Cupcake Hypnotized

62 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2009-12-23

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I meet Cupcake, and begin the induction. She progresses very easily and smoothly into the trance state.

In the trance state, and leaning against me, I suggest that Cupcake feels light as a balloon and that she’s drifting up higher and higher. I then suggest that she feels balloons attached to her hands, pulling them up as a deepening exercise. I begin to suggest feelings of pleasure and arousal, and give her a pleasure trigger that causes her to feel the sensation of the best oral sex of her life. I continue to adjust the feeling of her pleasure trigger, increasing it more and more. I then switch her pleasure trigger from the best oral sex of her life to the best sex of her life.

I suggest that Cupcake’s skin tingles everywhere, and while she’s in my trance her entire body feels like an erogenous zone, that my touch anywhere feels like I’m stroking her clit. I then touch her elbow and watch her response as she licks her lips in a sexy way. This sensation combined with her pleasure command has now melted her in to a state of sexual excitation, and I know that I have her now. I adjust her pleasure command to bring her to the edge of an orgasm. I then give her a trigger to return her to a state of trance.

Now I train Cupcake to orgasm on command. She’s responsive to it, and I take complete control of her pleasure and her orgasms, and train her to feel the experience of the orgasm more intensely. I then give her a trigger that when I say good girl to her, it makes her feel really happy and really good and provides positive reinforcement. I then teach her how to cum on command.

From a state of complete relaxation, I trigger multiple orgasms and then train her to climax on command.

I bring Cupcake to a more normal state of mind and get her feedback on her experience so far. I have her look in to my eyes and feel pleasure while she tries to describe it. I then take her back in to the trance state, triggering multiple orgasms.

I suggest to Cupcake that every word I speak is like a gentle kiss between her legs. I place a suggestion in her mind to strip on my command. I then get her down to her bra and panties. After triggering more pleasure, I have her take off her bra, and notice how her fingertips linger over her breasts. So I suggest that she continues to touch them.

I decide to give Cupcake a gift. However, I first have her strip off her panties. Then I explain to her how a man orgasms and have her experience it. Since she’s close to me, and seems to be very comfortable being in physical contact with me, I decide to explore this further. First, I bring her awareness to everywhere that we are in contact, and check her feelings.

I place a freeze command in to her mind. I then bring her to a more normal state of mind. I ask her if she believes, and she says that she does. I then ask her about what it feels like, and her response is very positive. I acknowledge that she is a very tactile person, and give her permission to place my hand anywhere that she would like on her body. She places it on her thigh and then moves it to her breast of her own free will. I ask her how it feels, and she tells me that it feels good. I then use my freeze command on her. This time, we explore the flip side of her tactile nature, by placing her hands very close but freezing them away, teasing her by denying her the sensation that she desires so strongly.

I give cupcake a combination orgasm, cum and climax suggestion with a physical trigger anytime I give her breast a little cup and squeeze. I ask her if she enjoys the pleasure and she says yes. I ask her if she enjoys the contact, and she says yes. So I continue to use the physical trigger. I then have her look in to my eyes and suggest that she believes that she’s having sexual intercourse and that its the best sex of her life.

At the snap of my fingers I suggest that we are in the middle of her sexual fantasy. However, to my surprise, I find that she is uncomfortable sharing it.

I lead Cupcake through a progressive relaxation exercise to deepen her trance and to relieve her of any stress and tension from her daily life. I accentuate the process with orgasms.

Once more I attempt to glean a little more about Cupcake’s inner sexuality. She’s uncomfortable sharing that, but not uncomfortable responding to my commands to orgasm, so I continue with that, unconcerned about the internal mechanisms of her fantasy life.

I use Cupcake’s freeze command to bind her hands above her head, and then I suggest that she’s being tickled. This switches to an orgasm.

I train her withe some of my slave commands. Attention, present your breasts, and pose.

I bring Cupcake in to a more normal state of consciousness, and run through my various triggers with her.

I give Cupcake some suggestions related to good sleep and stress relief. After helping her to relax and have stress relief, I suggest that there is an ice cube in her vagina, and then one in her ass.

I dress Cupcake in preparation for the end of the session. I trigger orgasms while I dress her.

I bring Cupcake to a waking state, and ask her what she remembered of the experience. The only thing that she knows is that she feels really good. I play around with her triggers, and then decide to show her the orgasm in reverse. I then give her the intense experience of having her orgasm forward and then in reverse through a few rapid cycles. We then wrap up the session.