Chelsea Hypnotized

80 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2011-02-26

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This session came about unexpectedly when a fellow hypnotist mentioned that he knew a girl that goes pretty deep in to trance that would be willing to be filmed on my website. The session was great, and she was very fun and interesting to work with. However, I didn't have the benefit of my studio or my full production kit, which accounts for the red tint of the video.

Progressive relaxation hypnotic induction. The installation of the pleasure trigger. Creating the idea that she feels beautiful as she feels pleasure and building up to several orgasms. Creating the idea that she feels confident in her body as she feels pleasure. No nudity.

I suggest that she feels like she is on a beach and wants to take off her top to feel the sun on her body. I suggest that she feels kisses on different parts of her body as I increase the pleasure she feels. I train her to cum on my command. Then I continue to reinforce the idea that feeling pleasure causes her to feel beautiful. I have her take off her top and suggest that as she stands before me in her bra that she feels the best oral sex of her life. I suggest that she's being tickled all over and then those feelings switch to an orgasm and then the best sex of her life. Before she has the orgasm, the feelings tease her and build the desire. I then train her to climax on command. Bra, no nudity.

I have her take off her top and then I suggest that she is multiply orgasmic. She has these multiple orgasms and then I suggest that she cums multiply as well. I ask her how this makes her feel. Then I suggest that she can have multiple climaxes. I suggest that she's feeling the best sex of her life and a tongue comes out of her chair. I then bring her to climax. After that I heighten and intensify the pleasure of the experience.

I ask her what she's thinking and she asks if she can keep me and take me home. I then trigger pleasure and she gets shy. I suggest that different parts of her body are being tickled and then I switch the tickles to feelings of erotic pleasure.

I ask her if she enjoys floggers. I then introduce her to the flogger of extreme ticklishness and the cum flogger.

I explain to her that a female orgasm is different from a male orgasm and introduce her to it. I trigger pleasure, and then I have her show me how she likes to be touched on the breasts. I then introduce her to the orgasm in reverse. It's time to change the tape so I have her do a deepening exercise.

I reinforce suggestions and her responsiveness to my voice. I ask her what the orgasm in reverse was like and play around with reverse and forward orgasms.

I start playing around with the speed of the orgasms and other pleasure triggers.

Better than the best sex of her life, leading in to her ultimate fantasy. I then have her show me how she moves, how she fucks. I then wake her up gently and trigger orgasms as she gets dressed. I ask her about what it was like to experience orgasms at different speeds, and her answer is very interesting. We then explore this a little further.

"Just wanted to say wow, I have just watched your Chelsea video from 2011. I don't know how I missed this, it must be one of your best videos. It was amazing to watch the almost physical change that came over Chelsea when you told how beautiful she would feel and be when she experienced pleasure. Another difference with this much longer video is that you allowed Chelsea to experience her orgasms right to the end before moving on to the next experience and she appeared to get much more pleasure and feeling than some of the other models where you move them on mid-orgasm.

Chelsea really reacted to your instruction and looked the most excited of many of your models and it was very apparent that she had a great experience.

Once again I am really impressed how you interact with your models and ensure that they as well as you and us (the audience) enjoy themselves."