Beth Hypnotized 2

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Chapter 1

I begin my second session with Beth using the temple rub technique, and put her in to a trance state with a heavy emphasis on having a blank mind and being obedient to my voice.

Chapter 2

I bring Beth out of the trance state with no memory of the trance, but with a suggestion that places her back in to the trance state when I say sleep, or touch her temples or forehead. I then have her focus on my finger and clear her mind of all her thoughts. I then sweep her hair out of her face and touch her forehead and she closes her eyes and returns to the trance state. I reinforce the idea that it feels good to be hypnotized and in my arms, and I give her these thoughts to repeat out loud and believe. I suggest to Beth that she’s in the arm of the special person that she’s been looking for her entire life, and build that emotional connection.

Chapter 3

I have Beth forget what happened while she was hypnotized, and I suggest that the number between 4 and 6 is gone from her memory. I bring her out of the trance state, and notice some background noise, so I try to subtly get my cameraperson’s attention to let me know if the background noise needs to be taken care of . This also serves to distract from the forgotten number suggestion, which I return to by having Beth count her fingers. She tells me that the number is on the tip of her tongue but she can’t recall it. I talk with her about the tip of the tongue phenomenon. It’s interesting, because when she tells me how many letters are in the word she’s forgetting, she answers five, but doesn’t connect that answer with the number that’s between 4 and 6 when she’s counting. I continue to give her mathematical clues and she gets the number back, before I take it away from her leaving her feeling frustrated.

Chapter 4

Since she’s feeling frustrated, I decide to explain to her the misattribution of arousal. I switch the intensity of the frustration in to a feeling of love and attraction for the person she is standing next to, and then have her count her fingers with as much intensity and she can manage. I then continue to work on her with the counting, as she becomes more and more flirty and giggly with me.

Chapter 5

I place Beth in to the trance state and relax her deeply. I then give her the suggestion that all she wants from me is a kiss, because she knows I’m the best kisser in the world. At first she’ll try to be subtle, but over time this desire will grow and grow, and she will become frustrated with this and more aggressive. I then take away the number 6. I talk with her as she gets more flirty, and watch as she discovers that she lost the number 6. I talk with her a little longer to let her simmer in her desire to kiss me, as I joke with her that I’m going to turn her in to a Republican.

Chapter 6

I know that Beth is being strongly effected by hypnotic conditioning and suggestions that cause her to have a very strong desire to kiss me. I watch her responding to this physically. I then ask her what she’s thinking, and she shyly tries to evade the question. However, I already know the answer, so I pursue it, and get her to admit it piece by piece. She tells me that she’s kind of shy. I tease her by having her look in to my eyes and slowly lean forward so that her lips are close to my lips. I then have her give in to her desire on the count of three. I let her stay shy, but she’ll kiss me anyway.

Chapter 7

I talk with Beth about what it is like to be hypnotized to want to kiss, and I play around with her in that context for a while. Eventually she tells me that she feels a little conflicted doing it, and I remove the conflict and watch her get even more in to it and more passionate about it.

Chapter 8

I give Beth the suggestion that every time I kiss her, she will take off an article of clothing. She then says something that reminds me that it would be fun to give her a suggestion that would cause her IQ to go from high to low in response to my spoken trigger. I then talk with her about what it felt like. It’s then time to change the tape.

Chapter 9

After changing the tape, I talk with Beth for a little bit to ask her what it’s like to have this experience. She’s unable to come up with an answer so I kiss her and then trigger her trance state again. I begin to suggest feelings of passion and arousal, causing her to feel more turned on than she’s ever felt before. I spend several minutes reinforcing this idea of intense passion and desire and horniness. Then at the snap of my fingers she opens her eyes and acts on these feelings. The respond is immediate and dramatic.

Chapter 10

Beth is pressed up against me, and is in a very active state of sexual arousal. She’s already told me that she feels like touching herself and other people, and I continue to increase the intensity of the experience for her. I then have her turn and face me, wrapping her legs around me, and kissing me.

Chapter 11

While kissing and making out, I trigger Beth’s trance state. I give her a suggestion that will heighten the state of arousal that she’s feeling, on command, and then I wake her up, with her feeling twice the passion she was feeling. We continue kissing. I have her admit that she’s completely under my spell, and ready to give herself to me completely. I ask her how this feels, and she tells me it feels good.

Chapter 12

Once again, I trigger her trance state while kissing her, and I suggest that she is totally captivated with me. However, she only knows french. I find that she’s unable to talk at all, and I can see very much that she wants me, but I keep teasing her as she’s unable to explain herself. I then switch it to spanish, with the same effect, before returning her english.

Chapter 13

I spend some time heating her up, and then at the snap of my fingers I have her give me the most passionate kiss that she’s ever given anyone in her life. I then return her to the trance state.

Chapter 14

I take Beth in to a deep trance, and have her move her hands to her breasts and have her caress them in the perfect way, the way she wants them to be caressed. I then have her move her hands down her body and between her legs. I then kiss her and caress her breasts while she fingers her pussy. I then have her repeat and believe that I am her master, and that she loves being hypnotized by her master. I continue to program her mind with thoughts and ideas that reinforce her enjoyment of this experience. I have her physically stimulate herself close to orgasm. However she needs my permission to orgasm. I watch as she gets close and starts to twitch with the feelings. I then have her stand on her own, and continue to stimulate herself, no longer able to keep the sounds of pleasure or her own feelings contained.

Chapter 15

I continue giving Beth orgasms, this time giving her the relaxed orgasm. After two of these, I have her open her eyes and associate all the pleasure of orgasms with the emotional connection to me and give me a deep kiss of gratitude.

Chapter 16

I confess that I have used hypnosis to seduce her, have her take off her clothes, have her rub her body against me, and then have orgasms. She smiles as as say this to her, and I surprise her with another orgasm. I then tell her that I’m going to have to make her do silly things. However, as I continue to talk with her, I tell her that it seems kind of pointless to do silly party tricks, when she’s naked and in my arms and having orgasms.

Chapter 17

I take Beth back in to the trance state, and suggest that when I touch her nipple, she will bark like a dog three times. This surprises her and she giggles, then she covers up her nipples with her arms. I decide that giving the choice between silly party tricks and playing with her in an erotic context, I choose to do both. I then have her hold her arms out in the air, and touch her nipples at will, repeatedly.

Chapter 18

I have Beth tell me her sexual fantasy. She tells me that it involves having sex outdoors in a field. I then ask her to tell me again what she told me before the session, and she tells me that it would be cool to have someone worship her as a goddess. I have her worship me as a god so that she can know what it feels like.

Chapter 19

I bring Beth out of the trance, having her feel more or less normal. Then I slowly cause her to become super attracted to me and turned on again.

Chapter 20

I give her a trigger that causes her to worship me when I say a phrase while looking in to her eyes.

Chapter 21

I find Beth to be very attractive, and enjoy having her hypnotized and in my arms kissing me, so I find it hard to do the stage stuff with her. I start to wrap up the session with her, giving her some positive suggestions that she requested before the session. [end of session]