Crystal White with a Vibrator

66 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2018-07-30

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Crystal White is back for another session, this time as part of the "with a vibrator" series. While she has used a vibrator in the past, she's not familiar with the Magic Wand. I hand her the box and we see her response to it as she unboxes it. She tells me about her preferred vibrator, and how she uses it and what she likes about it.

She begins to use the device on herself, and we can tell that she's somewhat hesitant with it. I trigger her trance state and suggest an increase in arousal. I ask her about what she recalls from our previous session, and immediately she answers that she enjoyed pleasuring me with her mouth. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she says yes. I give her a butterscotch trigger, along with suggestions relating to adjusting her technique in a way that is more to my liking.

We get her out of her dress and then out of her bra, along the way I use the Magic Wand on her, while I instruct her to reach inside my robe with her hand and to do something for me.

When she is naked and horny and submissive, I use her butterscotch trigger, which she enthusiastically responds to. I use her pleasure triggers on her, and any time I feel like an increase in intensity, I use her butterscotch trigger on her again, while she's still carrying out the previous trigger. She continues enthusiastically, and I give her suggestions to further increase her favorable response to me.

I bring her out of it for a moment to watch her response, and then use her butterscotch trigger again. I have her stop for a moment, although she replaces her mouth with her hand, and I ask her about how long it's been since her last orgasm. She tells me it was Friday (we filmed this on Monday morning). I point out to her that she must be very horny, and she tells me that she wants to cum really bad. I tell her that I may let her do that at some point. She looks like she's about to pout or protest, and I use her butterscotch trigger.

I trigger her trance and she rests her head in my lap, lips against me. I continue to put ideas in to her head to further enhance her enjoyment and enthusiasm of carrying out the butterscotch command, and then I have her continue.

I trigger her trance, and she rests again in my lap, this time I'm still in her mouth, visibly pressed against the inside of her cheek. I can tell from her sheer joy in carrying out my commands that I can take her a little further. She has a delightful enthusiasm for sexy time. So i take her even further and suggest to her that when I say peppermint, she will lick my balls, and that it will have a minty effervescence. I continue to suggest that this will be such a delightful experience that she'll actually find herself giggling as she does this. I use the trigger on her and she responds instantly. I alternate between butterscotch and peppermint for a short time.

It's time for us to change positions, and I bring her out of the trance state. I mention that I'm enjoying what she's doing, but the words are coming with a little more difficulty. She suggests that I might not be the one in control her. I trigger her trance and establish clear dominance. She spends a while reinforcing the idea that she's my obedient fucktoy, and then I let her beg for an orgasm for a while. I then suggest to her that the device makes her cluck like a chicken. I bring her out of the trance state so that she can fully experience her predicament. I then give her a hypnotic command to un-ironically sing "Old MacDonald's Farm" with complete seriousness, while still clucking, with a vibrator between her legs.

After returning her to a properly deferential state of mind, I use the Magic Wand on her while sharing with her my thoughts on what the purpose of the "with a vibrator" series was all about. I can see that the device is putting out a little more power than her sensitivity, and that it might not be the best fit for her. I have her masturbate, while I look at her from a different angle. Out of curiosity I see if any of the cognitive associations to tactile stimulation remains in her mind. They don't seem to, but then again, I've touched her pussy under a variety of circumstances.

I let her touch herself for a while, further increasing her sexual desires and needs. She repeats that she wants to have an orgasm. I reinforce her desire to serve me sexually and to be under my sexual control. I use her butterscotch trigger, but am uncertain as to the camera angle, so I command her to kneel. She kneels at the side of the bed. I change positions and say butterscotch, and she leaps back in to position.

I suggest an increase in her enthusiasm, but I also have her think about being left horny and without release all day if she doesn't do a good job. I alternate between butterscotch and peppermint triggers. I then decide to trigger an orgasm. As she orgasms on command, I use her butterscotch and peppermint triggers. I then suggest that without stopping going down on me, she will quietly cum now.

I suggest on her next orgasm that she will find herself saying "thank you, thank you, thank you."

Now I decide to give her a trigger that causes her to titty fuck me when I give her the command strawberry. I give her a number of positive associations to go along with the action.

As she carries out her strawberry trigger, I suggest to her that she wonders if I'm going to cum on her tits, and that the idea turns her on and makes her feel really slutty in a good way. As she absorbs this, I continue to suggest physical arousal when I place my hand on her ass. I suggest this makes her horny, and makes her want to serve me and please me in any way possible and just be my fuck toy. I then use her butterscotch trigger, trigger an orgasm, trigger her strawberry and then have her cum on command, before triggering her back in to trance.

I bring her in to a more conscious state, while continuing to enjoy the benefit that my triggers provide. She continues to titty fuck my, holding her body up with one hand, and squeezing her breasts with another, bent over me with her ass looking good in the air. I ask her what she's thinking and she tells me that she's never really done anything with her breasts like this before, and then I discover that she had a negative body self image about their size. I decide that she can better serve me without this negative self image, so I replace it with a sexy, positive self image. This has the desired effect and I reward her with an orgasm.

I have her lay back and out of curiosity I ask her if she remembers the last time someone tried to peek down her shirt. She can't think of a time, so I suppose it's open season out there for people to sneak peeks at her breasts, I think to myself. I trigger her climax responses and she squirts a little. I reward her for her efforts during this session with a few more orgasms. I continue to reinforce her positive self image about her boobs, and am satisfied with the response. I reward her with more orgasms. I then ask her a few questions to gauge her mood. Her responses are all positive. I reward her with more orgasms, increasing their intensity. I get her to anticipate an even more intense orgasm, and then immediately use her butterscotch trigger.

I suggest that with every movement up and down as she pleases me, that she will feel stimulating in her pussy. She seems to enjoy this, but it slows her down. I speed her up, faster and faster and faster.

I leave her writing in pleasure on the bed. I then have her imagine various scenarios in the grocery store to gauge her response to the various triggers and conditioning placed in to her today.

After more enthusiastic butterscotch and peppermint triggers, I reward her with orgasms and have her show me how she fucks. She ends up in a position that looks like gymnastics. I then decide to have some bondage fun with her using my self adhesive tape bondage tape. I give her various pleasure and orgasm triggers to give her something to do while I tie her up. Once she is restrained, I tease her by using her butterscotch trigger. Unable to do anything else, she opens her mouth wide and starts bobbing her head in my direction. I find this both fascinating and amusing, and I use her trigger a bunch of times and she essentially is reduced to the state of a living blow up doll. I cut her loose and trigger her butterscotch one last time. She leaps on to me. I place her in to the trance state, and deepen her a little. I decide that she should always respond to her butterscotch trigger with that level of intensity.

Then, completely unexpected, I lift her still bound feet and suggest that she has ticklish feet. I watch her squirm and giggle uncontrollably. We begin to wind down the session, and we talk about how intense this session was. She mentions that something like this would probably be too much for a first time, but I decide that in her mind, the idea of me doing this to her the first time we met should be a very sexy idea to her. I give her the appropriate suggestions and then we continue our conversation. I see that she's a little sticky and sweaty and offer her a shower.

[end of session]