Dahlia Hypnotized

80 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2013-12-14

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Dahlia has never been hypnotized before, and is a little nervous. I taker her hands in to mine, and have her focus her eyes on them. There’s an excitement in her expression as she listens to my voice, focusing on it an nothing else. Within the first two minutes of the session, we see her facial expressions go from nervous excitement, to anticipation, to a relaxed and passive receptive state.

We go through a progressive relaxation exercise, and she becomes loose in my arms, drawing close in to me. I relax her deeper and deeper, smoothly and easily. She transitions easily in to the trance state and I evaluate her responsiveness with the balloon test. It has a ver profound internal affect on her. I guide her right arm and her left arm fills in the blank and mirrors the motion in line with the imagination of the balloons. I introduce a sense of euphoria and pleasure with the test, and them add the suggestion that she’s being tickled. She’s highly responsive to this suggestion.

I switch the intensity immediately in to pleasure and suggest vibration in that special spot. She starts to move a bit, so I relax her. I let go of her hand and it drops loose. I increase her arousal as I raise her hand, triggering a soft and relaxed orgasm. I then slow things down through a deepening, taking her in to a dreamlike state. I ramp up the intensity, having her get in to motion while in a trance and then, I relax her and deepen her trance state. I have her count back from 30 to 1 going deeper with every number, increasing her relaxation and obedience with every number that she counts.

I freeze her mid count, suggesting feelings of pleasure in different specific parts of her body. She becomes more and more visibly aroused in response to these suggestions. I then begin to train her to make the sounds of pleasure when she feels pleasure. I have her continue counting and watch as she continues to increase her arousal and stimulation. I freeze her again, and she’s quietly panting, I further increase her arousal, and let her finish counting. She’s very aroused now, and I give her a good girl trigger. She’s now completely fixated on my voice and uncontrollably aroused.

I continue to trigger her arousal, strengthening the effects of her pleasure command. I suggest that tonight, she is a creature of pleasure, completely devoted to pleasure and feeling a definite tingle on her clit with every word that I speak while she’s in hypnosis. I have her nod her head when she’s ready to give herself permission to experience the full experience of erotic hypnosis. She nods her head while quietly moaning. I trigger another orgasm, and the response is more intense, and she starts to move a little, and softly and quietly making noise.

I notice that her intensity doesn’t match what she’s showing, and I ask her if she had an experience in her past that made her think that she needed to be quiet when she feels pleasure. She nods yes, and I turn that off for the night. I suggest to her that she’s having the best sex of her life, exploring her memories of sex, and drawing her out. She gets more and more aroused, her body more loose and responsive, and she lets go more and more. I train her to cum on command, then relax her.

I suggest to her that she feels like she’s getting ready to take a shower, and that she should take off her clothes like she would when she takes a shower. She does so and starts squeezing her breasts. I ask her if she’s ever been in the shower and felt incredibly turned on. She nods yes, and I trigger pleasure and follow her with the camera as she takes her waterless shower. I instruct her to give herself a little squeeze and a little stroke. I suggest that she’s having a sexual fantasy, that she’s aroused and more turned on than she’s ever been in her life. She gets really in to it and it’s incredibly sexy. I make her want an orgasm more than she’s ever wanted one, but I block her response. I keep on suggesting increasing in pleasure, and sensitivity and arousal. I suggest that she touch herself the way she does when she’s by herself. I then tell her to repeat and believe “I’m horny, this feels good,” over and over again while she touches herself. This brings out even more sensual motion from her. I re-link her pleasure command to connect her to this moment and state, and then trigger her most intense orgasm. I give her permission to have a really good orgasm, and give the camera some good closeups of her sexy body.

I bring her down to the ground and suggest that she’s no longer in the shower, but in her bed. She’s on the floor with one hand between her legs, and her other hand squeezing her tit. I position her in the perfect place, and suggest that she’s more horny than she’s ever been in her life. I take control over her pleasure and ask her how she feels about it. She tells be that she likes it and it feels good and she wants to come. Even though I gave her an instruction that she could have little orgasms, she still wants to cum, and I”m in control over that.

Now she’s on the floor, twitch in pleasure, and I suggest that when I touch her shoulder she is going to bark like a dog. She does so as she’s still grabbing at and playing with herself. We see her pussy from every angle as she rolls on the floor, and I’ve taken full control. I have her look deep in to my eyes. I ask her how she feels and she tells me that she feels like she wants to fuck. I ask her who she wants to fuck and she points at me with both hands. I ask her if there’s anywhere I can’t touch her body, and she says her pussy. Then she corrects herself and says inside her pussy.

