Bea and Rosalee Hypnotized 2

60 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2020-01-23

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Chapter One

I have a short pre-induction talk with Bea and Rosalee about their most recent sessions before we begin our session today.

Chapter Two

I begin the trance process with Bea and Rosalee. Rosalee is throughly conditioned, so I trigger her trance and she slumps in my arms. I feel up her breasts and suggest pleasure and arousal, knowing that it takes some time to heat her up. I have Bea kneel before me, on hand on Rosalee's breast and the other hand on me with the stroke command. I have Bea stare in to my eyes, and she is on her knees before me with an expectant look on her face. I suggest to Rosalee that she's as horny as she was before I let her orgasm during her last edging session. I then turn my attention to Bea's induction.

As Rosalee moans in pleasure and arousal in the background, I get Bea in to state ready to drop in to the trace, staring in to my eyes, with her eye lids flittering. I use her trance trigger, and then give Bea the butterscotch command.

As Bea goes to work pleasuring me with her mouth, I turn my attention to Rosalee and ask her questions about her current state of arousal. I continue to trigger the girls horniness and arousal, however I do notice that the camera angle could be better., and I work out a plan to disentangle myself and make the correction.

Chapter Three

Rosalee is pawing me and Bea is pleasuring me with her mouth. However, I need to disentangle myself to change the camera angle. I don't want to interrupt what is going on, so I freeze the girls in to position. Make the change, and then unfreeze them back in to the moment.

Satisfied with the results of this adjustment, I have Rosalee kiss me on command while Bea continues to please me with her mouth. I trigger their pleasure. Then I pull up Rosalee's shirt and enjoy the look of her big tits in her white bra. I feel her up and ask her about the last time she masturbated about me. I then ask her about her mantra, which she correctly recalls without delay. I am pleased with this.

I have Rosalee take off her top and then kiss me on command. All the while, Bea is pleasuring me with her mouth. I have the girls stand at attention and trigger an even deeper trance.

Chapter Four

I have Bea tell me how she feels. I feel her up as she answers, and then I give her the stroke command. I then have her take off her shirt. I ask Rosalee how she feels, as I feel her up. I give be suggestions reinforcing her enjoyment of my hands anywhere on her body. I pull both the girls breasts out of their bras. I then rub Bea's pussy through her pants and ask her if she's had an orgasm since our last session.

I have the girls count down backwards from 20, deepening their trances.

Chapter Five

I position the girls for the next thing I'm going to do with them. Then I have Bea strip from the waist down. I trigger Rosalee's pleasure, and then I move Bea over to a bench that I moved for that purpose while she was taking off her clothes. I have Rosalee open her eyes, deeply entranced. I have her look at Bea and kneel before her. I feel up Bea from behind, triggering her arousal and horniness. I do the same with Rosalee, then I give her the peppermint command. I deepen Bea's trance as Rosalee licks her pussy.

I give Bea some suggestions to relax her body and blank her mind, while the pleasure she feels from Rosalee's tongue continues to feel good. I create an association between that pleasure and a favorable response to being hypnotized by me. I then suggest an increase to the sensitivity of her pussy.

Chapter Six

I have Bea play with Rosalee's breasts in front of her. At the snap of my fingers, they open their eyes but stay blank. Then the switch positions. Rosalee now sits on the bench with Bea kneeling before her. I use their trance triggers and then have Rosalee remove her panties, lift her skirt, and spread her legs. I give Bea the peppermint command.

I trigger Rosalee's pleasure, use her kiss command and then stroke her neck and breast, while teasing the closeness of her next orgasm.

Chapter Seven

I bring the girls to attention before me. I have the girls repeat out loud and believe that they serve and obey. I trigger their arousal and give their breasts a little squeeze. I have Rosalee take off her skirt while reinforcing, "I serve and obey," with Bea. I then ask Rosalee how horny she feels, before increasing it via trigger.

Chapter Eight

I feel the girls are sufficiently warmed up to introduce my surprise for today. The monkey wrench that I'm throwing in to today's session takes the form of a bright pink double ended dildo made out of medical grade silicon. It's got a surprising amount of weight to it. I retrieve this item and bring the girls out of the trance state to discuss it with them and get their responses.

