Bea Hypnotized

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Bea was referred to me from a friend of a friend. She comes to the session on the strength of that connection, without a whole lot of expectations about what we will be doing today. She knows that she's going to get naked and that we're going to have sexy times, and there's been some mention of hypnosis. We have a short talk before we start the session, and I talk with her about my work and we set our expectations.

As we talk, I ask Bea if she considers herself to be sexually submissive. She quickly and decisively answers no. We talk about this for a few moments, and then move to the trance induction.

I take Bea through a progressive relaxation induction. While in that process, I begin to trigger her pleasure. She is responsive to this. I then suggest that she is being tickled. Curiously, I don't see much outward response to this.

I continue to trigger Bea's pleasure and arousal, bringing her closer to an orgasm. I give her an orgasm trigger but don't use it, instead opting to tease her. I then link the tickle commands to a feeling of sexual arousal and suggest to her that I won't trigger an orgasm until she gives in to the tickles suggestion, even though it is very unlike her. I give her a tickle butt suggestion and am satisfied with her response to it.

I give her the attention command, and then have her stand at attention before me. I have her count backwards from 20 to 1. Around ten, I unexpectedly trigger her pleasure, and then I freeze her, giving her more suggestions to respond favorably to me, and to be "free to obey."

I give her the command to embrace me, and then use it. I spend a few moments asking her how these commands effect her. She tells me that embrace feels intense, that pleasure makes her feel warm between her legs, and that tickle butt makes her giggle.

She nearly completes her task of counting. I freeze her before she can finish it, and keep her conscious mind focused on completing the task that she can't complete. I trigger her first hypnotic orgasms. I then have her place her arm around my neck so that she doesn't fall, and I place my hand on her belly. I ask her how it makes her feel and she answers that it makes her feel mischievous. I trigger more of her pleasure, and ask her what number she will be on.

I give her a suggestion to cause her to feel pleasure when I touch her breasts. I explore her response to this suggestion and obtain her consent to use this on her.. She responds to it. I ask her if she's hypnotized, and she instantly responds yes. As I trigger her pleasures and orgasms, I ask her again if she considers herself sexually submissive. Her answer this time is less absolute as she says, "sometimes." I give her suggestions to cause her to feel more sexually submissive to me, and she responds to them. I trigger more of her orgasms and am pleased with the response as they get more intense to her. She starts grabbing in to me with the hand that is around my shoulder.

I have her stand at attention and ask her what number she'll be on when she finishes counting. She answers, "one." I then have her take off her shirt and trigger an orgasm. I use her embrace command and then use her pleasure triggers.

I ask her if she enjoys skin on skin contact and she answers that she does. I suggest that wherever she feels my skin touch her skin, it will feel as sensitive as an erogenous zone, and I ask her what part of her body feels the best. She answers that it is her clit.

I play with her a little bit, and then revisit her tickle butt suggestion with a continued enhanced element of submissiveness. She's very responsive to this. I then let her finish counting and bring her out of the formal trance state.

I ask her how she feels. She answers that she feels relaxed. I use her trigger and place her in to the trance state. I give her a trigger to cum on command.

I upgrade the intensity and the effect of her orgasm trigger. I'm pleased with the results, and then I use her various triggers. I upgrade her tickle butt command similarly.

I give her the command to present her breasts. I notice that in combination with her pleasure command that this results in her playing with them.

I talk with her about why we can't normally tickle ourselves. I ask her if she's normally a ticklish person. She decisively answers that she's not. I make her ticklish on my touch and tickle her a bit. As she squirms, her hands still attached to her breasts squeeze and jiggle around. I then have her tickle herself.

We've haven't completed the progressive relaxation exercise, so I return to it with her to slow things down for a few moments.

I have her count backwards from 20 to 1, and have her tickle herself. I then have her cum on command and have her continue counting through various triggers. I freeze her on the number five and have her loop on 5.

I have her tell me how my touch on her body feels. As I touch her chest and her breasts she answers that it makes her feel mischievous. I move my hand over her belly and ask her how my touch makes her feel. She answers that it makes her feel horny. I ask her how it would make her feel if I moved my hand down over her pants. She answers that it would make her feel super wet. I ask her if I have her consent to do so, and she answers yes. I move my hand down and ask her how she feels. She answers, "super excited."

I trigger her horniness as I stroke her through her pants. As she gets more and more turned on, I suggest that she feels horny for me. I then explain to her that I'm going to manipulate her mind in much the same way a massage manipulates the body and ask her if she's okay with that. She answers yes.

I have her embrace me as she would a lover and to show me how she fucks. I then have her present her breasts. I stroke her over her pants and suggest that she feels that her pants are very inconvenient. I trigger more pleasure and then have her resume counting.

I reinforce the idea that it feels good to follow my instructions. I point out that my pleasure trigger is an instruction, and that makes it feel even better. I have her loop on the number four and then I suggest to her that there's a vibrator on her clit.

I bring her out of the trance state and have her take a seat. I have her describe her emotional state to me. She answers, a little confused that she feels blank, and asks if that's weird to say. She says that she feels blank, relaxed, sort of mellow. I remind her that there's no wrong answers. I evaluate her triggers in her more normal state. I have her remove her boots and then trigger her trance.

I ask her how it feels when I interrupt her cumming and orgasms. She answers that it's frustrating. I suggest to her that her body will attempt to feel this pleasure as quickly as possible in order to express it before I interrupt it. I cycle through her triggers a bit to see how this has affected them.

I ask her if she likes having her ear kissed. She answers no. I suggest to her that when I blow on her earlobe it will feel like I'm stimulating her clit. She responds favorably to this. I then ask her if she's curious a to weather I can cause her to enjoy having her ear kissed. She answers yes, and I get her permission to manipulate her mind to do so. I share with her a story about kissing girls ears from my past, and then suggest that she respond favorably to it by me. I kiss her ear and trigger pleasure and orgasms. I ask her how it felt and she answers that it felt nice. I ask her if this surprised her and she answers yes again.

We explore her feelings of submission and she now identifies herself as being a switch. We explore her experience of kissing her earlobe. She seems to be most responsive to this in combination with other stimulation.

I suggest to her that she's holding a big red balloon. I suggest that she's so relaxed that it will pull her hand up. Her body responds to this. I have her look at the big red balloon. Then I trigger her pleasure. I ask her what she would say if someone asked what it was like to be hypnotized. She answers that it feels dreamy. I ask her if she would recommend the experience. She answers yes.

I have her sit down, take off the rest of her clothes and then stare blankly at the wall waiting for my next instruction. She does so, and I teasingly talk with her about this for a few moments.

I have her turn towards me and spread her legs. I then ask her various questions about her sexual past.

I deny her the orgasm release, and have her show me how she pleasures herself. After while I trigger her release.

We spend some more time exploring her trance state before wrapping up the session.