As she writhes on the floor in pleasure, knowing that I control her sexually, I explore her body with my hands. She’s in a state of ecstasy, loving that touch. My hand on the inside of her thigh, brushing up against her excited pussy. She affirms that it feels good and she enjoys it. I tease her closer to the most intense orgasm of her life. One hand between her legs, the other hand squeezing her tit, and I trigger it, leading in to multiple orgasms, and then cumming on command.

I relax her on the ground and her body looks so peaceful and delicious as she catches her breath. I reinforce how good she feels, and then deepen her trance state while I focus the camera from toes to head, getting a good look at her body. I drop her deep in the middle of counting and trigger an orgasm as we are close up on her breast and face, seeing every little detail of her expression as her breasts heave. I modify her orgasm trigger, suggest tickles, and then trigger pleasure waking her up in the middle of that. She’s smiling and feels wonderful.

I ask her about her experience, and take her through her triggers while in this state. I then place her back in to the trance sate and have her continue counting. I blank her mind and trace my fingers over her sexy, soft, horny body. I deepen her trance state suggesting that she feels sexy and that she feels great. I say pleasure and she starts writhing on the floor in ecstasy and starts to masturbate again, feeling very horny. I give her words to think and believe while she strokes her pussy. As she says these words she gets even hornier. The words are, “I am completely obedient.” She says this over and over again, squeezing her tits, moving her legs, squeezing them and spreading them.

I tell her to nod her head if she wants to feel my touch on her body. She does. I ask her where she wants to feel it, and she says “everywhere,” in a dreamy and sexy way. I touch her to my enjoyment, and she starts spontaneously orgasming. The entire time she is repeating “I am completely obedient.” I tell her that she can the back of my hand if she wants, and she does. I then suggest that she being fucked and she loses it completely, climaxing loudly. I link this back to her trigger and have her describe what she’s feeling but she can’t because she is moaning in pleasure. I suggest that all her nervousness is gone and she is free to completely enjoy the pleasure.

I bring her back to her feet, getting a good look at her cute ass as we do so. I have her describe how she feels and she says that she feels really good. I think for a moment as I hold this obedient and horny sexy woman in my arms. I then trigger her pleasure and orgasms and enjoy how she feels writhing in pleasure in my arms. At the count of three I suggest that she’s going to go deeper in to hypnosis and have her body show me what she does when she’s having sex. She does so and wraps her legs around me, rubbing her breasts and pussy against me. She grabs on to me. I ask her if she wants to use my body for her pleasure and she says yes between moans.

I’m in my tuxedo and she’s completely naked and hypnotized, standing in my arms. I’m holding up her leg and through hypnosis and suggestion she feels like she’s fucking me. I have her look in to my eyes and ask her if she wants to use my body for her pleasure. She does, and I give her permission to enjoy my body. I tease and build her up to the most incredible orgasm, and she physically loses control over her body. She cuts hard, and when she relaxes she thanks me. I ask her if she’s ever felt that way before, and she says yes, but that it’s been a while. We talk a bit establishing comfort. I stroke her body and have her describe how she feels as I touch her different parts. She’s been in continuous pleasure but we bring back the intensity. I pick her up and she orgasms in my arms. I localize the location of her next 3 orgasms, and each of them has a very pronounced effect on her. Then, while still holding her, I have her feel all three of these at the same time that she feels that she’s having sex, and this has a very spectacular result.

I relax her on the ground for a moment, she has this blank and spent expression. I give her a command to rise to her feet, and she obeys it instantly. Back on her feet and standing in my arms I give her a visual hallucination that influences her emotions, suggesting that she’s watch a funny movie on a movie screen. I shift it to a documentary on oil, and how the different member nations affect the price of gas. Then she’s watching a very romantic movie that she can’t take her eyes off of and it’s turning her on and making her fantasize and bringing out her desire. I wake her up from hypnosis with that emotion still there, giggling. I talk with her for a moment about my philosophy about silly stage hypnosis stuff. I relax her back in to the trance.

I trigger her pleasure and she squeezes her breast and rubs against me. I have her look in to my eyes, and suggest that her eyes are getting heavier and heavier. She becomes tranced and passive and relaxed. Docile in my arms. I trigger her trance. I bring her out of the trance even hornier and aroused and now my touch is super ticklish. I tickle her and she squirms in horny sexy pleasure. I make the tickles more sensitive and she wiggles and jiggles in sexy giggles. I tickle her legs and boobies and then I trigger a strong orgasm. She squirms and twitches and lets out a surprised expletive. It’s so easy for me to take her from completely relaxed to maximum stimulation and relaxed again. I am in complete control over her pleasure.

