DJ Skye Hypnotized

113 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-01-07

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We begin the session with DJ Skye, a DJ in the local rave community. I ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before, and she says no. I then ask her if she’s seen it done, and she says yes. I ask her what she thinks about it, and she says that she’s skeptical. I address her skepticism by hypnotizing her.

I continue to deepen DJ Skye’s trance, and evaluate her responsiveness to suggestion with the balloon test.

I give DJ Sky suggestions of pleasure and arousal, and associate my voice with her pleasure.

I suggest that DJ Sky is being tickled, and then those feelings of being tickled switch to erotic pleasure. I suggest that she’s in the arms of the sexiest man on earth, and that she feels the best oral sex of her life. Then I suggest that she is feeling the best sex of her life.

I continue to condition DJ Skye to respond favorably to my voice. I also give her hypnotic triggers to feel pleasure when I say the word pleasure, and to orgasm when I say orgasm now. I also give her a trigger to return her to hypnosis when I say sleep now or touch her forehead. I test her triggers and watch her experience a lot of pleasure and orgasms. I then give her triggers to cum and climax on my command.

I ask DJ Skye how she feels, then I have her stare in to my eyes, as I give her pleasure and orgasms.

I lead DJ Skye through a progressive relaxation exercise, bringing her to a state of total peace and relaxation.

DJ Skye is in a deep state of hypnosis and is completely relaxed. I suggest that she feels pleasure, and that she feels sexy and confident, that she’s a beautiful woman feeling pleasure. I suggest that she feels confident in her body and that she feels pleasure. I also suggest that everywhere that she can feel my touch it’s like I’m stroking an erogenous zone on her body.

I suggest that DJ Skye feels warm, that she’s at the beach, and that she’s over dressed for the beach. She takes off her shirt, and I reward her with pleasure.

I have DJ Skye tell me her sexual fantasy. She tells me how it’s of having someone go down on her while she’s DJing. I reward her with pleasure, and then hypnotically have her live her fantasy. In the height of pleasure I suggest that she rip off her shirt.

I suggest that the pleasure will get better if she take off her pants, and she does. In the middle I start to trigger orgasms and she nearly collapses to the floor. I then trigger even more pleasure before dropping her deeper in to hypnosis.

I control the intensity of DJ Skye’s orgasm by lifting her hands, and then the suddenness of her cumming by dropping them.

I instruct DJ Skye to stare in to my eyes as she feels incredible amounts of pleasure. I then suggest that she wants to take off her bra and toss it away. She does so, and I reward her with more pleasure.

I suggest that DJ Skye is feeling that she’s having sex, but that her panties are getting in to her way. She takes them off, and I reward her with an intensity of orgasms, one after another after another, and then I drop her deep in to a trance. Included in the orgasms are two batches of three high intensity, extremely quick orgasms.

I turn DJ Skye in to a mannequin, and as she’s frozen, take her to new heights of pleasure. I reinforce the idea that my touch brings her pleasure, suggesting that anywhere I touch her it feels like I’m stroking her clit. Naturally she enjoys me posing her a great deal. When I release her from being a mannequin, I suggest that she pulls my hands to where she wants to feel them.

I ask DJ Skye to share everything that she’s feeling and thinking, as if she were talking to a best friend. I also ask her what it feels like as I say each of my triggers for her.

I ask DJ Skye if she’s ever been spanked for pleasure before, and she says yes. I ask if she enjoyed it, and she says yes. So I do some hypno-spanking with her. I have her count backwards, deepening her trance as I prepare my equipment. I notice that she’s so suggestible to my words at this point, that she feels the spanking as I describe the command to her. When I feel that I’ve brought her to the height of pleasure, I drop her down deep in to hypnosis.

I use hypnotic suggestion to entice DJ Skye in to wanting a kiss, more than anything she’s ever wanted before. The buildup is slow and intense, and when she finally succumbs to her desire, she is rocked with an orgasm. I then lay her down to fantasize while I change the tape.

Starting with a good close up, we watch DJ Skye feel pleasure. Fantasizing about the hypnotist, I suggest that she will be drawn to me with all her passion, and I give her more orgasms.

I suggest that she feels a vibrator between her legs. I then have her get to her feet, but between the orgasms and the vibrator, she has a very hard time.

I bring DJ Skye close to a waking state, with the suggestion that she really wants me to notice her and to pay attention to her. While she is focused on me, I turn to the camera and monolog about pleasure, as she responds to my triggers in the background.

I condition DJ Skye to feel various sensations depending on what I do to her ear.

I suggest that DJ Skye is being tickled, and then the sensations switch to extremely detailed descriptions of oral sex.

I give DJ Skye suggestions for a good night’s sleep later. I then ask her if she’s ready to feel the most intense orgasm of the night. She says that she as, and she does.

I suggest that DJ Skye feels like she’s floating, while I start to dress her. I have a little difficulty with her bra, and have her snap it together. She informs me that it’s upside down, and I reward her with an orgasm that brings her to her knees.

I place the idea of giving and receiving oral pleasure in to DJ Skye’s mind, and then proceed to give her lots of pleasure at my suggestion.

DJ Skye pleasures herself as she listens to my words.

I suggest that everywhere that she touches her candy to her skin, it feels neat. Then I give her more pleasure.

I have DJ Sky float up in to the air drawn by her hands, and watch her feel pleasure as she’s stretched out. Then I place her shirt back on her.

I place DJ Skye’s panties on her, and as we try to get them in place, I trigger a lot of orgasms.

I turn DJ Skye in to a cute little puppy dog.

I have DJ Skye think sexy thoughts as I pick up her pants. As I place her pants back on to her, I suggest that first she’s being tickled, then she’s cumming, and that she has to pull her pants on while she feels this.

I suggest that DJ Skye caress her breasts in the way she likes to be touched. Then we dress her back in her shirt and her hair ribbons.

I turn DJ Skye in to a kitty cat.

I begin the wrap up and give DJ Skye a lot of pleasure while she’s in a state that resembles the waking state.

I wrap up the session with DJ Skye with a lot of pleasure.

"It felt very intimate and personal, and she got really into it."