Glitter Hypnotized

52 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2005-03-19

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Clip One – ( 4:58 ) 3/24/2005
In this clip, we meet up with Glitter again. We’re at the Final Fantasm convention, and we talk about all the hypnosis that has been going on over the day.

Clip Two – ( 1:32 ) 3/25/2005
In this clip, I discuss with Glitter how it felt to be hypnotized for the website last time.

Clip Three – ( 3:34 ) 3/26/2005
We now do the induction, using physical techniques. In the process, I also give her a post hypnotic suggestion that for the rest of the night, she will give me her hand any time I ask for it, and that I will be able to use it to drop her in to a deep trance.

Clip Four – ( 2:26 ) 3/27/2005
I give Glitter a hypnotic suggestion to belly dance.

Clip Five – ( 3:51 ) 3/28/2005
I know start to play with Glitter’s perception of reality, involving getting her to take off her clothing.

Clip Six – ( 2:46 ) 3/29/2005
When I snap my fingers, Glitter opens her eyes, and sees animated images of people having sex on the walls.

Clip Seven – ( 4:05 ) 3/30/2005
I now create a psychic link between Glitter and the sex that she sees on the walls. Over time I make the connection stronger and more amplified.

Clip Eight – ( 3:38 ) 3/31/2005
The pleasure gets more connected to Glitter over her link between what she sees and what she feels. I make the reality that she’s experiencing through the psychic link, more real then the real reality, although my voice always takes priority and goes through all of it. Her response is rather intense…

Clip Nine – ( 5:07 ) 4/1/2005
On the count of three and the snap of my fingers, Glitter’s eyes open and she’s ready to start the shoot. I use this to break the sequence for just a few moments, before giving her the suggestion that she sees an orgy on the wall, and that she has an amplified connection with the main figure.

Clip Ten – ( 5:44 ) 4/2/2005
Quivering in pleasure, Glitter is lost in the sensation of the orgy that she sees. I suggest that she would feel even better without her panties.

Clip Eleven – ( 3:11 ) 4/3/2005
Through just suggestion and imagination, Glitter is taken to a very loud orgasm.

Clip Twelve – ( 4:07 ) 4/4/2005
The wild orgasms continue, and then the aftershocks…

Clip Thirteen – ( 3:21 ) 4/5/2005
We get to the bottom of what’s causing all these vivid images for Glitter.

Clip Fourteen – ( 3:38 ) 4/6/2005
The wrap up. The last clip in this set.