Betty Hypnotized

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I begin the session by having a talk with Betty about her previous experiences with trance. She tells me about volunteering in psychology class. I begin the induction by using her memory of her experience in class. Deepening the trance I suggest that she feels a pleasurable tingling sensation all over her body. Testing her depth with the balloon test, I continue to take her deeper. I ask her how she feels and the subject moves to orgasms and I find out that she’s had very few. I continue the erotic buildup, and train her to orgasm on command. I then bring her out of the trance state, and talk with her a bit. She doesn’t remember the pleasure that she just felt, so I ask her a few questions to set her up a little, before triggering her recall of the experience. She’s instantly aroused and has a dreamy expression on her face. I trigger more orgasms, then take her back in to the trance state. She caresses her breasts and then one hand moves down as I trigger more orgasms. I then suggest that she is cold and needs my body heat. Naked and in my arms, I suggest that she has a crush on me. I then begin her transformation and preparation for the medical roleplay in tape 2.

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We begin the trance enhanced role play where Betty believes that she is a doctor and I pretend to be the surgical assistant. I’m giving her a medical examination with my stethoscope and then I have her look at it and do a trance induction. I take her in to a trance and convince her that she must submit and that she must obey my voice. At the snap of my fingers, she finds herself compelled with desire for me and that she will start hitting on me. She stares in to my eyes and I continue to heat her up. In the middle of making out, I freeze her in to position and move her around a bit. At the snap of my fingers she is torn between two desires: the desire to strip and the desire to be in my arms. I then suggest to her that an ordinary glass of water is a powerful aphrodisiac that will make her increasingly horny and then will trigger an orgasm. Now it’s time for her ultimate transformation as I lower her I.Q and turn her in to my bimbo nurse. Once she’s in uniform, I play with her a bit, and then trigger an orgasm. I ask Nurse Betty when my next appointment is, but she tells me that she has forgotten. I decide that she’s a bad nurse and needs to be punished. However I can’t bear to spank her, so I suggest that the lightest touch feels like a good solid spank. However, when I say pleasure, my touch takes away the pain of the spank and brings pleasure. I restore her back to her doctor state, and she doesn’t remember taking off her clothes or hitting on me. I tease her a bit, and she’s not going for it. So I trigger an orgasm and have her enhanced intellect analyze it. I then bring her back as Nurse betty and play with her a bit. Finally I bring her back to herself and we talk a little bit about the experience. I talk with her about how the trance has affected her emotions, and we explore this as I suggest that she’s completely in love with me. We kiss, and I trigger a few orgasms. We then wrap up the session.