Bea Hypnotized 3

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Chapter One

We continue our erotic hypnosis exploration of Bea in her third solo session, which takes place about a month and a half after the session I did with her and Rosalee together.

I begin the session with a light induction. I see that she is still responsive to existing suggestions, so I trigger her trance. I enjoy the feel of her breast, and I begin to ask her various questions relating to her experience of the trance.

I touch her between her legs and see if her mantra comes to mind. It doesn't. I ask her a few questions as they relate to her question to me. I'm pleased with her answers, so i reward her with her orgasm triggers.

Chapter Two

We revisit her initial limits that she stated the first time we spoke. I revisit each of the three in greater detail, as I stroke her neck and trigger her orgasms. Specifically I lock on to her limitation on being kissed. I test her to see if we've created any flexibility there, however, i encounter heavy resistance. I back off from that and relax her some more.

Chapter Three

I have Bea think back to getting dressed for the night, exploring the choices she made and her reasons why. I relax her and slowly build her arousal as I slip her sweater down off her shoulders. Her hands end up restrained by her sweater. When I free them, I give he the stroke command, which she carries out. I then place my hand on her shoulder and say, "a cow says," to which she gives the correct response.

Chapter Four

I suggest that she will open her eyes, still deeply entranced, and fall deeply in love with the next man she sees. She immediately looks in to my eyes and smiles, and I trigger her trance state. I use her embrace command and sense an additional enthusiasm. I give her the stroke command, and then I repeat the process. I then ask her if she enjoys pleasuring a man with her mouth, and she answers yes. I ask her if she enjoys pleasuring this man with her mouth and she again answers yes.

I ask her if I've asked her to pleasure men and women on command. She answers yes. I ask her what it's like, and she answers that she likes it. I have her kneel and count backwards, deepening her trance, while I adjust the camera looking down at her.

I return and give her the butterscotch command, which she carries out. I bring her out of the trance state and observe her reaction. I then trigger her butterscotch command in her more normal state of mind. I continue this for a bit, and then place her back in to the trance, adding to the butterscotch command while she pleasures me with her mouth.

Chapter Five

Bea kneels on the ground, I come up behind her and begin to pull her breasts out of her top while stimulating her arousal hypnotically. I ask her how it makes her feel when I touch her breasts. I then distract her with her tickle butt command and then squeeze her breasts while triggering an orgasm.

I have her stand at attention before me. I have her take off her top and drop it to the ground. I bring her back to attention. Standing before me, entranced and in her bra, I ask her a few question relating to her previous session with Rosalee and her experience of being trained to pleasure on command. I then have her remove her bra.

Standing topless before me, I have her tell me about what it felt like to receive pleasure while hypnotized in that previous session. I use her description to add to her pleasure trigger.

I then go through the idea of her bringing a girl to our session to have her pussy get licked by her for the first time. She enthusiastically accepts this.

I continue to explore her feelings about being hypnotized this way, and then I have her drop her skirt to the ground.

Chapter Six

I have Bea kneel, then I have her take off her boots. I then have her take off her leggings. Kneeling before me in just her panties, I let my hands roam over her body. I explore the idea of having sex with her. Initially it looks good, and is consistent with past answers. However, we start to get some "maybe" answers, and that's not enough for clear affirmative consent. I back off the idea of sex, which is okay because she gives really good head. I suggest that she's really ticklish, and then spend some time tickling her to transition out of that conversation.

I have her return to her feet and give her a 20 count to clear her mind. I freeze her mid count with a blank mind. I help myself to her body with my hands. I tease her with various suggestions relating to her responding favorably to me.

I check to see if there is a word for me in her mind. This time she answers correctly. I am pleased and reward her with pleasure. We check for her mantra again, but it's not quite there. I spend some time linking her orgasm triggers to being horny to me immediately after feeling it. We then explore some of her early memories of being horny before she knows what to do about it. This is a little frustrating to her, and I incorporate this feeling in to her pleasure trigger. I then reinforce the idea that I am the key to figuring out how she gets release from that sexual need. I spend some time teasing her this way.

Chapter Seven

Bea removes her panties at the snap of my fingers. I ask her how she feels and she answers that she feels bare. I have her kneel on the floor. I give4 her the butterscotch command. As she carries it out, I give her suggestions to enhance her performance, liking it back to that earlier confused horniness. I then trigger her orgasm.

Chapter Eight

I bring Bea in to a more normal state of mind. I talk with her a bit about our upcoming next session with Rosalee. I then place her back in to the formal trance sate. I touch her a bit and suggest to her that she wants me to touch her pussy. I ask her what it's like when I place a desire in to her mind, and she answers that it's frustrating. I tease her with that frustration and have her focus on that desire while she touches her pussy. I then ask her how it feels when I control her mind. We revisit her ideas on being told what to do and being in control.

I get her in to a state of being controlled, and I prevent her from cumming. We revisit the kissing, but she is still resistant. I bring her to a more normal state of mind, and she tells me that she is frustrated because she can't cum. I tell her that I'm frustrated because I can't get her to a place where she consents to being made to kiss. I determine that we are simply at an impasse, and trigger her orgasms, and then have her stand before me at attention.

Chapter Nine

I trigger her pleasure and give her a stroke command. I move my hand, brushing my fingers over her lips, and she responds to it favorably. It turns out that we've found a loophole for the kissing. I suggest to her that she wants to kiss my hand, but she can't she's denied.

I break the tension with her tickle butt command, and then go back to touching her lips. I have her kiss my hand on command. I have her consent to kiss her cheek, and I suggest that when I kiss her cheek, she will feel it through my fingers. I explore this loophole, and then I relax her.

Chapter Ten

I add a sexy frustration and conquest element to her pleasure command. This establishes a particular flavor of dominance over her that I enjoy. I finger her pussy and trigger her frustrated pleasure. I get her to a very distracted place and then trigger her orgasms.

Chapter Eleven

I have Bea stand at attention. I trigger her arousal, then I stretch out her sense of time. I have her count backwards from 50, getting more turned on by the second and missing my presence, as I go change in to a robe and grab some lotion. I continue to use triggers and suggestion to increase what she's feeling in my absence. I return and use her butterscotch trigger once more before her stroke command.

Chapter Twelve

I place some lotion in Bea's hand and have her warm it. I then give her the stroke command, suggesting that this is her chance to express what I make her feel. I suggest that she feels a little competitive, and that she wants to try to make me cum before I trigger her next orgasm, which will completely distract her from what she's trying to do.

Chapter Thirteen

I trigger her stoke command again, and then trigger more orgasms.

Chapter Fourteen

I touch Bea's body, trigger her pleasure, and stroke her pussy.

Chapter Fifteen

We begin to wrap up the session, and I engage with her more consciously about how she feels about her upcoming second session with Rosalee, and what it's like experiencing erotic hypnosis. I have her jump in to my arms and I trigger orgasms while she's up in the air. I then have her jump in to my arms and wrap her legs around me and have her show me how she fucks.

Chapter Sixteen

I freeze her and pose her like a mannequin, touching her breasts and pussy from time to time.

Chapter Seventeen

I'm feeling silly, so I attempt to place a trigger in her mind that causes her to make monkey noises before cumming. She struggles with the monkey part. So instead I give her the trigger that causes her to cum really hard after mooing, when I say "moo cum." I play with this trigger a bit, and then ask her what it's like to experience.

Chapter Eighteen

We wrap up Bea's third session.