Belle With A Magic Wand

50 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2018-06-24

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In the second "with a vibrator" session, we are taking things from a different approach.v

Belle has been recruited to my studio to film a session involving the Magic Wand Vibrator (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand). While I have been vague on the specifics, I have introduced the ideas that there will be a little bit of a "vibrator obstacle course," that we'll be going through to shake things up a bit and to see how her response is.

Belle is a very enthusiastic BBW, and in our preliminary discussions she mentioned that she is very sensitive and gets loud. She also requested that there be restraints at the session. This gave me some ideas and I came prepared with several items to augment the session.

It's been made clear through the recruitment process as well as on camera that this is strictly a consensual situation. The agreed upon ground rules are that there's nudity and a Magic Wand involved and that this will be for an adult website. Aside from that there's no expectations, it's okay to say no, and if anything doesn't feel good don't do it. Just be yourself and communicate honestly, it won't hurt the video.

However, I do have an agenda. In the process of the experience, I'm going to "deconstruct hypnosis." In other words, without bringing up the topic at all, I'm gong to see the effect of isolated hypnotic techniques and patterns outside of a formal trance framework.

What will the outcome be? Will I get the same results? If you look at the preview video, you'll get some idea how the session went!

In this preview video we do see a little bit more of my arm than I intended. During the session, at the participant's request, we moved from the chair to the bed. She also requested having the Magic Wand applied to her, as opposed to using it herself. Finally, we also brought out some silicone wrist restraints to keep her in position. As such, I found both my hands doing something to her, and from time to time we took a little hit in the camera angle. Having said that, it's not for the entire session, and it's not during all the good parts. However, that does constitute a minor technical flaw, so in the interest of full disclosure I'm putting it out there, up front.