Crystal White Hypnotized

76 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2014-12-22

VIP Price: 9.95

Crystal White, is adorable. She has that youthful energy mixing that innocence with that just take me and do naughty things with me vibe. We've been in close contact and we've got some cool stuff planned for the road ahead. It's really exciting.

Additionally, thanks to my new camera setup, I was able to capture her actually squirting as the result of suggestion.

It's kind of an open secret that if you're female and you're in to what I do, and if you're going to be around me for an extended period of time that you might want to bring extra panties. However, to get the actual moment, at the right angle, in the flow if things is just really, really, really cool.

The session went in a lot of directions, and was very intimate and very powerful.

"Crystal White is amazing, is there anything she wouldn't do for you? I'm guessing you have a model and a fan in Crystal. Her response is the best you have had in a while as she completely throws herself into the session. Absolutely amazing."

"But Crystal White... that session contains all the best elements of all my favourite sessions all in the one session...

From her awesome preview session that was irresistible, that drew me in completely, but I was still not prepared for the actual session.

First of all I loved the surprise element with Crystal White, as your surprise was palpable and I could see that you had to readjust your session as her incredible hotness dominated the whole session.

And seeing her juices flowing that absolutely blew my mind, one of the most incredible things I've seen...

I have seen many sessions of yours that I absolutely love, mainly because of the amazing connection that you have with the girls such as Violet, Victoria, Kelly, Vivian and many many more the list is long, but over all the years of loving your work Crystal White's session stands out.

Over the years you always manage to not only maintain such amazing work, but always manage to blow me away and when I think I've seen the best you always show me more, you have a lifetime fan... so all I can say is keep doing what you're doing and a massive thank you!"

What Crystal White Had To Say About The Experience:

"I am so happy that I was able to meet and work with you! I had an amazing experience and I can't wait for more. I keep trying to be casual as I don't want to seem obsessed, but it's basically impossible for me. I can't stop thinking about you. I remember your voice in my ear utter 'pleasure' and I can feel my entire body sing."

"I expected I would enjoy the experience but I had no idea how much. I imagined you would be able to get me to cum on command but I didn't know I could be brought to my knees by the intensity of my orgasms. I feel like this is so perfect for me because I've always known I like to be dominated and this is way beyond that. You have utter control over my body, my pleasure, even my thoughts... You are the only man I fantasize about because this experience with you is so much more exciting than sex w others. Wow. It's so amazing."

"You have made me feel so safe even in such vulnerability. Every fiber of my being longs to obey you and give you complete control. I know at times I looked silly but my mind only thought yes, ok, please more. You wiped away all my inhibitions instantaneously and allowed me to be my sexy wild, cute, horny self. I am counting the minutes until I can be yours again."

"Through trance, we have forged something more intimate than any other relationship in my life. There are moments it feels overwhelming, yet it is always exhilarating. While difficult to describe, it is as though I place my entire being into his hands and allow him to take control. The ability to surrender in such a way is the most peaceful and comforting contact I have ever felt, because I know he is worthy of such trust."