Beth and Debbie Hypnotized

109 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2003-07-16

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Clip One – ( 5:19 ) 9/2/2003
Here we have Beth and Debbie doing an erotic hypnosis twosome. We begin the twosome with the “temple rub” induction. While I focus all my attention on Debbie, Beth stands there looking cute, and is somewhat distracted, not quite knowing what do do with with herself as Debbie quickly goes into a trance. Without any warning, I then caught Beth’s eyes, and started to aim my suggestions at her, all the while deepening Debbie’s induction. Quickly Beth finds herself going into the trance as well. Two weeks after the session, Beth told me that she didn’t see it coming at all, it was as if one moment she was in a normal state of mind, and the next she was completely gone!

Clip Two – ( 4:40 ) 9/3/2003
Continuing from the induction, I deepen Beth and Debbie’s trances. Suggestion deep relaxation and obedience to my commands. I then lead into a countdown to focus their minds on being hypnotized. Reinforcing the desire to obey my voice and pleasure at obeying my commands. I then give them a post hypnotic trigger to enforce the obedience of my commands in their minds for the session.

Clip Three – ( 4:22 ) 9/4/2003
Beth and Debbie’s minds are blank. They are both deeply hypnotized, and it feels right for them to obey my words. It feels good for them to be hypnotized, and deep inside their minds they are aroused by the idea of being hypnotized by me. That thought makes them feel warm between their legs and tingly in all the special places. Then I have them count down together, synchronizing together, and becoming more deeply hypnotized. After this is finished, I continue to build their arousal, through every part of their bodies.

Clip Four – ( 2:27 ) 9/5/2003
When I count to three and snap my fingers, your eyes will open and you’ll find yourself in the arms of the most sexy man in the universe. You’ll find yourself compelled to be attracted to him. You’ll find yourself unconditionally feeling the most love and lust that you’ve ever felt in your life. At the same time you’ll realize that there’s competition in his other arm, and the two of you are going to compete to get his attention. After I count to three and snap my fingers, I discuss the induction with the girls, as they swoop in close to me to cary out the post hypnotic command.

Clip Five – ( 4:24 ) 9/6/2003
I do a bit of word association with the girls to get an idea of what’s going on inside their minds. I then command them to sleep again, and give them the suggestion that their bodies will do what they feel with no thoughts or hesitation. As they find themselves drawn to me, I continue to say the words that will arouse them even more.

Clip Six – ( 2:35 ) 9/7/2003
The two ladies arousal continues to get stronger and stronger, as I give them the impression that they want to take off their dresses. After this is done, I use hypnotic suggestion to associate my voice with erotic pleasure in their minds.

Clip Seven – ( 1:54 ) 9/8/2003
I give Beth and Debbie a hypnotic compulsion to kiss. They don’t care who they are kissing, they just want to kiss the closest person to them. They kiss me and each other, becoming more hypnotically aroused with each kiss. Then I give them the suggestion that when they open their eyes, their bras are going to feel itchy and their going to want to take them off.

Clip Eight – ( 1:47 ) 9/9/2003
I talk with the girls a bit. To Beth, I ask, If someone asked you what hypnosis was, what would you say? And she answers, It works. After that I command her to stare forward with a blank mind until I release her from the trance. With Beth entranced, her mind blank, waiting for as long as I keep her that way, I walk over to Debbie and ask her what she’s thinking right now. With a look of raw lust on her face, she grabs my shirt with her hand and pulls me close. I then command her to make out with me a little bit, and then give her a post hypnotic trigger that makes her as blank as Beth. Facing forward, deeply hypnotized, I now give the girls thoughts to place deep in their mind and obey. I am submissive, I am hypnotized, I am horny, I will obey.

Clip Nine – ( 2:24 ) 9/10/2003
When I snap my fingers, you’ll feel the most intense, incredibly arousing, incredibly horny feeling that you’ve ever felt in your life. You will turn, face the hypnotist, wrap yourself around him and kiss him all over. The girls are then all over me in a hypnotic orgy of pleasure. At my command they remove their panties, and find themselves deep in my power. Unable to resist my hypnotic spell, they accept their desire for me completely, and they are hypnotically conditioned to accept me as their master, and to obey their master.

Clip Ten – ( 4:10 ) 9/11/2003
In this clip I give the girls a post hypnotic suggestion that they want to kiss me deeply, that is so powerful that they find themselves licking their lips in anticipation. They want to kiss me more than anything else in the world, and they know inside their mind and their hearts that I’m the best kisser in the universe. On my command, they race to kiss me, and the arousal peaks as they orgasm on command.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:09 ) 9/12/2003
Relaxing and deepening the girls, I reinforce the idea that I am their master inside their minds. As I build the pleasure in their girl’s minds, Debbie subconsciously takes my hand and rubs it along her body. This gives me the idea to give both the girls this idea, and I make it a hypnotic suggestion. At this point, I’ve got two incredibly sexy and incredibly horny naked hypnotized chicks in my arms, moaning with pleasure, and rubbing my hands all over their bodies. This is great. Then I give them the hypnotic suggestion that my hands make them feel tingly and more aroused, that my hands are a pleasure device. Then I give them the idea that the next time I kiss each of them, they’ll have an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Clip Twelve – ( 3:49 ) 9/13/2003
Before waking the girls up for a little bit, I give them the suggestion that every time I touch their nipple, they’ll get really horny and bark like a dog. Also, they’ll have no idea why they’re naked. I then wake them up and play with them a little bit with these suggestions.

