Danielle Hypnotized

64 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-09-08

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I discuss Danielle's previous experiences trying hypnosis recordings in the past. I then move in to the hypnotic induction process with her. I can immediately see that she's very responsive to my suggestions, as her eyelids respond very quickly to the effects that I describe. She starts to sway a little on her feet, and her fingers get a little twitch as she starts nodding off. I lead her through a progressive relaxation exercise, and am pleased with the results. I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. When I let go of her hands, they drop limp and loose.

After the progressive relaxation exercise, I have her count backwards from 20 to 1, spacing each number with the phrase, "I am hypnotized, I am very sleepy." I freeze her mid counting and suggest that she's being tickled. I see her twitching but not yet giggling and it occurs to me that the freeze suggestion is interfering with her giggling from the tickles. I suggest that even though she's frozen the tickles make her laugh, and in short order she is reduced to giggling uncontrollably. I give her the tickle butt command. I then switch the tickles to erotic pleasure. This has an immediate effect on her, and I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me.

I suggest arousal and horniness, and give her the pleasure command. I then distract her with her tickle butt, before having her continue counting. I freeze her mid count again, and stimulate her pleasure and arousal some more. I then have her describe how she is feeling. She is quivering with arousal and horniness. I ask her some questions about her last orgasm, and how she had this orgasm. I ask her about the frequency that she has sex, and in the course of answering these questions I find out that she is a very horny girl. She then admits that she was excited by the idea of getting hypnotized by me, and that she has fantasized about it. I probe these fantasizes and she answers that she fantasized about being hypnotized and then touched. I then start to touch her progressively more intimately, probing her thoughts and feelings the whole time. I gain access to touching her breasts whenever I feel the desire to do so.

I give her the command to embrace me as she would a lover on command. I use this command and she wraps her body around mine. As she presses against me, she can feel my arousal, and I ask her how this makes her feel. She tells me that it makes her feel horny. I brush her hair out of her face as she's pressed up against me in my arms, and I give her a suggestion to kiss me on command. She does so enthusiastically, and I reward her with her first triggered orgasm. She's twitching and doing everything that she can do to be quiet, so I suggest that she makes the sounds of pleasure when I trigger this pleasure in her. I then have her kiss me again. Immediately I can feel the effect that the orgasm has had on her kissing style. I train her to cum on my command.

I ask her if she has anything to tie her hair back. She shakes her head no. I give her a suggestion directly linking the feeling of me touching her hair with pleasure in her pussy. I then suggest to her that she will believe that I'm the world's best kisser, and I kiss her again and trigger an orgasm mid kiss. I suggest to her that even through her clothes my touch makes her pussy feel really good. I then bring her out of the trance state and have her tell me how she feels as she caries out each of the triggers.

Danielle is becoming more and more openly sexual and forward in her sexual desires, and I have trained her with a good core of triggered responses, all before removing any clothing.

I give her a silly suggestion regarding difficulty removing her clothes, but it doesn't really take. This doesn't really bother me since all the triggered behavior that I like to use has pretty much been installed and accepted. I have her take off her clothes. After she takes off her shirt, I suggest that her bra is tickling her. I watch her bounce, giggle and squirm for a short time, and then have her continue taking off her clothes. I see how she responds to the pleasure command associated with my touching her breasts now that there are no clothes in the way. She responds quite nicely. I use her kiss trigger and trigger a few orgasms. I then drop her deep in to the trance and relax her, before having her strip everything below the waist. I then bring out a little silliness by having her bark like a cute little puppy dog the next four times I tap her nipple. She is now naked before me.

I have her continue her countdown, and I stroke her pussy. I freeze her countdown and train her to spread her legs on my command. I explore her thoughts and feelings on my stroking her pussy and she is enjoying it. I then trigger orgasms. I then train her to have sexual climaxes on my command.

I give her a suggestion that causes her to have a strong emotional response when she looks in to my eyes. I give her the word Master to think of me in her mind with, and then I have her masturbate while she looks in to my eyes.

Danielle is shaking and quivering with sexual arousal and at the snap of my fingers I suggest that she will be very sexually forward with me. She pounces on me, wrapping her body around mine and kissing me deeply, I grab her tight ass and enjoy the moment.

I ask her in her waking state what the next number she must count, she giggles and says that she doesn't know. I drop her into trance and she immediately and softly answers, six. I have her continue counting while I stroke her pussy. When she finishes the countdown, I give her the mantra "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master," and have her repeat it while staring in to my eyes, having an spontaneous orgasm when she has taken it in to her. She only makes it through about three repetitions when the orgasm takes her.

I stroke her pussy while learning more about her sexual history. I ask her how many men she has been with, and how old she was when she first had sex. I find out that she's only just started having sex within the last year, as she is just a few months away from her 19th birthday. This leads me to find out that she was a very horny teenager who masturbated a lot. I channel some of this pent up sexual energy in to her feelings towards me.

I continue to explore her thoughts and feelings about sex, and I ask her if she enjoys orally pleasuring a man. I'm somewhat surprised to hear that she does not. I see if there's any leeway in her feelings by having her fantasize about it, and it snaps her out of the trance state. She's not upset or resistant, and I take her back in to the trance. At this point any time I ask her what she's thinking about her answer is sex.

I slow things down a little and relax her while taking a slow closeup up and down look at her body. I have her stare in to my eyes ans I run my hands through her hair. I ask her if she's ever had a Master before, and this leads to an exploration of her kink side, including a very interesting and amusing story from her past experience. In the process I see that there is a little bit of existing trained infrastructure in her mind, and I make use of this. The effect on her is very amusing as you can see an intensity in her face and her eyes go wide, clearly tapping in to something primal in her.

I suggest to her that she can feel me inside her and to show me how she fucks. She goes wild. I then slow things down and train her to pose on command and to present her breasts. We do some hypno-spanking, and then I enjoy her one more time before wrapping up the session.