Hypnosis at Fantasm

120 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2004-04-10

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Clip One – ( 3:52 ) 5/1/2004
In this clip, we meet our first hypnotic subject from the convention. In this clip, we find out that she’s been hypnotized twice before, and really enjoys the way that it feels. Since she’s been hypnotized before, we make use of the work that has already been done, and ask her to think about the last time that she was hypnotized. This is how we begin the induction.

Clip Two – ( 4:13 ) 5/2/2004
We continue the induction with a series of progressive relaxation exercises. All the stresses and tension goes away and is replaced with a warm tingly feeling.

Clip Three – ( 2:56 ) 5/3/2004
The progressive relaxation exercise continues the induction as we focus on the rest of our subject’s body.

Clip Four – ( 3:22 ) 5/4/2004
The induction is complete, so now I give our first hypnotic subject her post hypnotic trance trigger. We then perform one of our trance depth tests, the balloon test. She responds to it quite well. Towards the end of this clip, I suggest that she will open her eyes and tell us how she feels. After that, I check to make sure that the trance trigger works properly.

Clip Five – ( 2:51 ) 5/5/2004
We now have her do a trance deepening exercise, as she counts back from 50, going deeper with every number. While she takes herself even deeper, I let our third hypnotic subject for the session in to the room. As you can see, this causes no distraction to our first subject, and she continues without interruption.

Clip Six – ( 2:51 ) 5/6/2004
Now that we have our first hypnotic subject in a deep trance, and responding well to suggestion, I now gently start to get her breathing moving a little faster. I suggest that she feels free and creative. This is in preparation for the suggestion that causes her to dance in the way that the bells and her outfit suggests, that when I snap my fingers she will stand up and belly dance. She dances for a few moments, and then I use a freeze command, and then a sleep command. I then suggest that when I snap my fingers again, she will feel 100 times more confident in her belly dancing.

Clip Seven – ( 2:18 ) 5/7/2004
Now I release her arms and her feet. In preparation for the next segment, I have her focus on all the feelings that she feels when she does a sexy striptease for her husband (who is across the room watching).

Clip Eight – ( 3:39 ) 5/8/2004
As she does the sexy striptease for her husband, she removes her top. She has some trouble with her skirt. As I help her out of it, I have her focus on my words and build her confidence about being a good dancer.

Clip Nine – ( 4:32 ) 5/9/2004
I let her know that she is the sexiest belly dancer ever. She dances, knowing that her husband wants her very much. I then give her a freeze command, and give her a horniness trigger.

Clip Ten – ( 2:07 ) 5/10/2004
The dancing continues, and her underwear finds its way off her body. After she sits down, the look of love from her husband across the room gives a enjoyable session of oral sex.

Clip Eleven – ( 3:15 ) 5/11/2004
When she wakes up she believes she is a strict puritan wife here to talk to us about the importance of abstinence for America’s youth. As she talks I use her horny trigger. An interesting speech ensues. Finally, her memories are put safely away till later.

Clip Twelve – ( 3:05 ) 5/12/2004
My hypnotic subject now forgets about the earlier part of the session. Her and I discuss what she remembers. She then discovers how much time as actually elapsed since the session began.

Clip Thirteen – ( 2:27 ) 5/13/2004
She give me her thoughts on hypnotism. As she talks about her previous experience with hypnotism, we find out about her orgasm button.

Clip Fourteen – ( 2:55 ) 5/14/2004
More information about the orgasm button comes to light. Then I try an interesting experiment.

Clip Fifteen – ( 3:02 ) 5/15/2004
As she sleeps her husband walks up beside her. Her pent up desire for her husband is quite apparent upon waking. She then experiences an incredible orgasm that he gives her. This clip ends with them kissing.

Clip Sixteen – ( 2:32 ) 5/16/2004
She tells us how she feels about the whole experience so far. We get her take on hypnosis.

Clip Seventeen – ( 1:48 ) 5/17/2004
I have her play around with her orgasm button.

Clip Eighteen – ( 1:59 ) 5/18/2004
She chooses to get her memories back. She tells us about her experiences this evening. Then I have her sleep again.

Clip Nineteen – ( 3:01 ) 5/19/2004
As she sleeps, we find out about her sex life. I use her horny command, and I give her a suggestion for later use.

Clip Twenty – ( 3:31 ) 5/20/2004
We see her masturbate as she thinks about her husband. He then gives her one last orgasm.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 4:52 ) 5/21/2004
We now start with our second hypnotic subject at the convention. Like many other women at the convention, she has received a body painting in an animalistic motif. Prior to beginning the session, I had a discussion with her about her interest in meditation. I then mentioned the similarities between the two processes, and used waking suggestion to create a parallel between the two processes in her mind. Using multiple waking suggestions to complete the picture, and having already been established as an authority on hypnosis by her watching the first subject, she was fully ready to experience hypnosis with a single command to sleep.

