Allison Hypnotized 3

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Allion 3 (Tape 1)

Chapter 1
I begin this session by performing an instant hypnotic induction on Allison. I take her hand and gently move it back and forth, while I say things to place her mind in to a pattern. When I break that pattern, she accepts my suggestion to go in to a trance, and falls in to my arms. I then give her a series of deepening suggestions.

Chapter 2
I give Allison a post hypnotic suggestion that will take her back in to the state of trance. I then have her stare straight ahead with her eyes blank, as she counts, going deeper in to the trance state. I then use her trance trigger to take her even deeper, and then I lay her body on the ground.

Chapter 3
In a deep hypnotic sleep, Allison is on the floor. I wake her from the trance state just minutes after being hypnotized by an instant induction. Allison admits that I have caught her by surprise. I then give her the hypnotic trigger and she sinks back to the floor again, deepening her trance.

Chapter 4
I give Allison the suggestion that she feels drunk, but only the positive effects. She then talks with us about feeling good and about Canadian music. I then ask if she’s one of those people who sing when they are drunk. She says no, so I suggest that she is a famous Canadian musician.

Chapter 5
I suggest that Allison is stiff and rigid, focusing her eyes on my finger, as I take her even deeper in to hypnosis. She then finds herself loose in my arms, paying attention to only my voice. I suggest that she place her arms around my neck, and continue to deepen her trance state. I then tell her to open her eyes, that she will still be in a trance, but she’ll feel awake. She’ll be able to speak as normal, but she will find that she can’t stand up.

Chapter 6
Allison’s attraction to me grows as I suggest that she remembers that she’s always had powerful romantic feelings for me, that she was always afraid to express. However, now as she remembers what it was like to have her clitoris connected to my pocket watch, she’s free to express them. We talk for a bit, as you can see a change in her body language and demeanor. I then suggest that she smells her favorite cologne on me, and kisses it.

Chapter 7
On the count of three, Allison wakes up and the memories of the trance slip away. She looks down in to her hand and sees that she has an ice cream cone. Now I take Allison deeper in to the state of hypnosis with a staircase deepening visualization. I bring her mind under my power as I do this and suggest that she will feel unsteady on her feet as she goes deeper and then falls helplessly in to my arms.

Chapter 8
I suggest that Allison feels hot and sweaty and wants to take off her shirt. She does so without hesitation. I then suggest that she feels cold, and that she can feel it all the way in her nipples. She then comes to me for warmth, and presses up close to me. As I warm her up, I suggest that her mind is a completely blank slate for me for the duration of the session. As Allison stands in my arms, topless for the waist up wearing only a bra, I wake her up with the conviction that today is Valentine’s Day, and that she has forgotten about it.

Chapter 9
I am so pleased with Allison that I decide to suggest that she feels happy. She feels wonderful, and then I suggest that when I snap my fingers that she will do the best strip tease of her life. As she starts to slip out of her clothes, I ask her if this is my Valentine’s Day gift, and she says, “Of Course.” She looks really good, and then I freeze her in to place with a single command. As she’s frozen in place, I take her deep in to hypnosis and suggest to her that her breasts will change size on my command.

Chapter 10
I suggest that Allison’s hands are pulled up in to the air by an irresistible force. I suggest that she tries to resist, but that she can’t. Finally her hands are above her head, and they are joined together. I then freezer her legs in to position, and it is like she is tied up by invisible ropes. She expends the last of her will and her energy testing the invisible bonds, and in the end gives in to the power of hypnosis. I then suggest a variety of sensations that she feels her nipples being licked, then she’s being tickled. Finally I suggest that her breasts itch, and since she can’t do anything about them, she asks me for help. I then wake her up, and suggest that it’s Valentines Day again, but her breasts still itch…

Chapter 11
I take Allison in to a deep state of trance and relaxation, causing her to feel nothing but relaxation, free from her day to day life. I then do an abbreviated progressive relaxation exercise with her. As we go through this, I increase her sensation of pleasure, building up to an orgasm.

