Beth Hypnotized

122 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2003-04-06

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Clip One – Beth ( 2:32 ) 4/6/2003
In this clip, we meet Beth, an energetic young woman in a shiny outfit. While discussing her beliefs and attitudes towards hypnosis, it becomes revealed that her mother always told her hypnosis was evil and the tool of the devil. The conversation becomes real interesting at this point.

Clip Two – Beth ( 4:02 ) 4/7/2003
I begin the induction, by telling Beth about the different forms of hypnotic induction that there are. As I describe these forms, I do a free flow into the induction it’s self. We move into the altered state of mind by using breathing exercising and relaxation techniques. Finally as we complete the first part of the induction, there’s a little bit of laughter as she gives in to the trance state completely.

Clip Three – Beth ( 4:59 ) 4/8/2003
I complete the hypnotic induction with Beth, and find her hanging loose and obedient in my arms, focused on my every word, deeply hypnotized. To seal the induction, I count backwards from 20 to 1, making my words her thoughts, taking her completely under my spell.

Clip Four – Beth ( 2:17 ) 4/9/2003
Everything else disappears as Beth listens to my words. Feeling sleepy and drowsy, she is under my hypnotic power. As she goes deeper into the trance, she finds her body becoming heavier and heavier.

Clip Five – Beth ( 1:41 ) 4/10/2003
As we continue to explore Beth’s hypnotic state, we make her body stiff and rigid. We play around with her in this state briefly, and then relax her deeply, and continue with some creative visualization.

Clip Six – Beth ( 4:46 ) 4/11/2003
Deepening Beth all the way into a powerful trance state, we go through a progressive relaxation. This irresistible deepening makes her putty in my hands.

Clip Seven – Beth ( 4:00 ) 4/12/2003
Now the time is right to give her a post hypnotic suggestion to place her back into a trance with a simple command or gesture. With this suggestion in place, I use it on her repeatedly to train her mind to respond to the suggestion.

Clip Eight – Beth ( 3:26 ) 4/13/2003
I give Beth some words to speak out loud and believe, to strengthen the trance, and then I give her the suggestion that she will find everything I say to be incredibly funny, before waking her up.

Clip Nine – Beth ( 3:36 ) 4/14/2003
I begin by suggesting that when I snap my fingers, Beth will find herself in the arms of the most charming, sexiest and attractive man alive. She’ll find herself instantly attractive and in love.

Clip Ten – Beth ( 4:37 ) 4/15/2003
I decide to play around with Beth’s memory a little, and give her the impression that we haven’t started yet.

Clip Eleven – Beth ( 4:08 ) 4/16/2003
Now that we have Beth completely hypnotized, it’s time to get her naked! When I snap my fingers, she feels an uncontrollable urge to take off an article of clothing. There’s a little hesitation at first, but she quickly finds herself stripping on my command.

Clip Twelve – Beth ( 4:55 ) 4/17/2003
Hypnotized, topless, relaxed in my arms, I suggest that Beth starts to feel more and more aroused. I reinforce this idea with the suggestion that she feels tingly in all the places that women feel tingly when they are turned on. She starts to feel week in the knees, butterflies in her stomach and flush in her face. She feels a warmth in her thighs moving up, and a tightening and clenching between her legs. I reinforce the suggestion that she is turned on as she squirms with desire and arousal. I then give her a post hypnotic suggestion that causes her to feel aroused when I say a special phrase.

Clip Thirteen – Beth ( 5:10 ) 4/18/2003
I talk with Beth about post hypnotic suggestions, and then give her one. I then proceed to toy with her using the post hypnotic suggestion. All the while, she is becoming more and more turned on.

Clip Fourteen – Beth ( 4:22 ) 4/19/2003
Deeply entranced, and nearly naked in my arms, I have her repeat and believe some phrases that makes her more obedient and more turned on. Then, without knowing why and without understanding why, she feels the suggestion of kisses on the insides of her thighs. She feels the perfect guilt free pleasure. The kisses move higher and higher, arousing her more and more. Then I abruptly break into a session of hypno-tickling, until I return to the pleasure in her thighs. And then the kisses turn into the best oral sex of her life.

Clip Fifteen – Beth ( 3:29 ) 4/20/2003
Now Beth is feeling the best pleasure that she’s ever felt in her life, as she builds up to an orgasm on command. Then I count down from ten and she orgasms. Using the power of suggestion, I make her multiply orgasmic, and give her repeated pleasure, just by using my voice. I then leave her standing at attention for more hypnotic instruction after giving her a series of positive suggestions about the trance.

