Gothic Heather Hypnotized

94 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2003-03-21

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In this clip we meet Heather, a sexy young goth in long black dress. Preparing to begin the session, we talk with Heather about any exposure she might have had to hypnosis in the past. Leading in from the talk we begin the induction, and see that there’s a bit of nervousness in her part.

We continue to focus Heather’s attention on the induction, and I decide to break the tension a little bit by telling her to giggle. This allows me to use her nervousness to help the induction instead of fighting against it.

We then move over to the pocket watch for the induction to give her something to focus her attention on. We can see her clearly going with the induction.

Even so, there seems to be some nervousness that snaps her back. However, we have no fear, and continue to switch the induction to go with the flow, and seek the path of least resistance.

Continuing with confidence we have her close her eyes, and take a more direct and authoritarian approach.

We have a little bit of blurriness with the camerawork for a bit of this clip, while we get a nice tight close up shot of her eyes and face. However, I decided to leave it in this clip so that there’s no interruption of the induction.

Notice towards the end of the clip where we begin to control the nervous laughing response and move in towards a deep hypnotic state.

Chapter 2
The induction becomes serious. Now that there’s no way out with laughter the laughter stops. I keep Heather’s mind occupied with the images of the star and the dark night sky as I continue to lead her deeper and deeper into hypnosis. I lead her into relaxation and slower thoughts, and ease her deeper into the trance.

We continue with a progressive relaxation and I see it work as her face blanks and she finds herself leaning into me. You can really see her getting into it.

Chapter 3
Now I stand Heather up straight and tall, stiff and rigid. Deepening her trance, and bringing her further under my spell, she focuses on my voice and nothing else. I then suggest that she feels a heaviness in her head, a powerful heaviness that brings her down and deeper into my spell. Her mind completely emptied, my words are her thoughts. The heaviness spreads though her body.

I then count backwards from ten to one, with every number echoing in her mind and hypnotizing her deeper. At the end, she hangs limp and loose in my arms, as she has given in to the trance completely. I then give her a post hypnotic suggestion that will cause her to be deeply hypnotized by my words or a gesture.

Chapter 4
Now, relaxed in my arms, I suggest that Heather feels two long pieces of gold string attached to two big red balloons. With her body securely in my arms, pressed up against mine, she feels incredible to hold. She’s soft and open and relaxed, and feels real good to my touch.

As she feels the balloons, she finds herself floating higher and higher and higher still, until she’s floating so high that her arms are above her head, pulling her shirt up and exposing her midriff. Until finally she finds her self in my arms, deeply asleep.

Chapter 5
Deeply hypnotized, I command Heather to stand up straight and tall. She finds herself compelled to obey. My words are her thoughts, and she is becoming deeper and deeper hypnotized.

I then count to three, and when Heather opens her eyes, she finds everything incredibly funny. She ends up on the floor laughing at my feet. I finish her laughing with a large smile and even deeper relaxation.

Chapter 6
Now I give her the impression that she’s on the beach. It’s a good thing that she wore her bathing suit under her clothes! I am counting backwards from ten to one, while she leans back in my arms, in her bra, going deeper and deeper in to a trance.

She is feeling the sensations of being on the beach, close to the water when she takes off her skirt for the rest of her bathing suit, when we discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties!

Chapter 7
Continuing to deepen Heather’s trance, I have her count backwards from ten to one, out loud, going deeper with every number. When she reaches 1 she collapses in my arms. I then have her do other things to deepen her trance state. After the deepening, I bring her attention back to the beach, and give her the suggestion that she would like to take off her top.

Moving further with the beach, she feels the wind in her hair, and the sand under her toes. This leads up to a special treat for our foot fetishists.

Exploring the beach metaphor, Heather continues to feel the waves. Each wave brings pleasure, as we have the pleasure move across her entire body. Then at my command, she starts to make the noises that all women make when they feel pleasure.

The waves move higher, eventually making it up to her thighs, leading towards the ultimate pleasure.

Chapter 8
She feels the best oral sex of her life coming from the ocean lover.

The best oral sex of Heather’s life becomes the best sex of her life, in a powerful and metaphysical sort of way. Heather smiles as the pleasure builds, and the bigger the smile gets, the bigger the pleasure gets.

Rapidly she finds herself on the edge of the best orgasm she’s ever had in her life.

Then, on my command, she orgasms, so strongly that she collapses to the floor. This is Gothic Heather’s first orgasm via hypnosis.

Chapter 9
Relaxing deeper after her orgasm, Heather is focused on my words. I then suggest that when she wakes up she will be in the arms of the most perfect lover she’s ever had. She has a dreamy expression on her face, and I ask her what’s on her mind right this moment. She replies in a soft voice, nothing.

I then have her focus on my finger, as I prepare to take her even deeper into trance. Then I give her powerful pleasure through her entire body.

Chapter 10
I give heather a post hypnotic suggestion to cluck like a chicken every time I tap her shoulder. Then I wake her up, clearing her memory of the trance. We then discuss whether or not she would be a good hypnotic subject (although we already know). In between clucks, she tells us that she doesn’t respond to hypnosis. Then she finally reveals that once in the past hypnosis was tried on her, and didn’t work.

We continue to talk about hypnosis, and Heather tells us that she views it as a control situation, a power exchange. We then continue discussing hypnosis, until finally I point out to her that she is both naked and clucking like a chicken, at which point the look on her face is priceless.

