Carrie Hypnotized

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Clip One – ( 5:03 ) 2/1/2004
We meet Carrie and talk with her about what she thinks of when she thinks of hypnosis. She replies that she thinks of a bunch of crazy people running around barking or clucking like chickens. We discuss how stage hypnotism is a numbers game, in the sense that you can have 100 people who will statistically filter down to four or five that will respond to 10 or so hypnotic phenomena, while what we do, is we filter about 100 hypnotic phenomena, and filter it through her suggestibility and responsiveness. She admits that she doesn’t think that hypnosis is real.

Clip Two – ( 4:40 ) 2/2/2004
I begin with a pocket watch induction. In this circumstance, I decide that it’s best to use the power of symbolism, as I can feel that Carrie is going to be a resistant subject. As I swing the pocket watch back and forth before her eyes, I ask her to try not to think about pocket watches being used to hypnotize women. As it would turn out, reverse psychology is going to be the theme of this session.

Clip Three – ( 5:17 ) 2/3/2004
We continue the induction, going in to a deepening exercise by giving her a creative visualization. The image is the darkest sky with the brightest star. We then begin doing a progressive muscle relaxation. This is when we have the hypnotic subject become used to following our instructions, while at the same time demonstrating the effects of the suggestions. We have her tense and relax every major muscle area in her body, one by one.

Clip Four – ( 4:37 ) 2/4/2004
We continue with the progressive relaxation, strengthening the trance and increasing her state of relaxation from head to toes (yes, we have a good shot of her feet with her beautiful painted toe nails for our foot fetishists out there).

Clip Five – ( 2:17 ) 2/5/2004
Now we do our first test of responsiveness by doing the big red balloon creative visualization. In this, we have her imagine that there is a big red balloon on the end of a long silver piece of string attached to her wrist. She is reserved, but performs very well in response to my hypnotic suggestions.

Clip Six – ( 5:19 ) 2/6/2004
Carrie feels calm and peaceful and relaxed. I give her a posthypnotic suggestion to become calm, peaceful, relaxed, and focused on my words whenever I say relax! I then give her another creative relaxation with the feeling of being on a beach, while I continue to deepen her trance. You can see her subtly rocking back and forth with the waves.

Clip Seven – ( 2:59 ) 2/7/2004
When I count to three and snap my fingers, look straight up, open your eyes, and tell me in a single word how you feel. When I snap my fingers after that, close your eyes and relax like you are now. After we explore this, I count down backwards from 10 to 1 deepening her trance with every number.

Clip Eight – ( 5:02 ) 2/8/2004
I now attempt to do another hypnotic test on Carrie, where I suggest that her body is stiff and rigid like a iron rod, and that she can’t move her hands from her sides. As she moves, I can see the smug smile on her face, and I realize that she’s deliberately resisting the suggestion to prove that she’s not hypnotized. Recognizing this, I hijack the idea, and use it to take her deeper in to the trance, as she stands on one leg with both hands in the air. The reverse psychology aspect becomes more pronounced at this point.

Clip Nine – ( 3:30 ) 2/9/2004
Continuing to resist the initial suggestion of being stiff and rigid, Carrie finds herself obeying every other suggestion that I give her in order to prove that she doesn’t have to obey the first one. I then have her open her eyes and speak with us briefly before relaxing her deeply again.

Clip Ten – ( 4:06 ) 2/10/2004
Now we give Carrie’s conscious mind something to do, as we have it focus on my words, and give it math. Specifically the powers of two. As we have her focus on this, repeated over a few times, it is enough to take all of her attention and concentration, thus replacing whatever was in her mind before. As we go through this process a few times, we are conditioning her to accept what I say as true, and to incorporate it in to her own thoughts.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:16 ) 2/11/2004
We begin this clip with further relaxation and conditioning exercises. This leads to increased suggestibility and trance deepening. Then we test the counting again to see how she’s been affected.

