DJ Skye Hypnotized 2

116 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2007-04-04

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I begin the session by having DJ Skye count herself in to a light trance, followed by the use of a trance trigger. After that I do a staircase creative visualization deepener. In her mind, she sees herself walking down a staircase to a big party, excited to get to the bottom, and in to a deep trance. As I lead her in to a state of hypnosis, I suggest feelings of pleasure and arousal.

I continue the hypnotic process with DJ Skye with the balloon test, where I suggest that a big balloon is tied to her left hand, and a heavy CD case is in her right hand, and watch as she responds to these suggestions.

I give DJ Skye suggestions of pleasure that cause her to feel very turned on and incredibly horny.

Now that DJ Skye is very aroused, I give her a post hypnotic trigger that causes her to feel very attracted to me every time I say the word hypnotized. I then wake her up and talk to her for a bit. I suggest that she will feel lust and arousal and that it will occur to her that she really wants to take me to bed.

I’m getting ready to give DJ Skye a creative visualization to take her to a far away place that I’ve been to before. I place her back in to the trance state, and then give her a lot of pleasure, reinforcing her enjoyment of being hypnotized by me. I then ask her how she feels, and she tells me that she is very turned on. I ask her if she knows why, and she doesn’t. But it doesn’t matter.

I give DJ Skye a creative visualization set in the tulip fields outside of Amsterdam in the springtime.

I suggest to DJ Skye that when she sits down on the chair that it will feel like a giant vibrator and give her pleasure. As I let her feel it’s affects, we somehow end up talking about the television show, "Robot Chicken.". I then give her a pleasure trigger to send her over the edge, and then watch her squirm for a while.

I ask DJ Skye about what the experience of sitting on the chair was like. Then I give her a few orgasms. It occurs to me to have her jog in place, so I do, and while she’s running I trigger an orgasm. She collapses to the floor, and I suggest that the floor tickles her.

I give DJ Skye some thoughts to believe, and then give her my old orgasm water suggestion. This causes her to become thirsty for water, and as she drinks the water she becomes more aroused. I also suggest that she’s stuck to her chair, and then I wake her up, distracting her with the idea that I just told her the funniest joke she’s ever heard. While she drinks her water, I explain how tonight’s session is a little bit different from our normal sessions. I then watch her succumb to the effects of the water and the suggestion.

This clip is the continuation of the orgasm water suggestion. I make small talk DJ Skye while waiting to see how the water suggestion continues to affect her. She asks for her water again, and it continues to have it’s affect on her. Eventually, I realize that I’ve handed her much too large of a bottle of water. So I adjust the suggestion a little to speed things up a bit. I tease her a bit with the water from time to time while she’s stuck to her chair. While she continues through her water, I continue to make small talk, and explain to her my philosophy on humor. Specifically the idea of funny once, funny always, and funny never… This is at the core of the reasons why I try to avoid these type of suggestions during my videos, the ones that require small talk while they wait to take effect…

I suggest that DJ Skye’s finger is being pulled towards her forehead, and that she can’t stop it, and when it touches, she will drop in to a deep trance. I then put the idea in to her mind that she is the sexiest and best stripper in the universe and that she wants to prove it by dancing for me. I then mix pleasure with her dancing. As I increase the intensity of her pleasure, I notice that when she orgasms she sort of gets overwhelmed and loses control and sort of just twitches and stuff, but that on her next orgasm, she’ll keep control and express how it makes her feel in her movement of her body.

I ask DJ Skye to describe what those orgasms felt like. Then when she mentions that the motion added to it, I decide to have her jog in place while I trigger more. After that I sit her down on the chair and suggest that she’s having sex with it. I then watch as she does a little dance for each of her types of pleasures. Then she’s exhausted and drops to the floor, where she is tickled again.

DJ Skye returns to the chair, which starts having sex with her again. I bring her to the edge of pleasure, and then leave her hanging a little bit as I draw it out.

On the count of three, DJ Skye’s eyes open and she wonders where her clothes went. She asks me what happened, and I explain that she looked in to my eyes, got hypnotized, had a lot of pleasure and then lost her clothes. I then give her a suggestion that she’ll want to put her clothes back on, but will forget how they work.

DJ Skye struggles with her clothes. I talk with her while she tries to decipher her pants, and I ask her what it’s like, and she tells me that it’s mass confusion. I let her remember having sex with the chair, but only for about 20 seconds. We discuss how she could be inventing new subculture clothing trends. Then I distract her with an orgasm.