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 3:57 ) 5/22/2004
We begin with suggesting a posthypnotic command to re-enter the trance. We now go in to a creative visualization to tap in to her meditative interests. In her mind, she floats through the sky, with the rays of the sun energizing her body, and causes her to feel horny. She feels amazing, wonderful and horny.

Clip Twenty-Three – ( 1:41 ) 5/23/2004
She feels so nice, that she starts dancing in the sky. I suggest that she is in Nirvanna, and she is. As she feels all these wonderful things, I suggest that the feline form of her appearance comes out in her feelings. However, cats don’t wear pants, so she must become one with her cat nature by taking off her pants.

Clip Twenty-Four – ( 2:02 ) 5/24/2004
Using hypnosis, I’ve now empowered our second subject with the ability to go to this erotic and wonderful place anytime she chooses to, via her meditation. I now suggest that she dances her way in to an orgasm. As it builds up, I suggest that she freezes, and then sleeps deeply. In the background, I trigger our first subject in to a trance, bring her to her feet (off camera), and suggest that she goes to the same mental place as our second subject. Then I bring her to the same physical place.

“See the blue sky, get on the cloud, float to the sun, become the cat, and dance to orgasm.” (Mentally dance to orgasm too, if there isn’t room to physically dance to orgasm)

Clip Twenty-Five – ( 1:59 ) 5/25/2004
With our two hypnotic subjects, deep in trance before me, I suggest that my voice is the voice of God. On the whitest cloud, in the bluest sky, feeling the pleasurable warmth of the sun, they feel aroused and turned on. In a deep state of trance and meditation, I suggest that they dance to orgasm. Drawn close together, they are two halves of the same, and their sounds of pleasure bring each other pleasure.

Clip Twenty-Six – ( 2:01 ) 5/26/2004
Now, in post orgasmic bliss, I suggest that the girls laugh and giggle, and they do. I take them through the cycle of birth, and growth, and sexual reproduction. This leads to incredible feelings of sexual pleasure.

Clip Twenty-Seven – ( 4:54 ) 5/27/2004
I now suggest that as the girls feel more turned on, they’ll open their eyes, turn towards me, and be in amazement of the incredible power of hypnotism. I talk with the ladies for a few moments, before the pleasure builds and they dance to it more. I ask them what they’re thinking about, and the answer is obvious. In then ask them, whether they would prefer multiple earth shaking orgasms, or personal enlightenment or evolution in to a higher state of being. Orgasms win out, and I suggest that they dance in to that pleasure in their own private personal sexual fantasy.

Clip Twenty-Eight – ( 3:40 ) 5/28/2004
I suggest that this experience makes them cosmic sisters, in a way. I then suggest them in to another orgasm. I really wish that you all could have been standing where I was. One of the most erotic sights I’ve ever seen in my live, was the view from behind these two sexy women, with their legs apart, and hips up in the air, experiencing an orgasm. I now suggest that when I touch them between their shoulders, they’ll look up and describe how wonderful that felt. On the side, since they seemed so interested in personal evolution and enlightenment, I give them a few suggestions pointing them in that direction for their waking life.

Clip Twenty-Nine – ( 0:48 ) 5/29/2004
I now suggest that they feel ticklish on their asses. As they giggle from the tickling, I surprise them with an orgasm with no warning. They feel the tickling and the orgasm simultaneously.

Clip Thirty – ( 3:52 ) 5/30/2004
Trance subjects can be difficult to maneuver sometimes… Watch as I try to get them around on the bed, while they are in a state of trance logic. I then give our hypnotic subjects a post hypnotic suggestion that will bring her and her husband a pleasurable reward.

Clip Thirty-One – ( 5:09 ) 6/1/2004
We are now working with our third hypnotic subject at the convention. She’s a true believe in the power of hypnosis, not only having watched it with the previous two subjects, but also having been a subject of a previous erotic stage hypnosis show performed by a very talented friend of mine. While talking with her about that experience, I lead in to an experience regression induction. However, to distinguish this experience from the prior one, I make use of physical suggestion in my induction.

Clip Thirty-Two – ( 6:41 ) 6/2/2004
We begin by taking her in to her mind, and helping her to experience in a strong intensity all of the positive feelings and emotions that I can think of. I then give her sensory hallucinations of pleasurable sensations. As she feels these wonderful things, I then adjust her perception of time, to stretch out the experience beyond normal scales. We then take this all the way to her maximum extreme, until we find her limits, and then relax her back in to the now.

Clip Thirty-Three – ( 4:41 ) 6/3/2004
We now bring her back to something resembling awake, as we ask her about the experience. Then after realizing how suggestible she is, I decide to play a few harmless tricks on her sense of perception and continuity. Eventually, I let her in on the joke and she finds it amusing.

Clip Thirty-Four – ( 5:40 ) 6/4/2004
She’s started to catch on with the posthypnotic jokes that I’m playing, so now I throw in some memory play.

Clip Thirty-Five – ( 7:29 ) 6/5/2004
Now, after having some fun with our third hypnotic subject at the convention, I give her a suggestion that restores her memory.