DJ Skye Hypnoslave

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I begin the session with DJ Skye by asking what she remembered from last time. She doesn’t seem to remember much, so I begin reminding her about how we started, using this as an induction.

I continue hypnotizing DJ Skye, using my modified – orgasm now – progressive relaxation induction.

I remind DJ Skye that last time we went from her feeling tickled, to her feeling an orgasm. I then tell her that this time we are going to go from orgasms to tickles. Then back to another orgasm.

I suggest that DJ Skye is on a beach, being massaged, and enjoying the environment with all her sense. I then suggest that the waves of the ocean are like a tongue licking her, again and again and again.

Continuing the beach metaphor, I give DJ Skye a series of suggestions that encourages her to take off her clothes. After that, I have her bask in the sun, before giving her an orgasm that takes her off her feet.

I use the three triggers that I gave DJ Skye in the last session that causes her pleasure when I breath on, rub my nose against, and kiss her ear.

I begin making DJ Skye my HypnoSlave. I attach her to the cross using only suggestion.

Using the muscle memory and after affects of attaching her to the cross using only suggestion, I train her mind and body to feel an increase in the effects of my commands to her to orgasm, cum, and climax. I then increase the sensation of her ticklishness as well. DJ Skye is responding very well to sensory hallucinations.

I ask DJ Skye what her ultimate fantasy is. I’m pleased to find that she answers the same way as when I asked her this last time. So I reward her with experiencing her fantasy via hypnosis. I then have her take off her top, and then she orgasms explosively and it brings her to the floor.

I collar DJ Skye and take her fully under my power as my HypnoSlave. I then give her a lot of pleasure.

It’s now time to place the fishnet body stockings on DJ Skye that will complete her slave uniform. Unfortunately, I realize that I’ve forgotten how to place them on her painlessly. You can see me expression my confusion, and then eventually my frustration, while she remains there blissfully unaware. I try a number of strategies to get her in to her uniform, and run in to repeated difficulties, as I realize her candy and collar are going to get in the way. This clip is a bit of unintended comic relief from the temptation to take things too seriously. However, it’s also a good example of how to keep things going even if things aren’t working perfectly. Even so, we see her restrained by the stockings, and that creates sexy sensations for her.

In the midst of orgasms, DJ Skye’s fishnet body stockings attach to the button of my Tuxedo, and I have to deal with it as I take care not to break her focus. I find the irony of giving her statements about how powerful I am as her Master, while desperately trying to get free of the snag to be too hilarious to pass up. I get free, and give her more orgasms. This time I phrase the suggestions to come faster, harder, as a parody of the lyrics to a raver song, an inside joke. I then suggest that she take off her panties. Afterwards I give her orgasm after orgasm to an intensity that leaves her shaking.

I continue to struggle with dressing DJ Skye in her HypnoSlave uniform. She continues to be blissfully unaware of this, as she continues to simmer in her arousal and desire. I even have her ignore my voice for 30 seconds, while I talk to the camera.

DJ Skye’s slave uniform is complete, and she is now completely my HypnoSlave. I continue to cause her to feel pleasure as I run my hands along her slave uniform. Then I trigger orgasms as I have her kneel before me, giving me her thoughts.

I bring DJ Skye to her feet, feeling happiness and pleasure. She stands at attention before me, waiting for instructions, waiting for orders. She’s proud to be my HypnoSlave, and is ready to obey. In instruct her to trace her hands over her body, pretending they were mine, as she feels pleasure.

I use the flogger of ticklishness on DJ Skye.

DJ Skye’s slave uniform has gotten caught in one of my buttons again, so as I free myself, I have her feel tickled and pleasure while she kneels in her posture of obedience.

DJ Sky feels that she’s having sex, while she looks in to my eyes.

After changing the tape, I suggest that DJ Skye feels pleasure. Then that she feels like she’s being kissed all over. Then I place restraints on her wrists.

I’m snared in DJ Skye’s fishnet body stocking, so I keep her busy with suggestions while I free myself. I continue to deepen her trance, and reinforce her obedience to me.

I increase the potency of DJ Skye’s pleasure triggers by linking it with her servitude to her master.

I place DJ Skye on a leash, and lead her around, at first while she’s standing up, and then while she’s on her hands and knees. I then make her bark like a dog while causing her to orgasm.

I ask DJ Sky if she is enjoying herself, every item one at a time. She responds favorably. As I ask her if she enjoys the pleasure, I see that her hands fly between her legs. I tug on her leash and find that she’s got some power behind her desire to place her hands between her legs, and this give me an idea. I suggest that when I trigger her pleasure, she’ll feel the need and desire to pleasure herself, but I deny this to her and watch the effects.

I suggest that DJ Skye believes that she is wearing a pink dress, and is dancing with me as I ask talk with her about being hypnotized.

Still chained, I use DJ Skye’s orgasm triggers to cause her to feel pleasure, and want to pleasure herself physically, but I prevent her from being able to do the latter.

I suggest that DJ Skye feels 10 orgasms that all last for a fraction of a second, one after each other on my command. I then continue to frustrate her desire to pleasure herself, building up more and more, until finally I give her some relief in my arms.

I take of DJ Skye’s candy while I have her reflect on how wonderful it feels to be hypnotized. I then have her decide whether she wants to remember the session, or whether she wants it to remain a sexy dream to her. I then proceed to take off her slave uniform. As I pull off the last of her fishnets, I give her the relaxed orgasm.

I suggest that DJ Skye is going back to the beach as I dress her. A few items get placed on backwards, but we take care of that. I also decide to give her orgasms as she tries to pull her pants on.

I wrap up the session with DJ Skye, and talk with her a little bit after. [ End of session. ]