Carolyn Hypnotized

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Chapter 1

I meet Carolyn in my studio, and we talk a little about my work and the process of bringing a new subject in to the studio. We discuss her expectations, and refer back to her curiosity about what she was getting in to while we were scheduling her. We take a good look at her from top to bottom, and talk a little about the appearance guidelines that we offer to new subjects.

Chapter 2

I ask Carolyn if she's ever been hypnotized or if she's ever seen it done before. She relates to me an experience that was similar, and see if she feels receptive to the process. I begin the hypnotic induction with her.

Chapter 3

I continue the hypnotic induction process with Carolyn doing a progressive relaxation exercise. She gets wobbly on her feet immediately, and I take her arm around my shoulder to hold her up as I continue through the process. As she is so receptive, I start to plant the seeds of arousal, without focusing on it yet. As we continue the exercise, I'm encouraged by her responses, so I continue to suggest arousal and bring the focus to it. We see a subtle, but noticeable response in her lips and in her hand over my shoulder. I finish the progressive relaxation exercise.

Chapter 4

I give Carolyn a trigger to return to the hypnotic trance when I say sleep now. I suggest to her that when she feels pleasure, she makes the sound of pleasure. I then suggest that she's on the edge of an orgasm, and give her an orgasm trigger. I don't use that trigger yet, saving it for later. I then give her a trigger to stand at attention on command.

Chapter 5

I do the balloon test with Carolyn. She is immediately responsive. As she responds to the balloon test, I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me and my voice. I use her pleasure command. It has an immediate response, so I suggest that she is being tickled at increased intensity, over different parts of her body. It has a strong effect on her, and then I immediately switch it to pleasure and trigger an orgasm. I follow it up with having her cum on command. Then I give her an embrace trigger.

Chapter 6

I suggest to Carolyn that when I use my embrace command it will feel so good that she'll want to fuck me through my clothes. I give her another suggestion to respond favorably to me. Then I I trigger three orgasms in a row. I mention to her that I found her attractive the moment I laid eyes on her. I then suggest to her that she'll remember feeling the same the next time I snap my fingers. Her body language in the embrace command reflects this, and then I have her cum on command.

Chapter 7

I have her stand at attention, and she pops in to a more normal state of mind. We talk a bit about the futility of attempting to explain ahead of time what was going to happen I use several of her triggers and am pleased with the response.

Chapter 8

I give her a tickle butt trigger. I tease her a bit, and when I trigger her, I get her first little girl stomp. This leads to an interesting moment.

Chapter 9

I suggest to Carolyn that when she feels my hand on her cheek it will feel like love at first sight. I use this trigger and am happy with the results. I have her cum on command. This hits her strongly and she cries out, fuck, as she feels the trigger. I place her back in to the trance, and this is the first instance where she wants to stay present, probably as a result of my having touched her cheek. I suggest that she will cry out fuck whenever I have her cum on command.

Chapter 10

I then suggest that she's feeling warm and wants to start to undo the buttons on her dress. I see her having the cum trigger response to the orgasm trigger and realize that they are interchangeable to her. As I trigger multiple orgasms and cum responses, I notice that my hands are close to her ass. I ask for her consent to touch her ass and she give it to me.

Chapter 11

Since she's consented to my touching her ass, I decide to gain access to her breasts and give her the tactile trigger that brings her close to orgasm when I touch them. Her dress is open so I have easy access to her breasts. I then ask her what being hypnotized is like and I ask her if she would have believed me ahead of time. I pull her breasts out of her bra, and enjoy them. I then give her a series of suggestions that cause her to respond favorably to me. I then tell her about something I did to another subject in order to gauge her responsiveness to having a similar experience. I then spend a little time teasing her with minor orgasm denial, and we get another little girl stomp of protest out of her.

Chapter 12

I explicitly add horniness, fixated on me to her pleasure trigger. I see if she will consent to kissing, and I don't get that consent. Learning from previous experiences with another subject, I don't bother pursuing it. Instead, I suggest to her that she really wants to kiss me but that I'm not going to let her. I create a magnetic draw between her and I, and lay it on really thick. We see an immediate effect on her body language, and I continue to trigger her arousal. I then co-opt her subconscious mind and sense of stubbornness.

Chapter 13

Carolyn layes with her back against my chest and her head on my shoulder, her top open and her breasts out. I suggest that wherever my skin touches her skin it's going to feel like an erogenous zone. I then bring her to an orgasm by stroking her arm. I have her take off her dress, and freeze her by surprise, turning her in to my mannequin. I pose her a bit and play with her triggers in this frozen state.

Chapter 14

I ask Carolyn if she enjoys being spanked for pleasure. She answers yes, so I give her a spank trigger.

Chapter 15

I return her to the trance state and have her embrace me. I place my libs near her earlobe, barely resting on it. I ask her if she would enjoy having me kiss her there and she says no. Since I don't have her consent, I suggest that she's going to want it, but she can't have it. I tease her conflicting wants a little bit. I ask her how she feels, and she mumbles a non response. I then trigger that she will clearly speak her answer.

Chapter 16

We begin our discussion on the different types of orgasms a women can have. We begin with her description of how her clit feels when she feels pleasure.