I tell her to nod her head if she feels good being submissive in my arms. I trace my fingers over her body. I give her the suggestion that she’s going to look in to my blue eyes at the snap of my fingers, and that they will be the most beautiful blue eyes she’s ever seen and that she’s going to shamelessly flirt with me. She’s horny and squirming sexily in my arms telling me that she wants me. I smile and thank her, and tease her with my voice. I have her completely focused on me and completely turned on. We get a tight close up on her expression as I tease her. I have her focus on my lips. I keep increasing her arousal and drawing her out. She wraps herself around me and I turn her and open her expression. We can see how intimately connected she is to me and I give her a choice for her next orgasm, that I’ve been steadily teasing, whether she wants it in a semi awake state or a deep trance. She chooses deep trance, and I take her there. She goes completely wild. I suggest that she’s having the best sex of her life. You can get peeks of how her pussy is responding and opening up to that suggestion and I trigger another very intense orgasm.

I have her count backwards, deepening her trance and at the end of the count she’s frozen as a mannequin. She’s passive, blank, and relaxed. I brush the hair out of her face, and pose her. She is passive and frozen. I place her arms above her head, and feel her up, squeezing her boobs, she’s completely relaxed. Then I surprise her with all the feelings and sensations that she wasn’t noticing all at once. I put her back in to that state and play with her some more. I bring her out of it in to orgasmic bliss.

I have her jog in place. She does so, automatically, holding nothing back. It catches her by surprise. I have her do jumping jacks on command, as fast as she can and then trigger a surprise orgasm, which catches her in a different way and intensity. I give her the command to stand at attention. I trigger it and she snaps to attention. I instruct her to do jumping jacks as fast as she can. I trigger her orgasm and it’s intense. She starts to fall and I catch her. We’ve taken her to a complete loss of self control, cumming on command. I explore this powerful trigger in her.

It’s very intense, so I give her a second to catch her breath. Then I use my new depth in to her mind to increase the energy of her orgasm. I then have her jog and jumping jacks to build up the physical intensity and then trigger a quivering shaking orgasm in her.

I relax her and make her bark like a dog when I touch her on the shoulder. She automatically responds, so I add an orgasm to that trigger. I add in a slight feeling of embarrassment to the suggestion and I can see that we’ve reached her limit. I bring her out of hypnosis, and while she gets dressed she mentions that her pussy is soaked. She puts her clothes on and we talk for a few moments about the session.

I place her back in to hypnosis. I give her some positive suggestions to place her in a good mood beyond the session, and then bring her to a relaxed, total body orgasm. I have her giggle and laugh and they go in to the orgasm and it’s beautiful and sexy. I thank her for volunteering, and wake her up at the conclusion of a rolling orgasm.

"Thank you Aaron. I just finished watching Dahlia and I really had to comment and say that this is by far your best one yet for me. I watched it from induction to final conclusion and paid close attention to everything. I even laughed at your expression when you almost didn't catch her from falling. (I was surprised and worried for 2 seconds.) That was priceless.

Beautiful 10 body. Completely open minded and good sport: 10. Sexual obedience gradually increasing: 10. Perfect pussy (you have to admit that yourself). 10 10 10 10! Audio and video was good when watching on my main big TV. I appreciated the camera support you had as well. You also finished just in time when she was getting tired and I also like your subjects in a dress rather than slacks but that might just be me.

This video also has the benefit of high-re-watch-ability. One can watch this one many times and never tire of it. Another thing I appreciated was there was less redundant 'silly' stuff... this one was a perfect combination. You used some great techniques and your confidence in yourself was very high and you were always in complete control.

I also love that you just don't suddenly end it but have a nice encore and let us know that you are in charge of your subject 100% and there is no compromise. I know you take your work very seriously and it shows.

Amazing and again. Well done. PERFECTION!"

"That was pretty amazing. I'm going to go on out on a limb here and guess that she was likely your favorite subject you've ever had. This is going to be a huge hit."

"Any chance Dahlia will come back for another session? The first video was the most spectacular piece of work you or any erotic hypnotist has ever done!"

" I remember being taken by the passion in the Victoria session, on top of the fact that she was incredibly hot. Dahlia was like that... totally taken away to another place, and so unbelievably hot. I think Jen might fit that category too!"

"What wasn't there to enjoy with Dahlia Hypnotized? It was her first time hypnotized, she was highly responsive and orgasmic for over an hour and you basically had her cumming so intensely at the end she had to tap out. I liked the techniques you used at the end -- the jogging and barking like a dog with orgasms. I had a lot of fun watching this video."

"Dahlia was an extremely responsive subject and it was incredible to see her go from somewhat reserved and restrained to completely letting loose her sexual energy. She was extremely attractive and I have immensely enjoyed several replays of your session with her."