Crystal White Hypnotized 2

66 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2015-01-28

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Crystal White is back with me for a second session. She starts off in this adorable pink coat, and she's like a present to be unwrapped.

I tease her with her attraction to me, and then I squeeze her breasts through her clothes. Then I have her do a little erotic dance, rubbing her hips against my body in an enjoyable way. I have her describe how she feels as she does so, and she tells me that she feels really horny, as she reaches up and touches my face. At my suggestion the intensity of all these feelings double and again and again. I trigger her pleasure and shes really getting heated up.

In a trance and topless, I have Crystal White stand before me at attention. I prepare her to wear my collar. I already have a relationship of dominance to her submission, however now its time to amplify that. While wearing my collar, we create a sense of automatic obedience, like a passenger in her mind and her body, while at the same time all her mind and body wants to do is obey my commands.

At the snap of my fingers, she kisses me, her whole body startled with the intensity of her obedience at the suddenness of my command. She has just enough time to thank me for controlling her before she presses her mouth against mine. She has a dreamy expression on her face as she presses against my body, and then I have her stand at attention again before me.

I use her pleasure triggers. She is aroused and lost in the pleasure. I then run her through my other commands that Ive previously trained her to follow. Pose, Present Your Breasts, and Cum. On the last one she loses her balance and almost falls down. Its very intense for her.

I use her commands some more, and then help myself to her breasts. I ask her how my hand feels on her breast while shes wearing my collar, and she smiles and says that its exciting, sexy. I take control of her will, and reinforce her positive response to me. Then suddenly I command her to show me how she fucks. She embraces me with enthusiasm and does so.

We switch between pleasure and pain as I amplify her spanking, both with my suede leather flogger and my hand.

Crystal White stands before me at attention with a dreamy look on her face. Shes very excited and turned on. I have her strip off the rest of her clothes. She asks, even her cute panties? I tell her yes, even her cute panties. Once shes fully nude, I trigger her pleasure and play with her pussy. She melts in to horniness and pleasure. I tease her.

I then find a creative use for the alphabet song. After, I tease her pussy a little while using her pleasure triggers, and then bring it back to the alphabet song.

We continue exploring from there...