Clip Sixteen – Beth ( 4:08 ) 4/21/2003
We begin this clip in the middle of the session with Beth, our sexy subject. She’s focused on my words and already topless and aroused, as a result of a series of erotic suggestions and post-hypnotic suggestion. I count to three and she wakes up with no memory of the trance. However, she will know without a doubt that I’ve hypnotized her.As we talk a little, I snap my fingers. As a result of an earlier post hypnotic suggestion, she takes off an article of clothing every time I snap my fingers. At this point she peels off her panties, and stands before me completely naked.

While she still struggles to find a way to explain the effects of the posthypnotic suggestion to take off an article of clothing, I use another one of her triggers. This one causes her to raise her hand in the air which is the conscious focus of her attention, while sub-consciously she becomes even more horny and aroused.

To drive the point home, we go on to our most powerful suggestion, the orgasm on command.

Clip Seventeen – Beth ( 4:34 ) 4/22/2003
We continue the orgasms on command as we talk with Beth. I continue to give her this trigger in rapid fire multiple orgasm mode, and then I trigger her trance, and she falls into my arms. I then give her a powerful suggestion that makes her want to make out with me when I wake her up. I then tell her that I’ve hypnotized her to make her want to make out with me, and this knowledge has no effect on her behavior.

Clip Eighteen – Beth ( 3:07 ) 4/23/2003
I’ve increased her attraction for me even more, but this time I gave her a post hypnotic command that she would click like a chicken every time I snapped my fingers.

Clip Nineteen – Beth ( 2:58 ) 4/24/2003
Will you give me a good cluck? The chicken jokes continue.

Clip Twenty – Beth ( 2:45 ) 4/25/2003
When I snap my fingers, you will no longer cluck like a chicken… instead you’ll dance like a ballerina.

Clip Twenty-One – Beth ( 2:14 ) 4/26/2003
Setup for our famous glass of water suggestion.

Clip Twenty-Two – Beth ( 4:31 ) 4/27/2003
Our glass of water suggestion.

Clip Twenty-Three – Beth ( 4:39 ) 4/28/2003
Now we use hypnosis to make a simple touch feel incredibly arousing and wonderful. This leads into one of my greatest inventions, the relaxed orgasm.

Clip Twenty-Four – Beth ( 3:15 ) 4/29/2003
Personality play… Now I turn Beth into a valley girl cheerleader. Then I turn her into a sexually repressed librarian.

Clip Twenty-Five – Beth ( 4:28 ) 4/30/2003
We continue with the personality play. Slowly we lead the sexually repressed librarian into a psychological trap that maker her ours.

Clip Twenty-Six – Beth ( 3:04 ) 5/1/2003
We begin with waking her up with full memory of being the librarian and the cheerleader. We then ask the cheerleader some questions.

Clip Twenty-Seven – Beth ( 2:12 ) 5/2/2003
We finish the personality play with orgasms for each!

Clip Twenty-Eight – Beth ( 3:15 ) 5/3/2003
When I snap my fingers, Beth will be the parrot.

Clip Twenty-Nine – Beth ( 1:01 ) 5/4/2003
Now I turn Beth into a cute little puppy dog.

Clip Thirty – Beth ( 0:53 ) 5/5/2003
Now I turn Beth into a kitten.

Clip Thirty-One – Beth ( 2:02 ) 5/6/2003
Now I turn Beth into a sexy erotic dancer. I then make her think I’m the pole.

Clip Thirty-Two – Beth ( 3:00 ) 5/7/2003
I give Beth the impression that everything I say is funny, and then I have a talk with her about being hypnotized tonight.

Clip Thirty-Three – Beth ( 2:57 ) 5/8/2003
At the snap of my fingers, I turn Beth drunk and horny. I keep her this way for a while until I snap my fingers again and make her sober and horny.

Clip Thirty-Four – Beth ( 4:02 ) 5/9/2003
I’ve now turned Beth into the first naked evangelical christian here to save our souls. But instead I end up telling her of my demonic desires.

Clip Thirty-Five – Beth ( 2:39 ) 5/10/2003
The side of evil has won, as Beth submits to my control and her own carnal desires.

Clip Thirty-Six – Beth ( 2:22 ) 5/11/2003
The wrap up. Now it’s time for me to clear out the post hypnotic suggestions from Beth’s mind, and end the trance.