Brittany Hypnotized

61 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-06-05

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This is my first session with Brittany, although I previously had her in a trance socially at a party.

I start with a progressive relaxation exercise, and then suggest feelings of pleasure. I give her the balloon test, and then suggest that she's being tickled. This leads to her taking off her clothes and I suggest that she's feeling the best oral sex of her life. I continue to build up the orgasm, initially denying the release.

I then have her touch her body, continuing the erotic buildup. I then train her orgasm on command. I then alter the mechanics of the orgasm it's self. I then turn her in to a chicken, and have her dance to sexy music. I freeze her mid dance, and trigger another orgasm. Then I have her tell me her sexual fantasies. I have her masturbate while I explore her fantasies and then have her orgasm more. I then continue to play with her some more.

The formal session is over and we then take some pictures. I suggest that each flash from my photographer's camera will cause her to feel a rush of bliss, and a little bit of electricity in her clitoris, inspiring her to be more and more sexy with every flash. However, as I give her instructions to pose, they turn in to instructions to go in to a trance and to orgasm. I continue to build Brittany's pleasure, as she rubs her hands all over her body.

As the pictures continue, I give Brittany the final erotic suggestions of the session.