Amy Hypnotized

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Amy (Tape One – Screener)

Chapter 1
I talk with Amy and ask her about her perceptions of hypnosis and any previous experience with the topic. This leads in to a short talk about the nature of hypnosis.

Chapter 2
I begin hypnotizing Amy, using my pocket watch for the induction. I realize very quickly that she’s going to be a responsive subject. I suggest that her eyes get heavier and heavier as she sinks back in to the couch. As she goes in to the trance, she relaxes and her thighs start to spread and we get to peek up her skirt.

Chapter 3
I continue Amy’s induction by counting down backwards, as she relaxes more and more. I then reinforce the suggestions drawing Amy’s mind to my voice, and deepening her trance.

Chapter 4
I continue the hypnotic induction process with Amy by leading her through a progressive relaxation exercise. As she listens to my voice, she beings to associate my voice and listening to my voice with the best physical and mental relaxation that she’s ever experienced. As she goes through the relaxation exercise, you can see her become comfortable and really loosen up. At this point, she feels incredibly good, incredibly peaceful, and totally relaxed.

Chapter 5
I now evaluate Amy’s responsiveness with the balloon test.

Chapter 6
Amy curls up on the couch, feeling cozy and peaceful. I then give her a post hypnotic suggestion that will return her to the trance state. Then, with the snap of my fingers, she wakes up, and we talk about what its like to be hypnotized.

Chapter 7
Amy is back in a state of hypnosis, and I evaluate her responsiveness to sensory hallucinations. I do this by giving her some hypno-tickling suggestions. She is very responsive to this.

Chapter 8
I suggest that when Amy wakes up that she will be full of energy. Then I bring her out of the trance state, and watch as she becomes hyper. Then she gets really giggly.

Chapter 9
I place Amy back in to a state of hypnosis, and watch as all the excess energy drains away. I then give her the suggestion that she will forget the number 3. This is to test her responsiveness to memory related hypnotic phenomena. Afterwards, I wake Amy up again and make some small talk with her before I ask her to count her fingers.

Chapter 10
I ask Amy to stick out her hands and count her fingers. She then completely loses it and starts laughing. Eventually, I’m able to get her back to the task at hand, and she tells me that her fingers are weird. Next, I have Amy count her toes, slowly and out loud. As she points to her toes, she’s unable to remember the number 3.

Chapter 11
Amy counts her fingers, with the number three newly restored to her mind. However, you can see a bit of attitude in how she goes about it. This stops instantly as I snap my fingers, and she finds herself under a very powerful post hypnotic compulsion.

Chapter 12
I put Amy back in to a state of hypnosis again, and she sort of melts in to the chair behind her. I then give her some reinforcement suggestions before waking her up again. I have the wrap up discussion with Amy and ask her how she feels, and hunger is first and foremost in her mind. After a brief diversion in to food choices, we return to the session wrap up talk. Towards the end, I catch her by surprise with a post hypnotic trigger.

Amy (Tape 2)

Chapter 13
I talk with Amy about how her mind works before we begin again. I also ask her about what the experience of being hypnotized is like so far.

Chapter 14
I return Amy to the trance state, using a different type of induction, that is a bit faster than the progressive relaxation induction.

Chapter 15
I ask Amy how she feels, and find that she’s so relaxed that she has trouble talking. I correct this, and ask her how she feels again. I then continue to deepen her trance. In the middle of the deepening exercise there is a knock at the door and as I go to investigate it, we see that she continues responding to my deepening suggestion.

Chapter 16
I give Amy another post hypnotic suggestion that places her in to a deep trance whenever I say the word sleep, or touch her forehead. I then suggest that she will open her eyes, and will be drawn to stare blankly at my finger.

Chapter 17
I suggest to Amy that she feels hot and wants to take off her shirt. She does, and then I have her stare blankly in a deep trance.

Chapter 18
I suggest to Amy that she is in the most relaxing place that she can think of. I then take her deeper in to the trance state, reinforcing it. After that I suggest that Amy floats all the way back up to her feet.

Chapter 19
I give Amy suggestions that cause her to feel good and confident. I then have her pose her body with her hands above her head. Then I suggest that her skirt itches and she wants to take it off.

Chapter 20
I bring Amy out of the trance state, suggesting that she still believes that she’s fully clothed and is waiting to start the second session. I then talk with her about what it’s like to be hypnotized.

Chapter 21
I suggest that when I snap my fingers, Amy will be a Sexologist in search for the ultimate orgasm.

Chapter 22
I take Amy back in to a deep trance, and have her repeat phrases out loud that become her thoughts. I then suggest that she feels a glow around her body that causes her to feel pleasure and to feel turned on.

