Ashley Hypnotized

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Clip One – ( 4:30 ) 11/1/2006
I meet Ashley, who is a little nervous about being hypnotized. When I ask her if she’s seen it done before, she tells me that she has on television, but that she thinks it is fake. I begin the induction process, however as I start, I notice that the microphone isn’t on the camera. So I instruct Ashley to be still and to breath deep and focus, and I go to take care of the camera while she practically hypnotizes her self. I then return and take her deeper in to the induction.

Clip Two – ( 5:17 ) 11/2/2006
I continue Ashley’s induction with a progressive relaxation exercise.

Clip Three – ( 1:29 ) 11/3/2006
I evaluate Ashley’s response to suggestion with the Balloon test. She responds very well, so I give her a post hypnotic suggestion to bring her back in to a state of hypnosis. I then suggest that the balloons pop.

Clip Four – ( 3:59 ) 11/4/2006
I suggest various forms of hypno-tickling to Ashley. I then switch the tickles to pleasure, and suggest various forms of arousal, linking those feelings with my voice, before suggesting that she’s feeling the best oral sex of her life.

Clip Five – ( 1:27 ) 11/5/2006
I suggest to Ashley that the feelings would be better if she took of her shirt, and she does. Although she has trouble with the knot, so I help her. After she takes off her shirt, I suggest that she feels sexy, among other positive things. I then suggest that she feels pleasurable feelings on her breasts.

Clip Six – ( 3:12 ) 11/6/2006
Now I suggest that the feelings of the best oral sex that Ashley is feeling will switch to the feelings of the best sex of her life. I suggest that she let her hands roam her body where she feels pleasure, and you can see her giving in to her arousal. I then suggest that she wants to take off her skirt. As she continues to feel pleasure, I suggest that she feels both the best sex and the best oral sex at the same time, and that she can’t keep her sounds of pleasure inside anymore.

Clip Seven – ( 4:22 ) 11/7/2006
I suggest to Ashley that she wants to take off her panties, and when she does that she will be ready to orgasm. I give her the suggestion to describe how this feels, and then I reinforce the idea that her subconscious mind will always associate my voice with pleasure. I then suggest that at the end of a countdown from 10 that she will have the best orgasm of her life. This leads to multiple orgasms and a climax.

Clip Eight – ( 1:44 ) 11/8/2006
I manage to sweep Ashley’s hair out of her face for another orgasm, so we can see how adorable she looks as she feels pleasure. I then ask her what it felt like to feel these different types of pleasure, and as she answers I can see her responding to more pleasure, so I suggest that she feels all the pleasures that I asked her about at the same time. I then slow down time as I suggest that she orgasms.

Clip Nine – ( 2:22 ) 11/9/2006
I bring Ashley in to a state that is closer to normal waking, and I give her the suggestion that I am very sexy and that she is very attracted to me. I talk with her a bit about what it’s like to be hypnotized. Then I have her look me in the eye as I give her hypnotic commands to orgasm and feel pleasure.

Clip Ten – ( 1:07 ) 11/10/2006
Now that Ashley is naked and very responsive, I suggest that she is being tickled in different places, and then finally she’s being tickled on her clit.

Clip Eleven – ( 1:08 ) 11/11/2006
It’s time for Ashley’s early morning workout. Naked jumping jacks and jogging in place.

Clip Twelve – ( 5:48 ) 11/12/2006
I wake Ashley up, but she can’t remember the number between 2 and 4. I then make use of her inability to remember the number 3 to give her a task that she is compelled to complete, but can’t, which makes her more open to suggest. I suggest that she is very attracted to me and you can see the suggestion really take hold. I then give her the number 3 back, and she orgasms in my arms.

Clip Thirteen – ( 5:14 ) 11/13/2006
Now I test Ashley for her suitability to be a potential HypnoSlave. I have her imagine being my HypnoSlave, and I see her smile and respond to the idea favorably. I then ask her to describe it, and she extends beyond my original description. This leads to me asking her if she’s ever been spanked for pleasure before, and she says that she has. So I do some HypnoSpanking with her.

Clip Fourteen – ( 2:04 ) 11/14/2006
I give Ashley some positive suggestions about feeling sexy and beautiful and happy. I then suggest that she caress her body the way that she wishes it were being caressed right now. I mix hypno-spanking with commands of pleasure.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:44 ) 11/15/2006
I suggest that Ashley just drifts for a little bit, before I start to dress her. I put her shirt on her, suggesting pleasure the whole time.

Clip Sixteen – ( 3:11 ) 11/16/2006
Now I suggest that Ashley’s panties weigh a ton, and she can’t lift them. I watch her struggle for a little bit trying to put them on, and then release her from the suggestion, giving her a lot of pleasure and orgasms as she puts them on.

Clip Seventeen – ( 3:59 ) 11/17/2006
We begin to wrap up the session, and I suggest that she embraces me and her body expresses the pleasure that she’s feeling while it still can. I give her suggestions of pleasure as well as suggestions of spanking. She responds very well to all of these suggestions, and I can see that the session has had quite a bit of an effect on her. I then have the session end the way that it began. [ End of Session ]