Chapter 12
Allison opens her eyes and stares blankly at my finger. I suggest that she is completely at peace, and that it feels completely natural to be naked in front of me. I then proceed to give her some more suggestions regarding how normal it feels to be completely under my power and hypnotized. As she accepts these thoughts in to her mind, I trigger another orgasm. Allison wakes up with no memory of what has happened after the instant induction. You can see her confusion as she tries to figure out why she’s naked. I use this moment of confusion to give her a command to kiss me, which she instantly obeys. She then drops in to a deep trance in my arms, convinced of the power of hypnosis.

Chapter 13
I suggest to Allison that she is alone and in the shower. After she washes, she finds herself slowly winding down until she is frozen in to place. I place her back deep in to the trance, with an idea to place deep in to her mind, as she repeats it over and over.

Chapter 14
I give Allison the suggestion that microscopic machines went in to her body and turned her in to a robot. She still feels and acts like herself, but with the touch of a button on my remote control she turns in to a completely obedient sex slave. She also has an orgasm button. I then use the remote control to have her do naked jumping jacks, followed by slave mode. I then give her more instructions as I trigger some massive orgasms. Afterwards I suggest that she never had any machines in her and that she was never a robot, so naturally she followed all of my instructions because she liked to do it. I then wake her up and ask her to get dressed.

Allion 3 (Tape 2)

Chapter 15
I’ve given Allison a break while I change the tape in the camera. I decide to start off with a little bit of memory play, causing her to forget the first half and to think that she hasn’t been hypnotized again. I take her deep in to hypnosis just by talking to her. I give her an orgasm while we have the camera focused on her feet, and you can see her curl her toes in pleasure. I take her deeper and deeper in to trance. I then command her body to take action, which leads her in to my arms. I follow this with suggestions of arousal.

Chapter 16
I give Allison the suggestion that every time I touch her shoulder, she’ll have an irresistible urge to grab my hand and pull it to her breast. I also suggest that every time my hand comes in to contact with her breast that she will have an orgasm. I also take her back in time to when she things the session should start. Naturally I spend a lot of time tapping her shoulder. Then I place her back in to a trance.

Chapter 17
Once again, Allison believes that we haven’t started the session yet. I have her focus on this idea while I continue to tap her shoulder, as a post hypnotic trigger for her to grab my hand and pull it to her breast, causing her to orgasm.

Chapter 18
I give Allison the suggestion that when she wakes up she really wants to begin the session and be hypnotized. I also give her the suggestion that any time I say the word tap, she will feel me tapping on her shoulder, which of course is the post hypnotic suggestion that I gave her that causes her to grab my hand and pull it to her breasts, giving her an orgasm. She starts to get confused, so I place her in to the trance state again.

Chapter 19
I use a technique that makes use of Allison’s hand movements to answer my questions. I also make use of a technique to cause the answer to feedback in to her mind. I also ask her if she wants to continue experiencing the tap suggestion, and her hands say no, so I decide to let her off the hook.

Chapter 20
I suggest that Allison is going to find everything I say to be incredibly amusing. I then wake her up. I then end the suggestion and she goes from giggling at everything to being serious. We then return to her wanting to hypnotize her. I do so and take her deep. I then continue to give her suggestions to find being hypnotized by me arousing.

Chapter 21
I suggest to Allison that she will be a chicken. Then I turn her in to a kitten.

Chapter 22
I give Allison the suggestion that she will be fascinated by my pocket watch. When I wake her up, she still continues to insist that she needs to be hypnotized again. I now suggest to Allison that whenever I touch my finger to my forehead, she receives a telepathic command that she must obey. Notice that I don’t tell her what that command is, I let her imagination tell her. I suggest that Allison is now a stripper sent over for my birthday. She is still responding to my “telepathic” commands.

Chapter 23
I now suggest that Allison thinks she is a teacher giving a sex education talk. She is still responding to my “telepathic” commands. She gives us an lesson on foreplay. Eventually, she describes very graphically how foreplay feels, responding to “feel it” commands. Eventually she becomes so turned on that she tears off her panties and begins to masturbate. I then use hypnotic suggestion to bring her to orgasm on my command.

Chapter 24
I now suggest to Allison that she is a cheerleader. She’s late for practice and she has to practice by herself.

Chapter 25
Now it’s time to wrap up the session. I leave her with some positive suggestions, and then instruct her to dress with her eyes blank, like a robot, until I release her with the snap of my fingers. End of Session.