape.

Chapter 13
We’ve taken a break, and I lead Allison back in to the trance state by doing a candle based induction. I have her stare at the candle flame as I describe how heavy her eyes are getting, until finally she just relaxes back in to the bed, in a deep trance.

Chapter 14
I suggest that Allison feels light and is floating, as I bring her to her feet. I relax her completely, but reinforce the idea that she can still stand. Then I suggest that her arms float up by themselves, taking her even deeper. I then have her lock her eyes on my finger, as I move in to position, to command her to sleep and collapse in to my arms. I continue to deepen and to condition her body to respond to my voice, as I have her do another series of movements on my command. I then make her feel completely stiff and rigid, then completely relaxed.

Chapter 15
I take Allison deeper in to the state of hypnosis, using an escalator creative visualization. I reinforce my ability to place her in to a deep state of hypnosis just by giving her the command to sleep.

Chapter 16
One the count of three, Alison wakes up with her eyes focused on my finger. I lead her with my finger for a bit, and watch as she follows, relaxed and compliant. I then have her stare in to my eyes as she rocks back and forth back in to the trance. Her mind is blank, and I reinforce the idea that it feels good to relax. I suggest that her body listens to my instructions, and that her mind is confident that whatever I say is the right thing.

Chapter 17
I suggest that Allison has a hoolah hoop around her waist. I then suggest that she spins it around, enjoying it a lot. The hoolah hoop falls, and I suggest that if she takes off her dress, she’ll be able to keep it up. She does so, and then spins the hoolah hoop again, until it falls again. This time I suggest that she’ll have an easier time if she took off her bra, and she does. Then I suggest that she does topless jumping jacks, and she does. I repeat the idea that she’s really enjoying it, and she smiles the entire time. Then I suggest that she jog in place.

Chapter 18
Now I suggest that Allison is at a topless limbo contest, and I have her participate. I then wake her up and she gets dressed while we talk about all the naked hypnotic exercise.

Chapter 19
I suggest that Allison bend over, and that she starts to feel aroused. I then have her lift up her dress, and I continue to give her suggestions that turn her on. I suggest that she spreads her legs, as she feels the perfect thing happening. The tension builds and things get more intense, and then I suddenly command her to relax and sleep.

Chapter 20
I suggest that Allison roll over on to her back with her legs spread, and she can feel fingers on her body. I suggest that she pull her clothes out of the way and let her fingers join in too. She gets really in to it, and then I suggest that she’s getting hot oral sex from the cute guy at the limbo contest. I bring her to the edge, and then stop her from cumming. As she feels this way, I suggest that she play with her tits. Then the oral sex turns in to the best sex of her life. I then suddenly command her to relax.

Chapter 21
I give Allison a suggestion that causes her to switch personalities between a slutty valley girl named Candy and a sexually repressed librarian named Carol. I then have a conversation, alternating between personalities based upon the name that I use.

Chapter 22
I continue to alternate Allison between Candy and Carol, at one point she dances and I switch her personalities during the dance. Afterwards I talk with her about the experience.

Chapter 23
I do a deepening exercise, where Allison’s hands float up, and the higher they go, the deeper in to the trance state she goes as well. This time I give her the suggestion that Candy and Carol are going to have a discussion back and forth. It’s kind of jarring at first, because it seems like she’s talking to me, but really she’s in her own little world. The two personalities argue with each other for a bit. I then end the exercise, and talk with Allison a bit.

Chapter 24
I suggest that Allison feels that my watch is connected to her clit and that anything I do to the watch she feels on her clit. I then bring her out of the formal trance state and talk with her a bit, finding every excuse to touch my watch that I can. We then talk about things that we’ve done during the session, and then I tease her with my watch.

Chapter 25
I continue to tease Allison with my pocket watch that is connected to her clit. She ends up becoming over stimulated, so I use hypnosis to give her an orgasm.

Chapter 26
I notice that the watch suggestion has really gotten to her. I ask her if she wants me to put my watch away, and she says yes. I then trigger another orgasm, turning it in to the relaxed orgasm.

Chapter 27
I bring Allison out of the formal trance state, and have her get dressed, while we talk for a bit. In the middle of the discussion, I drop her back in to the trance state for one last burst of pleasure, and to make sure that the connection between her clit and my pocketwatch is severed. I then have her trace her fingers over her body a bit, before bringing her out of the trance state, and checking that she’s no longer responding to my watch.
[End of Session.]