Clip Twelve – ( 2:36 ) 2/12/2004
Now we have Carrie place both of her hands in front of her body, tightly. I then suggest that no matter how hard she tries, she will not be able to pull her hands apart. Now judging from her previous response and from the smirk on her face, I know that she’s going to do the opposite, so I ham it up really big, describing complete hypnotic power over her. Since she’s basically hypnotized herself to do the exact opposite of everything I tell her to do in the realm of stage hypnosis suggestions, while at the same time, doing everything else I tell her to do outside of that realm, I use a confusion technique full of nots and double negatives. Ultimately the result is that she believes that she is not hypnotized, while she pulls her arms back, then touching her elbows behind her back, nicely sticking out her breasts for us, as she unzips her shirt. By continuing to describe a contradiction with reality, only strengthens her perception that by continuing the “non-cooperative” action of doing the opposite of what I suggest that she do proves that she’s not hypnotized. Also, did you notice how I commanded her to take a deep breath in, and she does, that I switch to a command that she does not take a deep breath out (which she really doesn’t have a choice in the matter) which further trains her subconscious mind to do what I tell her to not do, as I then tell her not to pull down the zipper on her shirt. At the end of the clip, we slow down and return to the normal cadence that we’ve been using for the session.

Clip Thirteen – ( 1:32 ) 2/13/2004
The next test is that her hands are stuck to the top of her head. Notice while I’m giving her the suggestion that she can’t move her hands I say “It will be really funny for all of us to laugh at you because you won’t be able to pull your hands free of your head,” that for a moment she starts to respond in a way that indicates that she finds it funny.

Clip Fourteen – ( 1:40 ) 2/14/2004
Carrie stands before me topless, as I reinforce the idea in her mind that she feels proud of herself for resisting the silly tricks of hypnosis. By letting her ego feel good about that, it frees up her subconscious to continue to obey my suggestion.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:21 ) 2/15/2004
We now perform the next test with Carrie. I have her place her hands at the bottom hem of her skirt, and then I suggest that her skirt weighs a thousand tons and can’t be lifted up. She of course, rejects the suggestion that the skirt is heavy, and promptly lifts her skirt, eventually up above her head.

Clip Sixteen – ( 1:38 ) 2/16/2004
Counting backwards from 20 to 1, I have Carrie focus on my words and focus on my voice, knowing that she is completely and totally focused on not being made to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. I then slow down the pacing dramatically, and deepen her trance state. All the while, we get a really good look at all of her, while I relax her deeply.

Clip Seventeen – ( 1:32 ) 2/17/2004
We now go in to the third test with Carrie. I then suggest that she place her hands on her sides, and that they are frozen to her hips. As she proves that she can move her hands off the hips whenever she wants, she pulls off her corset. Notice towards the end, that she puts her hands back on her hips, and when I bring this to her attention, her facial expression and body language is extremely bratty, and her hands fly right off her hips. All the while, her eyes remain closed, and the hypnosis is strong in reverse psychology.

Clip Eighteen – ( 2:11 ) 2/18/2004
When I count to three and snap my fingers, Carrie will open her eyes and tell me how she feels. When I snap my fingers again, she will close her eyes in a trance. When she opens her eyes, she tells me, “I feel naked!” We then bring her back to the idea that she’s received proof on the television talk show that hypnosis is fake. I then have her place her hand straight out in front of her, and I give her a catch-22. While she tries to solve the dilemma, I then surprise her with a post hypnotic trigger, and go in to a deepening technique.

Clip Nineteen – ( 1:50 ) 3/27/2004
Now, we do another test, suggesting that her hands are rubber cemented to her hips, and that her panties are rubber cemented to her body. So, as she removes her hands from her hips to prove that she’s not hypnotized, she does the same with her panties as well. Notice the amount of fidgeting that she’s doing, and the confusion towards the end, as she tries to decide whether she’s supposed to be following the suggestions or rejecting them.

Clip Twenty – ( 1:33 ) 3/28/2004
We begin this clip by having her subconscious mind determine whether she should open her eyes or go deeper in the trance. She goes deeper, and I ask her a few questions. As she stands naked and hypnotized before me, she still doesn’t believe in hypnotism.