Chapter 11
I place the thoughts of being hypnotized back into Heather’s mind. I then wake her back up and we talk a little bit. As we are talking, Heather gets a little shy about being naked.

After she mentions that she has a dominant attitude, I have her stare blankly ahead and compel her to cluck like a chicken some more.

Chapter 12
Hypnotized, obedient, and seduced by my words, I have Heather present herself to me. I then have her repeat and believe, “I hear your voice, it becomes my thoughts.” Then I have her thrust her breasts out and continue to present her body to me. Giving her powerful pleasure everywhere, I associate presenting her body to me with pleasure. I then prepare her to orgasm on command. As Heather’s pleasure builds, and builds, and builds, I suggest that her hands start to caress her body. She feels the mental dominance of arousal building in her mind. As I continue to use hypnosis to heat her up and turn her on, she finds herself helplessly fingering herself. Aroused, horny, and under my spell, she is a slave to pleasure. I then count backwards from 10 and command her to orgasm. The result is quite explosive! So I relax her back to sleep.

Chapter 13
Heather relaxes back into my arms, feeling good. She starts to feel a relaxed pleasure. You can see the smile on her face, as she feels gentle kissing on her thighs, moving upwards. I suggest that she feels comfortable in my arms and at peace. In fact, I suggest that she believes that she’s always laid naked in my arms and that it just feels right. Then I reinforce this idea with powerful pleasure everywhere.

Chapter 14
I wake up Heather and suggest that she shares with me her thoughts on all the most sexiest things she can think of. Feeling completely natural and completely relaxed, I suggest that talking about sex with me is as normal as talking about what to have for dinner.

Chapter 15
I make Heather feel cold, and give her the hypnotic impression that I’m the only source of heat. I also continue her hypnotic conditioning to obeying my voice.

Chapter 16
To complete Heather’s hypnotic conditioning for obedience, I freeze and manipulate her body. I have turned her into a living mannequin. Frozen into place, the pleasure and desire builds, yet she is unable to move a muscle to relieve her urges. Finally, I release her body, and she immediately starts to touch herself in the most intimate way, building up to an incredible orgasm.

Chapter 17
This is the B-Camera footage analogous to gh1_016. We get to see a full body view of what’s happening, as well as what happened during the changing of the A-Camera tape.

Chapter 18
I hold Gothic Heather’s body in my arms, and mind in the trance, and then I put her to sleep. I deepen her trance and cause her to feel good, calm, and peaceful. I ask her what the first word that comes to her mind is, and it’s “yes.” I then suggest that she’s having a dream where she has the power of hypnosis, and what she would do with it. I then suggest that when I snap my fingers, she will wake up excited and tell me about this dream.

Chapter 19
I suggest to Heather that it’s morning, and in her mind she has just awaken, and it’s time to do her early morning exercises. I have her jog in place, do jumping jacks, and then bend over in a stretch.

Chapter 20
I suggest that she imagines how much people will desire her, and how attractive she will be, and that this arouses her, and that she should give herself the pleasure she deserves. I have her imagine that people are looking at her and desiring her, so I instruct her to practice her sexy poses. I then suggest that she wants to get feedback on her sexy poses. At the end of this clip we have a break in continuity.

Chapter 21
This is the B-Camera footage analogous to gh1_019 and gh1_020. We get to see a full body view of what’s happening, as well as what happened during the adjustment of the A-Camera.

Chapter 22
I now instruct Gothic Heather to count down from 50 to 1, each number making her more receptive to my voice and more obedient to my commands. While she does this, we take a good look at her body.

Chapter 23
I suggest that she feels more or less awake, and very thirsty. I then give her a glass of water, suggesting that each sip from the glass arouses her more and more until she orgasms.

Chapter 24
Heather asks for a second glass. She gulps it down, and this time the tension from all the arousal causes her to feel sore, so I release her from the erotic tension, and relax her.

Chapter 25
I then wake her up from the session, feeling wonderful, and ask her to talk about what it was like. We talk for a bit, just as two people, and you see my shy side, but then I move in with my confident hypnotist side, and slip her back in to a trance just in my tone of voice, body language, and behavior.

Chapter 26
This is the B-Camera footage analogous to gh1_025. We get to see a full body view of Gothic Heather when I instructed her to throw herself in to my arms.

Chapter 27
I suggest to Gothic Heather that she had forgotten Valentine’s Day. However, I forgotten to suggest to her that we were in a romantic relationship, and she immediately thinks of calling her boyfriend. I suggest to her that it was a false alarm, and she feels relieved. I then suggest that she laughs because she finds it funny. Then when I snap my fingers, she will wake up and tell her boyfriend, who is holding her, about the weird dream she just had. I ask her what she would do if it were valentine’s day, and she asks me what I would do. So I describe it to her in a very hypnotic way.

Chapter 28
I start to do end of trance cleanup with Gothic Heather. I give her a final suggestion that when she wakes up, she will feel her own natural tendencies overridden like a robot, and will put her clothes back on as such.

Chapter 29
We discuss the experience of Gothic Heather being hypnotized.

Chapter 30
Gothic Heather continues to talk about her experience, and I decide to slip her back in to a trance state. I suggest that she’s in a dream, and in this dream she feels wonderful, and when I kiss her on the cheek she will wake up and feel ten times better than the first time she woke up from hypnosis.