Clip Thirteen – ( 2:28 ) 9/14/2003
When I snap my fingers, you’ll turn to the person next to you and they will be the most sexiest person you’ve ever seen in your life. They embrace and kiss and then I give them the orgasm on command.

Clip Fourteen – ( 4:08 ) 9/15/2003
Obedient and hypnotized, Beth and Debbie stand before me, chanting that they love being hypnotized by their master. As they hear them, they feel them becoming stronger in their mind. Then I suggest that their hands wander their bodies. They feel happy and good, as the pleasure builds, and their hands go all over. Then I give them a hypnotic suggestion that they touch themselves the way that they do when they’re alone. As they finger themselves, I count them down to another orgasm. Rubbing their pussy, and moaning in orgasm, I then suggest that they’ve just discovered that they’re multiply orgasmic. After they settle down from the pleasure, I have them thank me for the orgasm, and associate that pleasure with me, in their minds.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:54 ) 9/16/2003
By my hypnotic suggestion, the two girls feel unashamed, unembarrassed, and aroused. They kiss and press against each other some more, and then I blank their minds and have them repeat over and over again that their horniness is pent up, under your control by my master.

Clip Sixteen – ( 3:00 ) 9/21/2003
About five minutes have passed since clip 15. While we changed the tapes in the cameras, our hypnotized subjects continued their chant, becoming more and more turned out every time. Now I’m ready to see the effects. As you can tell from their voices, this chant is really getting to them, and their completely mine. I then suggest that they feel a tongue licking their pussies, and then I further suggest that it’s my tongue and that they love it. Building up more and more, this leads to a spectacular orgasm.

Clip Seventeen – ( 1:30 ) 9/22/2003
Now I live the ultimate fantasy. I have two hot hypnotized chicks ready to obey my every command. So I place them into a game of Hypnotized Truth or Dare where their objective is to please their master. Beth asks Debbie truth or dare, and Debbie answers Truth. The girls start off slowly, and I use a suggestion to speed things up. Beth then asks Debbie if she’s ever gone down on a girl before. After Debbie answers, we end the clip with Debbie asking Beth truth or dare, and she answers dare.

Clip Eighteen – ( 0:41 ) 9/23/2003
Debbie is a little slow giving Beth her dare, so I command her to say the first thing on her mind and she says “Master.” Beth is confused, and Debbie snaps back into the game and dares Beth to do something nice for the master. After she does, it’s now Debbie’s turn, and she selects dare.

Clip Nineteen – ( 0:36 ) 9/24/2003
Beth dares Debbie to nibble on the Master’s neck. Afterwards, Beth chooses truth.

Clip Twenty – ( 1:22 ) 9/25/2003
Debbie starts to ask Beth her question, but then gets embarrassed. With a command from me, she blurts it out and asks her if she’s ever used a Dildo. Beth then asks Debbie truth or dare, and Debbie takes Dare. Beth then dares her to erotically suck the Master’s fingers. We end with Beth taking dare.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 1:49 ) 9/26/2003
Beth is dared to open the Master’s shirt, and lick her tongue up from the bellybutton to the neck. Afterwards Debbie takes truth, and Beth asks her if she’s ever done anything illegal. Beth then takes truth, and Debbie asks her what the naughtiest thing she’s ever done.

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 3:10 ) 9/27/2003
The erotic hypnosis version of truth or dare continues with Debbie asking for dare. Debbie is dared to kiss the Master. After that Debbie dares Beth to lick the Master’s tongue. Then Debbie chooses Truth, and Beth asks her what the naughtiest things she’s ever done was. After she tells her story, I’m so impressed that I command them to feel pleasure. This really heats them up, and they start sharing stories. Then it’s Beth’s turn, and she chooses dare.

Clip Twenty-Three – ( 2:42 ) 9/28/2003
Beth is dared to give the Master a private dance. Getting into the spirit of things, she admonishes the master – No Hands – as that’s how it works in this state. Afterwards I use the girl’s orgasm triggers several times as they moan with pleasure. On command, they return to the game with new arousal, enthusiasm, and horniness. It’s now Debbie’s turn, and she chooses Dare. Beth dares her to lick the Master’s ear lobes.

Clip Twenty-Four – ( 2:20 ) 9/29/2003
It’s now Beth’s turn, and she chooses dare. Debbie dares her to do 14 jumping jacks and sing a cheer for the master. Next it’s Debbie’s turn again, and she choose truth. She asks Debbie if she’s ever had fantasies of Sean Connery. After that it’s Beth’s turn, and she chooses truth. So Debbie asks her if she’s ever had a threesome.

Clip Twenty-Five – ( 2:12 ) 9/30/2003
Beth dares debbie to give the Master an Erotic dance. She complains a little at first, then I tell her to look into my eyes and suggest that she wants to do it. She then proceeds to do the wildest erotic dance that I’ve ever seen. After that Debbie dares Beth to do her best Marilyn Monroe Centerfold Poses. We then leave off with Debbie asking Beth to give her a dare.

Clip Twenty-Six – ( 4:30 ) 10/1/2003
Beth is shy, so I give both the girls powerful posthypnotic suggestions to make them horny and slutty. The effect is overwhelming as Beth dares Debbie to molest me. I figure what’s good for one is good for two, so I give Beth a command and she does it to. Behold the power of erotic hypnosis.