Bea Hypnotized 2

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We begin the session by discussing our first session a week ago. She talks about her experience from her point of view, and how the triggers affected her. She talks about how having to tickle herself was very unusual and notable. I then talk with her about the relationship between her initial responsiveness to pleasure suggestions as opposed to ticklishness suggestions.

I then talk with her about my intentions for this session.

I continue to adjust Bea's sensitivity to my pleasure triggers. I make them more intense and more aggressive. She responds favorably to this. I use her orgasm trigger a few times and when I have her resume her count, she's unable to recall what number she's on, she only says that her mind is blank.

I take her deeper, and start to pull her dress up. I have her lay back and I rub her pussy through her pants while she continues to count back. I give her the stroke command and enjoy her touch as I continue to rub her and use her various triggers to overwhelm her as she continues counting back.

I expose her breasts and as she gets closer to the end of her count, I use her pleasure triggers so much that she helplessly moans and squirms and is unable to finish counting until she settles down a bit.

At the conclusion of her counting, I ask her to tell me her emotional state. Then I have her tell me how her body feels. I'm pleased with the answers and feel that we now have her in to the process for today. At the snap of my fingers, I have her strip from the waist down. I use a few triggers to make this challenging for her. This concludes is her laying back, nude from the belly button down, sleepy and relaxed, with her pussy exposed.

I do a progressive relaxation exercise with Bea, occasionally triggering her pleasure. After the muscles of her face, I decide to flip the script, and I have her distance her mind from her body as I take a water based lubricant and stroke her pussy. As I physically stimulate her body in the most intimate and stimulating way, her mind doesn't pay attention to it. I continue the progressive relaxation exercise, noticing the profound impact it has on her.

I periodically give her suggestions to reinforce my connection with her pussy, which she accepts. At the end of the exercise I have her pay attention to her pussy. This has a strong effect. I then use suggestion to adjust the sensitivity of her pussy, and I turn her pussy on and off.

We continue to understand her relationship with her clit, and she shares a certain difficulty with sensitivity in her normal sexual life. Using hypnosis, we affect this.

I use her stroke command, and we re-visit how she likes to touch me when she's turned on . I give her suggestions to reinforce this.

We then revisit her usual sexual preferences, and we talk about her pre-existing preference for battery operated toys. Using suggestion, I create the equivalent.

I take a moment to make sure that she's in a comfortable position. Then I have her remove the remainder of her clothes. She lays back, completely nude, and completely focused on my voice.

I have her think about stepping out of the shower naked. I ask her what part of her body her eyes go to when she sees herself naked in the mirror. I then have her tell me what she thinks about them. I then ask her if she looks at this part of other women when she's out and about. I double check with her that she is bisexual.

I have her present her breasts, then I give her a mantra, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master." I stroke her pussy while she repeats her mantra. She leaves off the Master part, and I reinforce that in her. I have her resume and she complies, her voice just a little more subservient.

I then ask her about what that was like for her with a few questions. I reward her with an orgasm, and then continue to check how well the mantra stuck in her mind. Thinking back to our talk at the beginning of the session, where she thought a little about the words that I used between sessions, I suggest that occasionally this mantra will pop in her mind and she'll think of me in the same way.

I mention to her that for most people sex is a subconscious process. I have her show me how she fucks, in light of that. I then ask her how she would feel about having sex with me in the future. We revisit her original answer and spice it up a little. I reinforce this idea in her mind and with pleasure in her body. We revisit it a few times.

I give Bea a silly suggestion that causes her to make the sound of whatever I say when I squeeze her shoulder. I have her do this with complete seriousness.

I can see that this is engaging her more consciously, and that this is affecting the trance depth. I spend a few moments distracting her with pleasure and deepening her trance before resuming the silliness. I'm satisfied with the effect.

I revisit her mantra, and it comes out instantly. I tell her that there is a word for me in her mind, and ask her what it is. She answers correctly.

I take a break from those things and ask her about her feelings regarding oral sex with both genders. I'm pleased with her response and and I ask her if she would be accepting of such a suggestion relating to me. Without any hesitation, she answers yes.

I reward her for this with a hypnotic expansion of the pleasure that she's feeling as I stroke her pussy and kneed her breast.

I continue to increase the sensitivity of her pussy to my touch, and then we return to her mantra. I give her the butterscotch command relating to her giving me blowjobs on command.

In the midst of this, I give her the silly suggestion, and she's instantly responsive to it. I continue to increase her sensitivity to my touch, and tie it back in to her pleasure trigger. I then use her tickle butt command, before bringing her out of the formal trance state.

I ask her how she's feeling while she's in a more normal state of mind. I ask her to compare this to how she feels when she's tranced out, and while she searches her memory I use her pleasure triggers, and she just sort of stares at me all blissed out. I use her silly trigger and get the desired response. I then place her back in to the formal trance state, and have her do a deepening count down from 20 to 1, uninterrupted.

I suggest that until I say the word socks that she will have a foot fetish. I then touch her feet and talk with her about it. She mentions that normally her feet would be ticklish. This is an interesting revelation.

I tease her sensitivity of her feet, and then make her teeth super ticklish. I then link this to her ticklebutt command.

I check back on to her conditioning as my submissive, and the whole range of sensation has her so out of it that she doesn't even hear my question. I have to regain her focus.

I then reinforce her submission using manual stimulation of her pussy, along with her enhanced ticklebutt command.