Chapter 23
I suggest that the glow would bring her more pleasure if her shirt wasn’t in the way, and Amy takes it off as she feels even more aroused and turned on. I suggest that the glow reads her mind to cause her to feel more pleasure. Then I suggest that the pleasure is so much that she will start moaning in pleasure. I then give her thoughts in the midst of the pleasure that causes her to associate this pleasure with my voice, and to know that I can always give her this pleasure. I then release her to feel even more pleasure after she does this.

Chapter 24
Amy is naked and hypnotized, feeling the pleasure continue, building up her arousal, leading to a very dramatic response as she orgasms by hypnotic suggestion.

Chapter 25
Amy wakes up with no idea how she ended up with her ass in the air. I talk with her for a while while I suggest that she Feels the Glow. Then I place her back in to the trance state, causing her to feel more pleasure again and getting her worked up some more.

Chapter 26
I introduce Amy to the relaxed orgasm.

Chapter 27
I suggest that Amy feels that she is being tickled.

Chapter 28
I suggest that Amy still has memories of the pleasure fresh in her mind, and I bring her out of the trance state to talk with her about it. as I do this, I suggest more pleasure, leading up to an orgasm as she grasps my hand. [ End of Tape ]

Amy (Tape 3)

Chapter 29
After a short break, I talk with Amy about the experience. She struggles to explain it, and mid sentence I trigger her trance, its as if I had pressed an off button. I relax her and take her in to a deep trance. Amy is so relaxed that even her throat muscles are relaxed, so I haver her swallow and then lean back, as I prepare her for my next hypnotic suggestion.

Chapter 30
I give Amy the suggestion that she is at a slumber party. She believes that she is playing a game of Truth or Dare. So I ask her to choose one, and she selects Dare, so I dare her to flash me for 10 seconds. It’s her turn to ask, and I select Truth. She is having a hard time coming up with a question, so I trigger her trance, and put one thing in to her mind: sex. Next, she chooses Truth and I ask her about her favorite sexual experience. As she goes through it in her mind, I trigger her trance again, and tell her that her favorite sexual experience was being hypnotized to orgasm. As she explains why, we gain more insight in to her experience.

Chapter 31
As she finishes explaining about the hypnotic orgasms, I give her the Feel the Glow trigger, and she feels pleasure. The game then continues. Truth or Dare is easy when you can place impressions in to the other person’s mind. When faced with a silly dare, I simply place the memory in to her mind that I did it, then I set her up for a dare that comes from her own mind. I ask her to pick her own dare, and she says naked jumping jacks. I suggest that she will be compelled to cary out my next dare to her, and she will feel shy, embarrassed and extremely horny while she does so. She tells me that I better not tell anyone, and when she finishes I tell her that I’m going to tell people. This causes her to explode, until I place her back in to the trance again.

Chapter 32
While she’s in a trance, I calm her down, and suggest that she really enjoyed doing the jumping jacks. She starts to flirt with me when I bring her out of the trance state. She asks me why I invited her over for Truth or Dare, leading in to her asking if we \”like\” each other. The game starts to get silly so I place her back in to a trance and suggest that she feels a little drunk. We then wrap up the game.

Chapter 33
Amy talks about putting her clothes back on, so I give her a suggestion that causes her to forget how they go on her body. Eventually, she gets tangled up in her shirt, so I give her a suggestion that she doesn’t feel drunk any more. As she makes hand puppets with her clothes, I realize that we’ve officially entered the weird part of the session. In the midst of this I give her the pleasure trigger, Feel the Glow.

Chapter 34
I ask Amy what she is thinking, and she draws a blank. I continue to give her suggestions of pleasure as I stroke her hair. I also suggest that she has no use for her clothes right now, and to place them aside. I continue to increase her arousal to the edge of an orgasm. Then I give her more hypno-tickling, and then the biggest orgasm of her life. In the middle of the orgasm, I suddenly wake her up.

Chapter 35
I decide to turn Amy into a series of animals. At the snap of my fingers, first she is a chicken, then she is a puppy dog, then she is a kitty cat.

Chapter 36
I talk with Amy about the absurdity of her situation.

Chapter 37
Amy is hypnotized and staring at my watch. I suggest that she feels waves of bliss through her body as she submits to my voice. As she stares at my watch her entire body is filled with pleasure. I watch her squirm as this leads to another orgasm.

Chapter 38
I suggest to Amy that when I snap my fingers she will find herself in a very open and uninhibited, truthful conversation. We then talk about her arousal. I then restore her memory of the session long enough for her to talk about it, before having it fade back in to a dream again.

Chapter 39
Once again, Amy is having trouble remembering how to put on her clothes.

Chapter 40
I wrap up the session by interrupting a post hypnotic suggestion, and placing her in to a special hypnotic state. I use this condition to suggestion increased arousal with every breath she takes. [ End of Session ]