Crystal White Hypnotized 3

59 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-10-06

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It's been a year and a half since I last hypnotized Crystal White. Now, newly single, she's looked me up and told me that she wants me to hypnotize her again. We talk a little about this, and then we begin the session. She is still very sensitive to me and very responsive to my voice. I begin a temple rub induction, but she goes in to a trance state, exhibiting rapid eye movements (REM) immediately.

I give her the suggestion to have the world stop when I say freeze, and to exhibit a state of extreme passive obedience in this state, absorbing my words and commands until I say the word unfreeze, and then continuing along under those effects, without really having a memory of the experience. I have her tell me when her last orgasm was, and under what circumstances.

As she describes her experience, and I ask her questions about what she was thinking about and feeling, I freeze her and suggest that she's hot and wants to take off her jacket. She does so, continuing to talk about her experience. I then freeze her, move her hands to her breasts, and then suggest to her that her bra, and then her shirt is itchy. I watch the effect this has on her. Wasting no time, she takes her bra off. I freeze her again and make her shirt itchy, but decide not to let her off the hook so easily and suggest that she can't take it off. I decide to let her squirm in her itchy shirt for a while, and then suggest that it's become even more itchy. She starts grabbing at her breasts, and I suggest that they feel good.

She's responding favorably to me, and I decide to suggest to her an increased sense of arousal and sexual desire towards me. This has an immediate effect, as her body language indicates that she is quite receptive sexually. I suggest that she play with her pussy in her panties, letting her get really worked up, knowing that she can't bring herself to release without my permission.

In her frozen state I suggest that she finger her pussy while staring at my cock, repeating over and over again, "I want your cock inside my pussy." I suggest to her that she's always regretted not having the chance to feel it inside her in the past. When I unfreeze her, I can see that this idea has taken hold and is effecting her.

I decide to mess with Crystal White a little, and give her the impression that while she wants to touch herself, her whole family can see her. This makes her a little embarrassed and conflicted as she's still very horny. As she touches herself, I have her reminisce about what she found most sexy about our previous sessions together. I take her deeper in to the trance state and continue to give her suggestions to respond favorably to me.

I stick her hands above her head, and tease her a bit. I place my hand on her breast, and she responds very positively. I have her kiss me on command, which she does enthusiastically and without hesitation. I freeze her again and suggest that when she feels my fingers on her pussy, the only words in her mind will be "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master." These thoughts will loop over and over again, and she'll find herself saying them out loud. This has the desired effect on her. I can see that it's affecting her a great deal with it having been a week since her last orgasm, and the fact that I've been hypnotically stimulating her arousal without release for 20 minutes. I have her look in to my eyes as she chants this, feeling and hearing how wet she is coming as I stroke her pussy with my fingers.

I continue to condition her to respond favorably to my touch between her legs, and then I decide to play with her, bringing her back to her earlier recollection of the shower head stimulating her clit. I suggest the water becomes ice cold, and am amused at her response. I place my fingers on her clit and ask her what she's thinking. Even after the distraction, the thought is still there. I place her back in to a deeper trance state.

I bring her out of the trance state, stroking her pussy. She's pawing at my chest. I ask her how many orgasms she has had, and she frowns a little and says none. I can see that she's trapped in her horniness and fixated on me. I drop her back in to the trance state and give her a tickle butt trigger.

I bring her out of the trance state and check on her thoughts as I stroke her pussy. They are singular and fixated. She starts to beg me to let her cum, and I use her tickle butt trigger. I have her stand at attention before me, and while she does so I reinforce this command in her mind. I continue to stimulate her arousal.

I freeze her and have her imagine pleasuring me with her mouth. She groans in pleasure and I can see that she likes the idea. I have her mime in the air how she would do it, and she immediately drops to her knees and does so. I am intrigued, so I have her mime on me how she would do it. She does so. I like what I am seeing and feeling, and she seems to be rather enthusiastic about the idea. I give her a trigger to pleasure me with her mouth on command, and she gets an expression of unrestrained delight and excitement on her face. I bring her out of the trance state, and as she squirms on her knees before me, she tells me that I have something that she wants in there.

I train her to stroke me on command, which she does enthusiastically. I ask her how she feels and she tells me that she just wants to take it out. I give her the trigger to pleasure me with her mouth, but as she pulls on my pants, I use her tickle butt command. She shakes with the tickles, but continues on her mission to get in to my pants. When she gets inside my pants, she very enthusiastically carries out her triggered behavior to pleasure me with her mouth. I reinforce the pleasure and positive feelings that she has while doing so. I then bring her out of the trance state, and use this trigger again. She is still very enthusiastic and appears to be enjoying herself a great deal. I suggest that as she pleasures me with her mouth, her lips feel as sensitive to pleasure as her clit. I notice her style adjust to take full advantage of that sensation, eventually evolving in to her kissing my cock. This is an interesting response, however, I decide that I would enjoy a different stimulation, so I freeze her and suggest that she wants to suck it as deeply as she can. She does so.

I have her stand at attention, trigger her tickle butt, and ask her how she feels. She giggles and tells me that it was awesome. I ask her what she remembers happening, and she answers by saying, "a very thick and delicious cock in my mouth," and giggles some more. I ask her how horny she feels, and she answers that she feels extremely horny. We are now half an hour in to the session, and I've been pushing all of her buttons, but have not given her an orgasm yet, although I could with just a word. I ask her how she is feeling right this moment, and she gets a pleading look and says that she just wants me to touch her and fuck her. I stimulate her arousal even more.

I ask her when the last time she was fucked was, and she thinks about it for a few moments and answers two weeks. I suggest that it feels like it's been longer, and that she can remember masturbating about me over time, regretting that she missed the opportunity to feel my cock inside her pussy. I have her talk about these feelings. I then reinforce these ideas and feelings as I stroker her pussy. I reinforce a sense of dominance over her sexual responses. I decide that I would enjoy using my stroke command, and am pleased to see her pants fly towards my hands, but am surprised and somewhat bemused to see her also drop to her knees. I change gears and give her some light spanking, remembering her mentioning she she had enjoyed it previously.

I touch her pussy and check her thoughts. She answers correctly and I reward her by surprising her with an orgasm. I take her to the bed and trigger more orgasms and watch her melt. I drop her in to the trance and suggest that she resets to just as horny as she was before I triggered her orgasms, and to forget that I had just triggered her orgasms.

I return to the embarrassing theme of being caught and watched as I suggest to her that she's going to masturbate uncontrollably, and that her family can see her and they are making comments, and that she's going to respond to the comments. This gets some interesting dialog. I try some variations on this theme, and I can see that it's a little awkward for her. I relieve her of the audience and let her pleasure herself, briefly, before using her tickle butt command.