I give the girls the option to choose whether they want to be in a normal waking state or a trance state for their first exposure to the double ended dildo. They choose waking state. Since it is a silicon toy, we will be using a water based lubricant. I place some of the lubricant in each of their hands. I then turn them loose with it, sort of.

The girls look a little awkward and a bit ridiculous, so I decide to charge in to it and trigger their tickle butts and Bea's cow cum. I then trigger their trance states and suggest their horniness. Now we have a more appropriate response to the double ended dildo. I give Rosalee a stroke command, and then I suggest that the girls feel totally slutty and just want to get off on that toy.

At the snap of my fingers, I bring them to a more waking state. I suggest that they can't stop and that they are going to feel ridiculous. I let them be awkward for a short amount of time, then trigger their trance states, and have them show me how they fuck. I leave them to it a bit, and then trigger orgasms. I then repeat that process, this time throwing in some tickle butt commands.

I place them back in to the trance and suggest that they very serious about this. I have them repeat that they want to cum. I bring them out of the trance in to ridiculousness, but only keep them that way for the briefest of instants.

Chapter Nine

I have Bea and Rosalee relax in to a deep trance state, but they must keep the pink double ended dildo between their legs. I guide them trough a relaxing progressive relaxation exercise, and at the end I trigger an orgasm. I have them embrace and trigger more orgasms. Then I wake them up in to that weird awkwardness. Now I decide to amuse myself, I trigger their tickle butt command, then I suggest the dildo is cold as ice. Then I use Bea's cow cum command.

Chapter Ten

I have the girls embrace, and then suggest that they make out. Bea immediately starts kissing Rosalee. Go figure. I bring the girls in to a more normal waking state and talk with them about their experience with the hot pink double ended dildo. I play with them with some hypno tickling suggestions, and then I send them off to take a break, wash their hands, and relocate to the bed.

Chapter Eleven

We've relocated to the bed, and I have the girls lay back and get comfortable. I see their positions, and I have them change to make sure that if their heads fall backwards rapidly, they won't hit wood. As a hypnotist, you've always got to be thinking about what happens if they go floppy or rapidly change position.

I trigger their trance state, and spend some time relaxing them and letting them sink in to the bed. I then trigger their pleasure, and suggest a tingling sensation of pleasure in their toes, which I turn in to a foot fetish experience.

Chapter Twelve

I give Bea her peppermint trigger and we get a good look at her from the rear as she carries out her triggered behavior. Rosalee is feeling pleasure and then at the snap of my fingers, Bea becomes more enthusiastic with her oral pleasure and Rosalee's pussy becomes ticklish. I let Rosalee be horny, and then I touch Bea's pussy from behind and trigger some incredible orgasms from her. I then reverse their positions.

Chapter Thirteen

I arrange Bea and Rosalee so that they are head to foot, and then I give them both the peppermint command. I increase their arousal and use their pleasure triggers. Then I move in close and get a good look at what they are doing. I suggest an increase to their enthusiasm. Then at the snap of my fingers they both simultaneously increase their enthusiasm and have ticklish vaginas. I leave them this way for a few moments, then increase their horniness and trigger individual orgasms.

Chapter Fourteen

I bring them out of the trance to let them catch their breath. I trigger an orgasm. I ask them what the word for me in their mind is, they answer correctly. I reward them with an orgasm. I then trigger their trance and have them masturbate. While they finger their clits, I give them a new mantra, "I'm horny for my Master."

Chapter Fifteen

Bea and Rosalee are still laying on the bed playing with their clits. I give Bea the butterscotch command and Rosalee the peppermint command. I then trigger an orgasm, and then another. I trigger more pleasure.

Chapter Sixteen

I have the girls roam their bodies with their hands. I then ask Bea about what the previous commands were like for her. I then give Bea the peppermint command and Rosalee the butterscotch command. Then I stimulate bea's pussy from the rear. I use the girls pleasure commands and then have them cum on command.

Chapter Seventeen

I give Bea the butterscotch command and then I give Rosalee the peppermint command. In the midst of this, I suggest that Bea's pussy feels ticklish, and observe the effect this has on her ability to give oral pleasure. I then leave Rosalee licking Bea's pussy while I use their orgasm and climax triggers.