Clover Hypnotized 2

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Chapter 1
This is the second session with the lovely, creative and obedient Clover. I begin the induction by asking her to place her hands into the air. As her arms become heavier and heavier, she finds herself sinking and relaxing into a deep trance. The induction continues with a progressive relaxation. As each of her muscle groups relax, she becomes more suggestible. I then begin the metaphor of the cloud, the big white fluffy relaxing cloud that she is floating on. I will use this metaphor throughout the entire session.

Chapter 2
As I deepen Clover’s trance, I give her the suggestion that when I touch her body, whichever part I touch will drift up in to the air. I give her the suggestion that her mind is blank and that she is just floating along. I then suggest to her that her shirt is too heavy to float along, and that she would be so much more comfortable without it on, and that she will take it off.

Chapter 3
As Clover continues floating on the cloud, I suggest that she wants to pull her skirt off her body so she can relax even more. I then suggest that she stretches out and relaxes even more. I then suggest that her bra is getting in the way and that she should take it off. I suggest to her that when she takes off her panties, that there would be nothing between her and the cloud and that it would feel wonderful.

Chapter 4
I give Clover a posthypnotic trigger to return her to the trance state on my command. Then I suggest that she wakes up, believing that she is wearing clothes, but everyone else is completely naked, and she finds it amusing. Clover mentions that she’s ready to go out for a break, but doesn’t realize that she’s naked. I’m tempted to let her go out that way, but instead decide to remove the suggestion from her mind. Then we see how she reacts.

Chapter 5
After Clover’s break, I’m startled to find that she isn’t responding as well to my post hypnotic trance trigger as I had anticipated. This poses no problem, as I quickly and easily take her back into a deep trance. Hypnotized and entranced, I have Clover rise to her feet and then go over to the bed. Once she is there, I have her hands roam wherever it feels good. Clover’s mind is blank. She is in a deep trance. Her fingers continue to roam over her sexy body, as she feels the arousal build. I then tell her to relax.

Chapter 6
With Clover focused on my voice, I give her the command that for the rest of the evening, any time I say the phrase “feel it” she will feel whatever I describe. Her eyes staring blankly at the wall, I have her feel the best oral sex of her life. This leads to the hypnotic suggestion that she is receiving the best sex her life – hypnosex! Then I drop her deep in to the trance, and although she feels incredibly horny, there’s nothing she can do about it.

Chapter 7
I let her feel more pleasure, but I use a powerful freeze command to interrupt her pleasure, as I continue to suggest that she feels more horny. I build her back up to the edge of pleasure, and then allow her to feel an earth shaking orgasm. Although I decide to freeze her in the middle of it.

Chapter 8
Clover is back on the chair, and we wake her up for a moment. We try to get a feel for which direction to take this session. As we consider this, we give her an orgasm on command while she is awake. She then gives us the idea to explore her fantasies. I then have Clover tell what her sexual fantasy is. She says that she’s always wanted to have sex on the hood of the car in a forest with a gentle rain. She tells us that she has midevil fantasises and some BDSM leanings. Using the power of hypnosis, I put her into her fantasy. Clover believes that the bed is a car, and that she’s about to get the best sex of her life.

Chapter 9
I suggest that Clover is going to wake up and tell us what she just experienced as she gets dressed. All the while, I decide to use her freeze trigger some more. I continue to freeze and release her in the midst of pleasure.

Chapter 10
I give Clover suggestions that cause her to feel that she is being tickled.

Chapter 11
Multiple personality play. In this clip I set up the posthypnotic command that introduces Candy and Kathy. Candy is a valley girl who’s favorite hobbies are shopping and giving blowjobs. Kathy is an uptight, sexually repressed, christian fundamentalist librarian. Candy explodes into action talking about guys and shopping. Abruptly she switches into Kathy. Then back and forth again.

Chapter 12
Multiple personality play. I’m completely speechless after what I’d just seen. So, I release Candy to questions from the audience. When things start to get a little racy, I switch to Kathy and we have a discussion about her breasts. The switch to Kathy is so convincing, that I get a little caught up in the conversation. We have Candy and Kathy talk to each other. Valley Girl Slut vs Fundamentalist Christian Librarian. We’re so pleased with Clover, that we reward her with a one minute orgasm. This introduces the idea of the relaxed orgasm to prolong her ability to experience the pleasure.

Chapter 13
I wake up clover and make the bed and the chair slippery to her.

Chapter 14
Barking Clover. Instead of speaking English, she’s going to bark her answers. So naturally we give her an orgasm and listen to her woof out her pleasure. We then talk for a bit, and she remembers the multiple personality play.

Chapter 15
Clover wonders what’s coming next, when I give her the trance trigger. Back in hypnosis, I turn her into a cow. We even get a moo out of her.

Chapter 16
Clover sees the evil grin on my face, before I hypnotize her again suggest that she will wake up as Candy, and Candy is at her job as a stripper. She gets really in to it. I then freeze her an have her do the strip tease as Kathy, the sexually repressed librarian, who can’t stop dancing, even though she’s opposed to it. After her strip-tease, I give clover another hypno-orgasm. It’s a loud one too! [ End of Session ]