Chapter 17

I have her describe how it feels when I use her tickle butt trigger. We set that to a baseline of 1. I then take her through increasing increments of the tickle butt. We get her little girl stomp at 6. By 8 she has to hold on tight. I continue on to 10. I recalibrate her tickle butt command to be a level 10 always. She gets frustrated twice as much. However, I realize that it doesn't make sense to have a level 10 tickle butt but only double frustration. So I increment through her frustration as well. I then freeze her and trigger a level seven frustration. I freeze her and pose her a bit, triggering a bunch of orgasms, take off her bra, and then continue on to level 9 frustration tickle butt. I give her one more frozen pose before a level 10 frustration tickle butt. Still frozen, I suggest her fingers, which are grabbing her breasts feel ticklish. I switch this to the feeling of ice cubes and we get an interesting and unanticipated response. I then have her orgasm on command.

Chapter 18

I point out that before her profane addition to her cum trigger was bleeding in to her orgasm trigger. Now we have a clear distinction. I explain what I imagine in my mind is the difference between cumming and orgasming for a woman. I distract her with a tickle butt for a moment, and then have her cum on command. I have her describe what she just felt. I ask her how it feels to describe it, and she tells me that it feels weird, that she's never had to describe it before.

Chapter 19

I add an additional tactile component to her cum now trigger based upon the discussion that we had about her sensations. I remove the need to say fuck when she cums, replacing that with a sense of gratitude and affection towards me. I then trigger this response in her a few times, and the expression that she makes is very pleasing. I further modify that trigger, with an element of it always catching her by surprise and always feeling new.

Chapter 20

Now we have a separation between her cum and orgasm triggers. This allows us to have a distinct sexual response between the two triggers. I use them both, alternating. She gets caught up in it and I use her tickle butt trigger. I then relax her a bit, and then place her back in to the trance state and deepen it a bit. I draw her to my voice, giving her suggestions to respond favorably to me, connecting us.

Chapter 21

I explain to Carolyn that there is a temporal element to orgasms. So I have her count the length of her next orgasm and trigger it. I then give her a modifier to the orgasm trigger that causes it to last a variable, specified length. I mention to her that women can enjoy very long drawn out orgasms, and then demonstrate on her. I ask her how it feels and she is speechless. I use my speech trigger and she trips over her tongue. I then modify her cumming trigger the same way and demonstrate. I then show her the other side, the instantaneous orgasm.

Chapter 22

I continue talking with Carolyn about variations on orgasms, referring back to my erotic hypnosis live stage shows. I give her a trigger of backgasm that is the orgasm in reverse. I trigger it in her and she has a very physical response. She says, that's weird. I trigger it again and have her try to put it in to words. I then play with her with a mixture of orgasms and backgasms. I have her cum extended, while triggering multiple backgasms.

Chapter 23

I go to use her climax trigger, which has no effect on her, as I haven't suggested it to her yet. I remedy this and then trigger her climax. I am pleased with the result. I make another joke referring to her pre-session desire to know what was going to happen, then I use her backgasm trigger and then trigger another climax. She tells me that she feels like a nap, and I tell her that can be arranged, trigger her trance, suggesting that she is sleepy and relaxed, that her mind is blank and she's asleep and I'm there with her in a dream.

Chapter 24

I finish describing the dream with a lot of tickling. I talk with her for a moment before freezing her and then using a rapid sequence of her cum trigger. I ask her if she has any interest or experience in bondage. I then ask her about the sensation of playing with her hair. I explore her words for her feeling, ratcheting it up and then getting a new word to describe her current state. I go through a few iterations of this. I then have her feel that she's being kissed. I then have her lick her lips, getting hornier and hornier. I ask her how she feels and she no longer has words. I then use her pleasure triggers and have her cum a few times. I ask her how she feels and she tells me that she feels like she's ready to pass out. I place her back in to the trance and she falls in to my arms. I suggest to her that we are slow dancing, and I spend some time deepening her trance state.

Chapter 25

I have Carolyn tell me about her first time masturbating. This leads to a surprising and amusing revelation, and a core insight in to her sexuality. I then have her tell me about the first time she clearly recalled having an orgasm. This leads to more insight in to the development of her sexuality. I then have her tell me about the first time she showed a man her breasts in a sexual context. She can't recall, so I have her tell me about how she lost her virginity. I reward her with a few orgasms and trigger a climax. I ask her if she's attracted to women sexually, and then have her tell me about the circumstances of her first experience with a woman. I have her tell me about her preferences regarding providing oral pleasure. I then begin to explore the idea of giving her a butterscotch trigger. She's not decisively consenting, so I have her fantasize about it while she plays with her breasts. I then ask her what she's thinking about and the answer is very encouraging.

Chapter 26

I repeat back to Carolyn a detail about her first experience with a woman and the circumstances surrounding it. I incorporate this aspect of her personal sexual history in to her response to my hypnotizing her. I punctuate this with her orgasm triggers. I then apply her tactile triggers.

Chapter 27

I add the embrace 10 modifier, and am pleased with the result it has on Carolyn's behavior. After a brief interruption when my watch goes ding, I trigger embrace 10 one more time, and am again satisfied with the resulting behavior. I mention that I enjoyed this and ask her if she also enjoyed it. She answers yes, that she's been hug starved as of late. I give her both the embrace 10 and immediately after the freeze command. She throws herself at me and then processes the freeze command and gets very confused at the conflicting triggers. I take her back in to the trance state, and modify her embraced 10 with that long lost lover feeling and that hug starved feeling.. I've laid it on very thick with the suggestion, but am very happy with her ultimate response to this trigger. I then trigger several orgasms while she is in embrace 10. I then have her stand at attention and let her know that I've enjoyed hypnotizing her today and would like to do so again.