Brittany Hypnotized 2

39 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-08-17

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Clip One – ( 9:51 ) 9/1/2006
A progressive relaxation exercise using orgasm triggers instead of a command to relax, between each major muscle group. This is a good example of how to take a normal technique, and turn it in to an erotic technique.

Clip Two – ( 3:53 ) 9/2/2006
I ask Brittany to describe what it felt like to go through the progressive relaxation exercise with orgasms. I then ask her to describe what it feels like to be hypnotized by me. I then suggest pleasure and arousal, and give her the suggestion that being in my arms is like being in the arms of a lover. I then suggest that she feels that she is having sex.

Clip Three – ( 1:09 ) 9/3/2006
I suggest that Brittany orgasm, take off her shirt, and embrace her lover. She wraps her arms around me, and I suggest that she orgasms.

Clip Four – ( 2:13 ) 9/4/2006
I suggest that Brittany will open her eyes and laugh because I just told her the funniest joke. I also suggest that the number after 3 and before 5 will be gone from her mind.

Clip Five – ( 4:11 ) 9/5/2006
I suggest that Brittany feels pleasure and then freeze her in to place. I turn her in to a mannequin and pose her as I suggest that the pleasure continues building. When I release her, I suggest that she’s in a hurry to touch herself in the way that she needs to be touched. I ask her to describe how she feels, and then to take off her bra.

Clip Six – ( 3:35 ) 9/6/2006
Brittany has her nipples pierced, so I suggest that her piercings are magical and send waves of pleasure in to her. I then wake her up and talk with her a bit, and watch her move her hands to her breasts. I suggest that she places her hands above her head, and then trigger orgasms. I also suggest that she takes off her skirt.

Clip Seven – ( 6:05 ) 9/7/2006
I suggest that Brittany is being tickled. When I suggest that she is being tickled on her clit, I also suggest that she needs to take off her panties. After an orgasm, I suggest that she feels gentle kissing. I suggest that the pleasure makes her more submissive to my words, and I ask her how that makes her feel. She says that it feels wonderful. I suggest that as the pleasure grows, that she just wants to be caressed.

Clip Eight – ( 3:53 ) 9/8/2006
I ask Brittany if she’s ever been spanked in an erotic way before. She says yes. I ask her how it felt. She says that it felt good. I then have her count backwards to deepen her trance state, and bring in a saw horse. I have her bend over and then hypnospank her.

Clip Nine – ( 3:51 ) 9/9/2006
I suggest that when Brittany opens her eyes she will look at me, and as if a switch had been flipped, she will have raw sexual attraction for me. I then give her more hypnospanking and then orgasms. I then suggest that she is being licked all over by tongues, and they go everywhere. I then give her some positive suggestions for the future and bring her out of the trance state. [End of Session]