I give DJ Skye a creative visualization that she’s at the party at the bottom of the big colorful staircase, and that she started the new clothing trend and that it was very funny. She then continues struggling with her clothes. I give her a little help with her underpants, and then she struggles a little more, before I let her remember how her clothes work. Then we take a break to change the tape.

I give DJ Skye some suggestions reinforcing her positive attitude towards the session. I then give her a suggestion where every time she puts on an article of clothing, she will immediately take it off without realizing that she’s done so until after she has done so. She then gets incredibly frustrated as she tries to get dressed.

DJ Skye has chair sex again, and I wake her up in the middle of it and she’s very confused. I let her remember the chair sex for 20 seconds, and then it fades from her memory.

I suggest to DJ Skye that after all this chair sex, she wants to have person sex. So she embraces me and feels that she is having sex. Then she looks in to my eyes and feels incredible pleasure as I use her pleasure triggers.

In a change of pace, I give DJ Skye a creative visualization that she is on a beach and she is skinny dipping.

I give DJ Skye the suggestion that every time I say the phrase “Ghengis Kahn,” she will reply with the phrase “you need fuel.” She will then carry out my next instruction, without remembering the trigger phrase, the response phrase, or the instruction. I then distract her with several orgasms, and then wake her up. We then talk about the small talk between segments, while I test out her response to the Genghis Kahn suggestion. I distract her with talk about music, and give her the suggestion to seduce the hypnotist. We continue talking, and I continue giving her suggestions to seduce the hypnotist.

Using the Ghengis Kahn trigger, I turn DJ Skye in to a puppy dog. Then she doesn’t believe that she was a puppy dog, and I do it again. She ends up very confused, so I drop her in to a trance and relax her.

DJ Skye is in a trance state, and I’m using the Ghengis Kahn suggestion to trigger pleasure in her, and I observe her responses. I then begin to alter the way that she expresses her pleasure.

I place DJ Skye in to slow motion. After playing with her a bit, I have her orgasm in slow motion.

I place DJ Skye in to fast forward, and have her have incredibly long orgasms at high speed.

The Midas Touch – Part One. DJ Skye believes that I can turn her in to a gold statue with just the touch of my finger. While she can’t move or make a sound, I suggest pleasure to her, and watch as she feels it but can’t express it in any way.

The Midas Touch – Part Two. Over repeated use, the influence of the Midas Touch becomes that much more powerful, eventually I have complete control of her body, the turning in to a statue effect is instantaneous, and she can’t remember anything that happened while she was a statue. I then explain that a woman feels incredible pleasure while she is turned in to gold.

The Midas Touch – Part Three. I play games with DJ Skye’s sense of perception, as I turn her in to gold and then move around, causing me to teleport around from her point of view. I tease her with this a little bit, and then cause her to feel incredible pleasure as gold.

I give DJ Skye chair sex again. While she’s feeling the chair sex, I end the midas touch suggestion, and then give her pleasure.

I restore DJ Skye’s ability to put her clothing on, as I start to dress her. As she sits there, only barely clothed, I suggest that she feels pleasure.

Everywhere that skin touches skin, she feels pleasure, and I suggest that she let her hands roam her body. I place the thoughts in to her mind that she feels sexy, she feels aroused, she feels horny, and she wishes her panties were off. I prime her by suggesting that if her panties off, it would feel good and she would pleasure herself. I then have her take off her panties. As she feels pleasure, her shirt barely holds her breasts in, and I pull one side of it down off her shoulder. I ask her how she feels, and she says that she feels sexy.

Relaxed, hypnotized, and obedient, DJ Skye looks amazingly hot, and I indulge in her, as I trace my fingers along her body, knowing that she feels pleasure everywhere that skin touches skin. Not content with just that, I take her hands, and touch her in the most intimate places. As I guide her hand, she feels that it’s moving on it’s own. These sensations are building to a soft and feminine orgasm.

I suggest that everything DJ Skye’s body does, it’s doing on auto pilot, as I continue to use her own hands to stimulate and arouse her. I suggest that when she feels that her hands are pleasuring her, she expresses it in her face, and when her hands move away from where they are pleasuring her, she shows disappointment in her face. The pleasure builds to orgasm.

I begin the session wrap up with DJ Skye. Then on the count of three she’s going to feel all the pleasure that she’s felt during the entire session all at once. Then I have her sit there and think of ponies, with her panties off, for no apparent reason, and that she finds it hilarious.

I bring DJ Skye out of the hypnotic state, and we have a post session discussion.