Clover Hypnotized

60 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2000-10-16

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Chapter 1

In one of my earliest professional sessions, I hypnotize Clover.

Chapter 2

I continue Clover’s induction with the Balloon Test.

Chapter 3

I give Clover suggestions to move her arms to various parts of her body. I also have her sense a kiss.

Chapter 4

I suggest that Clover stands up. Then I suggest that her head is very heavy, pulling her down forward. Afterwards, I suggest that she remove her blouse. Then her hands float up again. Then I suggest that she takes off her bra.

Chapter 5

I suggest that Clover’s hands will move in response to a trigger, out of her control, to caress her breasts, and that she will enjoy the sensation.

Chapter 6

I give Clover a post hypnotic trigger, then wake her up. We all talk for a bit.

Chapter 7

After a short break, we start back up again, and test to see if the post hypnotic trance trigger works properly. In my early years, this was an awkward moment for me, as is apparent in the small talk that takes place in the clip. Over time, however, I learned a number of techniques to improve the effectiveness of using this type of trigger, which has lead to greater confidence. The trigger works just fine, although cracking a joke starts to bring her out of it a little, so I do some deepening exercises.

Chapter 8

I give Clover a suggestion that causes her feet to feel like they are being tickled.

Chapter 9

I give Clover a series of stiff and rigid commands.

Chapter 10

I give Clover the suggestion that she will feel anything that I describe, followed by the command “Feel It.” I give her some very erotic things to feel. Then I make her feel ticklish. Then erotic and ticklish.

Chapter 11

I suggest that Clover stands in an isomophic position, and that she feels arousal. When I release her from that position she explodes in to pleasure.

Chapter 12

Wearing stockings, I suggest that Clover feels the sensation of kisses all over her body. I continue to give her suggestions to feel sexy and aroused, and then to orgasm.

Chapter 13

I suggest to Clover that she is Madonna, and that she is going to perform. However, Clover isn’t really all that in to Madonna, so she’s not really sure what to do.

Chapter 14

I suggest that Clover is a sexy model, posing for a shoot. However, each flash of the camera is going to cause her to feel an actual sexual thrill. Then she will have a tremendous orgasm on the last one.