Amanda Hypnotized

47 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-08-04

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I begin the session with Amanda. She’s a little bit nervous, but I explain that the process will make the nervousness go away. I can tell right from the start that she’s in to having the experience and I begin the induction.

I lead in to the progressive relaxation exercise with Amanda. As I do the exercise, I suggest that she feels pleasure. She responds very strongly to this suggestion, so I condition her to feel very definite erotic feelings every time I say the word pleasure. I continue the build up of her pleasure, and just like that she feels more turned on than she has ever felt in her life.

I suggest that she feels a tongue licking her. I also give her the orgasm trigger, but I do not use it quite yet. I bring her closer and closer, but instead of release, I keep arousing her.

I have her run her fingers over her body. Then I have her take off her top. I have her hold her hands above her head, and then suggest that she’s having the best sex of her life. Then I trigger multiple orgasms.

I suggest that her feet are being tickled mercilessly while she feels this wonderful feeling. I cause her to feel tickles everywhere, and then on the snap of my fingers there are tickles on her clit. She responds to this instantly, and then I suggest that she’s feeling the best sex of her life. The pleasure keeps building, and I ask her to describe how she feels. I then count down to and trigger an orgasm.

Entranced, I arrange her and move her hair out of he face. As I spend a little time running my fingers through her hair, I give her suggestions causing her to feel good while this happens. I suggest that anywhere that skin touches skin, she feels pleasure, as good as if it were her clit being stroked. I then have her slip out of her skirt, and then trigger a lot of pleasure and then an orgasm. I continue to work on her hair, and then ask for something to tie it back from off set. In the meantime, I have her lift her hands up and hold her hair back, which puts her in to a very nice position. I suggest that she’s being kissed in various places all over her body. I continue to suggest feelings of sexual desire, however, this time I don’t trigger an orgasm.

Continuing the progressive relaxation exercise, I have her tense and release her hands and arms. I then go to work at tying her hair back. However, while I do so, I continue to heat her up, with feelings reminiscent of her first time with a cute boy, feelings primal and new. I then put the word “yes” in to her mind, over and over again. As I run my fingers through her hair, I trigger a massive orgasm, and then I make her cum on my command. I then trigger a climax, and suggest that she’s being tickled at the same time to increase the intensity.

I suggest that the carpet is tickling her and that the only way to stop it is to remove her panties. Her hands fly to her panties and start to pull them off, but then she hesitates. I look off camera and am reminded that she had requested to not have to remove her panties. So, I continue the tickle suggestions, and give her suggestions that cause her to giggle. This giggling is linked to pleasure between her legs, and the giggles and the pleasure feeds off each other and build on each other until she is rolling on the floor giggling in pleasure.

I prepare her to cum, and then switch to the carpet tickling her. As she reacts to the tickling carpet, I give her the command to cum. Afterwards, I give her suggestions that she’s being kissed in different places all over her body. Then at the snap of my fingers, all the kisses, everywhere at the same time. She responds to this quite well, and I build closer and closer to an orgasm, but at the end, drop her in to a deeper state of trance instead of giving her the release.

I continue the progressive relaxation exercise. I then take some time to condition her to be a non-smoker, since she asked if I could do that for her before the session. I trigger a number of orgasms to make her receptive to the conditioning, and then condition her.

I finish her non-smoker conditioning, and give her some more tools to make it stick. Then I trigger more orgasms, and some more tickles.

I bring her out of the trance state, but she still feels pleasure and still responds to my commands. I talk with her a little bit, and freeze her hands above her head. I then suggest that she’s being tickled. I then have her orgasm. Then I make her orgasm in reverse. I alternate between the two a few times, and make her squirm. I them trigger orgasms in various different parts of her body.

I have her follow my finger, suggesting that she feels like a raver kid looking at a glow toy. Inspired by a suggestion used by a colleague, I suggest that my finger is the funniest thing she’s ever seen. I then wake her up and show her my finger.

Now I give her a suggestion that causes her to get aroused by the palm of my hand.

I wrap up the session using my finger and the palm of my hand and some inside jokes. [End of Session]