Bea and Rosalee Hypnotized

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I begin the hypnotic induction of Bea and Rosalee. We get in to the flow of the session. As I continue to enjoy having two hypnotized and submissive women in my arms, I begin to explore their individual response to seeing the other affected by hypnotic phenomena. I tease Bea's hard limit on kissing, while hypnotically suggesting a positive association with the idea. I then have the girls individually remove their clothing.

I have Bea take her hand and grab Rosalee's breast. I suggest to Rosalee that she feels horny, and she appears visibly aroused. I suggest that as she touches Rosalee, she's going to become more horny. I then Have Rosalee take Beas breasts and place her in the same predicament. I leave them like this for a bit, suggesting to them that they really want to orgasm.

I then give one of them the chance to have an orgasm by answering a question. I've given Bea an unfair advantage as it's the same question as I asked her in Bea's second erotic hypnosis session. Bea answers it correctly and is rewarded with and orgasm. Rosalee complains that it's not fair.

I give them a second chance to answer a similar question. Rosalee gets it wrong, but I reward her with an orgasm anyway. Bea gets it right and I trigger her pleasure. I then have the girls stand at attention, waiting for my next suggestions.

As Bea and Rosalee stand at attention, passive and facing each other, I reinforce the idea that they will respond favorably to me. I trigger their arousal and take a moment to enjoy the two in my arms.

I continue the progressive relaxation exercise, tensing and relaxing the shoulders. Then triggering their pleasure.

Individually, I ask them how it feels when I trigger their pleasure, and then I ask how it feels when I trigger pleasure in the other.

I touch their back, suggesting that my touch feels like I'm stroking their clit. I reinforce the idea that anywhere that my skin touches their skin it feels good.

I ask them a few more questions about bringing and being brought to be hypnotized by me. I reward the answer with pleasure triggers.

I continue the progressive relaxation exercise with their arms down to their hands, triggering an orgasm.

I guide Rosalee to the bed and have her sit down with her legs spread. I lead Bea over to stand before Rosalee. Then I stick their hands tightly to each other's body.

I bring them to a more normal state of consciousness, and trigger their tickle butt suggestion while they contend with being stuck. Then I trigger a an orgasm while they are stuck together, and then trigger their trance.

I then suggest that everywhere they are touching feels ticklish. I observe them giggling helplessly for a few moments, and then at the snap of my fingers, their stuck hands turn in to erogenous zones. Then at the snap of my fingers, Bea climbs on to Rosalee and they make out.

She does so, but it's not going to be so easy, as I trigger their tickle butt again. I find this amusing and leave them this way for a few moments before triggering their pleasure.

I suggest that they are having sex. I then suggest that they have both a penis and a vagina and that they are fucking each other both ways. I bring them out of the trance state in the middle of this. I ask them how they feel, and they answer.

I place them in to the trance state while they are in this position and touch them while I ask them questions about their obedience. As I feel their breasts, it occurs to me that I would enjoy having them both rub their breasts against my hand, and have them do so. I trigger an orgasm, and then have them rub their breasts together some more, returning them to just having the sensation of having vaginas.

With Bea on top of Rosalee, the girls rub their bodies, especially their breasts together. From the position of her ass, I decide to find out if Bea enjoys being spanked for pleasure. She says that she does, and we explor this a little.

I have the girls stand at the front of the bed at attention. I then place them in to a proper position together. I then take Bea to the bed and have her lay on her back.

I have Bea count backwards from 50. I have her feel very far from her body, not paying attention to it. I then position Rosalee over her and place some lubricant in her hand.

As Bea continues to peacefully count down, I have have Rosalee warm the lubricant with her hand. I then have Rosalee stroke her pussy.

I position Rosalee sitting on the bed and have her continue stroking Bea's pussy. I trigger some of Rosalee's pleasure then I have Bea pay attention to her pussy. I let this continue for a time and then trigger their deeper trance state.

I have they girls lay beside each other on the bed. I ask each of them how they feel, and they answer.

I have Rosalee place her hand on Bea's vagina, and instruct Rosalee to stroke her. I then have Rosalee spread her legs, wrapping one around Bea's, and I start to stroke Rosalee's vagina.

In this condition, I give the girls a new mantra of obedience.

I ask the girls a few questions relating to their submission to me, and I am pleased with their response. I then ask Rosalee what she would be doing differently with Bea if she was able to act of her own volition.

With the girls laying side by side, I have the girls count backwards together to take a momentary break and to deepen their trance state. I do the balloon test with them. They are both responsive. I then suggest a feeling of pleasure and arousal. I describe a happy, tingling, energetic pleasure that puts a goofy smile on their faces. I then have them pull the energy down, to their breasts. I let them enjoy this for a short time.

At the snap of my fingers, I have Bea drop her hands to her sides, continuing to enjoy the pleasure. I have Rosalee feel the tingling energy in her hands and at the snap of my fingers, I have her move her hands to Bea's breasts to enjoy the pleasure.

I then Have them kiss each other's breasts, feeling the tingling energy in their breasts and lips. I then trigger their orgasms and have them cum on command. I trigger their tickle butt and then have them relax deeper in to the trance.

I have Bea and Rosalee sit on the edge of the bed. Feeling the same pleasure as the tingling energy in the breasts as I give each of them a squeeze. I then have them lay back, with their legs over the side and spread. As I stroke their pussies, I have them chant their mantra, synchronized, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master."

This goes on a bit as they get more physically aroused from the stimulation. I trigger their orgasms, and then I make the have both orgasms and the tickle butt at the same time.

I then touch Bea's shoulder and say, "a frog says..." She instantly and dreamily responds, "ribbit." I then have her cum on command.

I've just finished playing with my subject's pussies, and my fingers are so slick that I can no longer snap them. After asking the girls how they feel, I have them count backwards from 50, becoming more aroused for the lady next to them by the number. When they reach 20, they will move to each other and express this desire. I then go to wash my hands while they count down, and return to them making out on the bed.

Rosalee is kissing Bea's breasts, and Bea is tracing her fingernails over Rosalee's back. I suggest to Bea that her moans make her cluck like a chicken, then I suggest to Rosalee that Bea's clucking is making her horny.

Rosalee has both hands on each of Bea's tits, and I suggest to her that her breasts feel more sensitive. I then suggest to Rosalee that her moaning makes her cluck like a chicken also, and that her breasts are more sensitive. I give them a squeeze and then leave the girls to cluck around a little bit before abruptly bringing them out of the trance state.

I have the girls stand up and position them. Then I have them stand at attention before me. I have them present their breasts. Then I have them pose. Then I have them cum. Then I have them stand at attention again.

I prepare to send one of them off to the shower to clean up her pussy in preparation of having it licked. I then ask them to hold up a hand if they want their pussy licked. They both raise their hand.

Since they both want their pussy licked, we settle the question of who gets to go first with a question. Bea wins the question and I send her off to the bathroom. I then spend a little time with Rosalee preparing her to lick pussy on command with a trigger.

Any time I say the word peppermint to her, she will lick the pussy of the girl closest to her. She will do so to the best of her ability, with complete focus.

Bea Returns, and I use Rosalee's peppermint trigger.

Now it's Rosalee's turn to lay on the bed when I use Bea's peppermint trigger.

While Rosalee prepares herself to have her pussy licked, I spend some time with Bea. I use her embrace trigger and have her show me with her body how much fun she is having.

We wrap up the session, and I talk with the girls about what it was like.