Andrea Hypnotized

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In this clip, I meet Andrea, my hypnotic subject for the night. She's never been hypnotized before, but she's seen it at the fair. She says that she's a bit skeptical. I then proceed in to the induction. I use an eye fixation technique and suggestions of relaxation followed by a countdown to bring her in to a state of hypnosis.

I continue the hypnotic induction with Andrea, deepening her trance state through a progressive relaxation exercise.

I evaluate her responsiveness to suggestion with the balloon test. I notice that she tends to stay in whatever position that I place her, and this is a very good sign for hypnotic responsiveness. Her response to the balloon test is very good, so I give her suggestions that she is being tickled to test her response to sensory hallucinations. I can see that she is feeling it on the inside, so I give her suggestions to allow her to express it on the outside. As I see her respond, I can also see that she's a reserved person.

I suggest that the tickles become an erotic sensation. I then adjust the speed of the tickles on her clit to get a response out of her. However, it's when I suggest that she feels an intense raw sexual desire building inside of her that I see her give in to the pleasure. I give her a trigger that she feels pleasure when I take her hand in to mine, and that it increases when I give it a squeeze. This causes her to give in a little more to the pleasure. I continue to build up the feelings inside of her, suggesting that she respond with arousal to my voice.

Now that I've hypnotized Andrea, and given her suggestions to both relax her and arouse her, I see a very different body language and expression in her face. I give her words to repeat and believe to help the process of unlocking her passion along. I then suggest that she knows and feels that she's having the best oral sex of her life. She responds to it in a very strong way. I then suggest that she is now hypnotized to express the pleasure that she feels in the sounds that she makes, and she instantly becomes louder. I take her to the edge of an orgasm, but block the response until I give her the command to orgasm.

I give Andrea the suggestion that any time I say the word pleasure, she will instantly feel a rush of pleasure going from her clittoris to deep inside her pussy to her nipples. Also, if I say the word several times in a short period of time, she's become the horniest that she can imagine. As she feels more and more pleasure, I reinforce the idea in her mind that she loves being hypnotized by me. I continue to reinforce ideas in her mind that are favorable to her responsiveness to my suggestions. I then increase the sensations that she feels, and have her describe what she feels.

Now I train Andrea to cum on my command. As I watch her cum in my arms, while still fully dressed, I train her to have a loud climax on my command. I also suggest that as she feels this sensation, it will cause her to feel attraction to me. As she feels all this pleasure, I continue to give her suggestions that will cause her to respond favorable to me.

I give Andrea a trigger to place her back in to a state of hypnosis. I then prepare her to open her eyes, feeling awake, and desiring to flirt with me. Before doing so, I give her a lot more pleasure first. I suggest that everywhere I touch her feels very arousing and that she craves my touch. When she opens her eyes, I have her describe to me how the experience feels. I notice now that her expression, body language, and tone of voice are now very different from when I met her 30 minutes ago. When I ask her if she believe in hypnosis, she gives an emphatic yes. I then observe her responses to the pleasure triggers while she's in a more normal state of mind.

I suggest that Andrea embraces me like a lover, and I give her a number of suggestions to make her feel happy and comfortable turned on and all around wonderful in every way. I then suggest that when she opens her eyes, even though we are both wearing our clothes, that she will feel that the two of us are having sex.

I place the idea in her mind that she wants to kiss me. Then I go back to giving her pleasure triggers, while she feels that we are having sex, even though our clothes are on. In the process I find out a little more about her sex life. I then place her back in to the trance, and get my kiss.

I suggest that Andrea is very happy, and that she giggles like a horny teenaged girl. She does, and I can see that I've made a lot of progress with her since earlier in the session when I suggested that she was being tickled, and the response was more reserved. I then ask her if she's ever pleasured herself in the shower. She holds back on the answer, but I already know what the answer is, and I have her say it out loud. I then suggest that she's alone in her bathroom, and wants to take off her clothes for a shower because she feels hot and sweaty, and hornier than she's ever been in her life. She takes off half of her clothes, and then open her eyes. I drop her back in to a trance and suggest more pleasure, to which she instantly responds.

Now that I see her topless, I see that her nipples are pierced. So I suggest sensations of physical pleasure on her breasts. I then suggest that her nipple piercings are electronic devices wired directly in to her central nervous system that respond to my command that instantly cause her to orgasm, when I say on, until I say off. I then stack various pleasure suggestions at the same time to an increased effect. I then suggest that she finish taking off her clothes for her shower, and she does without hesitation. While doing this, at the most inopportune moment, I decide to turn her nipples on and she nearly falls over.

