Ashley Hypnoslave 2

60 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-07-09

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I take Ashley back in to a state of hypnosis, where she follows my commands without thought or hesitation. I lead her through her hypnoslave commands, and then I increase the effectiveness of her pleasure command.

I suggest that Ashley feels more aroused than she’s ever been in her life. I suggest that she’s a female in heat, and I’m the object of her desire. I have her stand at attention, even though every part of her body feels drawn to mine. I then reintroduce her to my rope floggers.

I bind Ashley to the cross. When I attach it to her, I suggest that there’s a vibrating dildo in her ass, and watch her squirm a bit. I then suggest it’s an electric dildo that gives her little shocks. I then use the flogger of extreme ticklishness on her while she feels all these sensations. I then use the flogger of extreme horniness on her pussy. She’s close but not quite there, so I have her rub her legs together and think really sexy thoughts to see if she can bring herself off. I then have her orgasm and then cum on command.

She feels a strong desire to move her hands, but can’t because she is bound. When I release her, she sticks them right in her pants. As she touches her pussy, I suggest that her fingers will become ice cold at the snap of my fingers. I then suggest that she feels pleasure building, but her pants are frustrating and she wants to take them off. After she takes off her pants, I suggest that she feels very wet. Drawn to my voice, because it brings her pleasure, she comes in to my arms, and I suggest that she’s having the best sex of her life.

I take her through her hypnoslave triggers, and then trigger an orgasm before collaring her. She admits her desire for me, and then increase those desires.

I suggest that she feels anticipation as I reveal her body. There’s just one word in her mind, and that word is yes. I then trigger pleasure as I peel her clothes off of her. I have her give me her thoughts. I trigger lots of endless pleasure for her.

I continue to peel off her clothing, and I give her suggested spankings. I build things up to an intensity, then drop her in to a deep state of peace and calm and relaxation as I slow things down.

After slowing things down, I make it intense again by suggesting that she’s being tickled all over. I then train her to present her pussy on command.

I have her pull off her panties and then pleasure herself. I have her think sexy thoughts and feel sexy things. I then have her tell me what she’s thinking, before surprising her by suggesting that her fingers are ice cubes again.

I give her a one minute extended orgasm.

I have her relax on the beach, and give her positive suggestions to make her feel good in the future. Then I give her pleasure.

I suggest that she just thought of something really funny. She laughs for a bit, and I have her realize that it’s the vibrator in her ass. I then trigger orgasms.

I get a good close shot of her with the camera, and have her experience a variety of sexy things. I have her pleasure herself before turning her fingers in to ice cubes. She pulls her hands away, but she has to still pleasure herself, even though she is cold-cold-cold-cold-cold. (Inside joke) I then suggest that the vibrator in her ass is cold too, right out of the freezer. As she orgasms, I suggest to her that I am warm and take away all the cold.

I trigger orgasms, and then use her hypnoslave triggers. I then have her feel something sexual, and have her describe it to me. I interrupt her with ice cubes for a moment, but then let her go back to the pleasure.

I have her use the floggers on herself. I then talk with her a bit. I give her some orgasms, and a male orgasm. Then I train her on how to use the floggers on herself.

I give her positive suggestions for her night’s sleep and waking up tomorrow. I then give her more nice sensations, that she’s back on the beach and she’s getting a massage by muscular men, as I take off her bondage gear.

I suggest that it feels kind of sexy as I dress her. I surprise her with a trigger for sudden animalistic passionate pleasure and I have her cum on command. Then I resume dressing her.

On the count of three she wakes up, and is laughing because I just told her the funniest joke. However, I just can’t resist giving her a few more orgasms. Then I drop her back in to the trance state and take her in my arms. I give her all the pleasure of the night in one climax. I then have her wake up in to pleasure. We then chat a little bit, and I talk with her about post hypnotic emotional punctuation in conversation. I then trigger a lot more pleasure, not wanting to end the session. However, we eventually reach the end. We talk about picnics because this was filmed just after the fourth of July.