I suggest that Andrea steps forward in to the shower, and she does. She looks so sexy when she washes her breasts, that I suggest that she plays with her boobies. While she does this, I turn her nipples on. I then suggest that she's going to cum from playing with her breasts. After washing for a bit, I suggest the thought of being hypnotized by me makes her so horny that she starts to pleasure herself. As she touches her most sensitive parts of her body, I have her repeat ideas that cause her to respond favorably towards me.

Andrea still believes that she's in the shower. As she strokes herself, I have her describe what she is fantasizing about. She say that she is fantasizing about coming all over herself. I then use the trigger to make her cum. In the midst of pleasure, I give her more suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I then have her look me in the eyes, with her hands stretched high to cause sexy things to happen to her breasts, and I trigger even more pleasure.

I suggest that Andrea is in a dream, and she's in the arms of the sexiest man alive. She feels the desire to be pressed against the sexiest man alive, and I trigger her pleasure.

I turn Andrea in to a living mannequin. After posing her a little, I bend her over, and suggest that she's having sex, being taken from the rear, with every thrust in to her g-spot. I wake her up, still as a mannequin and play with her a bit. At one point, I give her the pleasure triggers, while her fingers are just an inch away from the most sensitive part of her body, and she can't move them. The last pose I put her in is with her hands behind her head, and her back arched, placing her breasts nicely on display.

I finish the mannequin suggestion with Andrea. I have her describe how it felt to be a mannequin, and she instantly says good. I ask her why, and she doesn't know. I give her some reasons why. Then I give her something to keep her in hypnosis, and take her deeper while I change the tapes and reset the audio recording.

Andrea finishes counting down, going deeper with every number. I have her describe how she feels, and she answers with the single world, calm. I suggest that she feels pleasure, and that the sound of my voice brings her pleasure, and she instantly responds to that suggestion. I have her reinforce the idea in her mind.

Now, I have her tell me how she feels about me, as if she were talking with a trusted best friend. I then give her suggestions that cause her to respond favorably towards me, every time I use her pleasure triggers. I then use those triggers.

I suggest that Andrea embrace me. I have her describe the experience, and then I give her further suggestions to enhance the experience. Then I use her pleasure triggers, and cause her to have the longest orgasm of her life, followed by more orgasm triggers in rapid succession.

I have Andrea open her eyes, and we talk about what the experience has been like so far. I then suggest that she feels like she's having sex with me, and I trigger several more orgasms.

I take her deep in to a state of hypnotic trance, and reinforce the idea that this makes her feel good. I spend time suggesting that she feel pleasure in her nipples. Then I use her other pleasure triggers.

I have Andrea sit in the chair, and I suggest that as I stroke her hair it relaxes her more and more. She breathes deeply, and lets everything go. She feels calm, peaceful and happy. I then suggest that she's back in her room, by herself, after the hypnosis session and she's very turned on. She feels aroused and horny, and I suggest that she spread her legs apart. Then I suggest that she would feel that me guiding her hands would be the sexiest thing in the world. I then guide her hands over her body. I then place her hand close to her pussy, and suggest that she wants to pleasure herself. I then use her "on" trigger, and watch her go wild.

Andrea is in the middle of pleasuring herself, and I interrupt it with a command to sleep. I then decide it's time for her early morning workout of jogging in place and then naked jumping jacks. I use her orgasm trigger while she is in the middle of doing these things.

I deepen Andrea's trance state, and give her more suggestions causing her to feel desire for me. I then trigger some very powerful orgasm responses in her.

I have Andrea continue her early morning workout with naked pushups, with orgasms distracting her. I then have her roll over on her back, and use her "on" trigger as she strokes her breasts. I then have her do naked sit ups, and trigger more orgasms.

Andrea spreads her legs while doing sit ups, and I suggest that she's having sex. When I use her "on" trigger she really starts to go wild.

I ask Andrea if she's enjoyed being hypnotized, and if she would recommend the experience. She says yes to both. I then give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me, and trigger pleasure.

I suggest that it feels perfectly normal for me to dress her, with her mind blank. Everywhere that skin touches skin, she feels pleasure. I dress her in her bra and panties, triggering pleasure and orgasms from time to time.

I finish dressing Andrea in her clothes, triggering pleasure and orgasms along the way.

I wrap up Andrea's session and wake her up from hypnosis. We talk for a few moments, and then I use my orgasm trigger on her. She is caught completely by surprise and is totally confused, so I decide to have fun with her, and use the triggers many more times, while I am amused by her reaction.

I use Andrea's trance trigger, and put her back in to a state of hypnosis, as I watch her relax and fall under my spell again. I give her a command to strip on command, and then wake her up again. She resists strongly, although you can see her hands still trying to pull off her clothes. I then drop her back in to the trance again, and she strips without hesitation. I wake her up again, this time she is naked, and I can see that she's a little embarrassed, which is amusing since she just spent an hour and a half being naked in front of me.