Gothic Heather Hypnotized 2

91 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2004-03-03

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Clip One – ( 3:34 ) 4/1/2004
We begin by discussing the last session with Gothic Heather. It turns out that she really doesn’t remember it much at all. I ask her if she believes in hypnotism, and she responds with a firm yes. We then go in to the induction using my brand new crystal.

Clip Two – ( 4:11 ) 4/2/2004
The induction moves very quickly because she is both an excellent trance subject, but also because I’ve worked with her before, as I use the crystal to hypnotize Gothic Heather.

Clip Three – ( 3:40 ) 4/3/2004
I do a deepening exercise, where I count up from one to thirty, and every number I count makes her body float up, while her mind goes deeper in to the trance. I then condition her to become fascinated and hypnotized by me holding the crystal before her eyes.

Clip Four – ( 2:50 ) 4/4/2004
Gothic Heather tells us about an interesting experience that she had with a post hypnotic suggestion from the last session.

Clip Five – ( 3:55 ) 4/5/2004
Gothic Heather finishes telling us about her interesting posthypnotic experience. As she gets to the graphic details, I have her feel what she felt then, and gradually bring her to orgasm.

Clip Six – ( 2:25 ) 4/6/2004
With the snap of my fingers, Gothic Heather wakes up and realizes to her surprise that she is completely naked. I then talk with her a bit, and then place the crystal before her eyes to have her tell me more about the posthypnotic effects of the last session.

Clip Seven – ( 2:18 ) 4/7/2004
I take in to account Gothic Heather’s extreme suggestibility, as I fine tune my suggestions to her to make it so that I can hypnotize her easily, but that she is resistant to the hypnotic suggestion of others. I then discuss with her trance self that she is having a much easier time achieving pleasure now as a result of my hypnotic suggestions. I then suggest that her subconscious mind is grateful for that gift, and desires to listen to my voice and obey me. I then reward her with more pleasure.

Clip Eight – ( 3:15 ) 4/8/2004
I suggest that she believes that she’s wearing a dress that she’ll want to describe to me. I put her in a very good mood, and suggest that she feels happy, and giggly and sort of girlish. I then have her tell me what the ultimate hypnotized fantasy would be. Additionally, I suggest that she doesn’t remember the trance at all, and is ready to be hypnotized. As she tells us her fantasy, she reveals the nature of her interest in Bondage and Dominance.

Clip Nine – ( 3:19 ) 4/9/2004
To bring us back down to earth a little bit and out of the dark dungeon of Gothic Heather’s sexual fetish fantasies, I show her the crystal and take her in to the trance state. I have her tell me what the crystal makes her think of. I then have her tell me how my voice makes her feel. I then suggest that she feels turned on, and she starts to touch herself. As I bring her closer and closer to the orgasm, she falls to the floor in ecstasy. I suggest that my words will make her cum, but that she’s not allowed to, and if she does, she’ll be punished. Naturally, she can’t help but to feel the pleasure, and then I wake her up abruptly, and she doesn’t even believe at first that she came, but then a quick check proves it to herself.

Clip Ten – ( 2:37 ) 4/10/2004
As her punishment for cumming when I told her she couldn’t, I give her some hypnospanking. Using the power of suggestion, she feels a spank, even though I’m giving her the lightest possible touch that I can. At one point she’s grabbing so hard in to my leg, that I miss a beat in my speaking.

Clip Eleven – ( 1:59 ) 4/11/2004
Now I use the crystal to pull all the dominance out of Gothic Heather, and turn her in to a little subbie. She adapts to her new submissive persona completely, to extremes beyond what I would have imagined. I then freeze her in to place, and test my triggers, including the spank one. Even though she’s not physically feeling a spanking, this one is quite graphic in her response. Viewer discretion is advised.

Clip Twelve – ( 5:00 ) 4/12/2004
When I count to three, Gothic Heather has her normal persona and no memory of the trance, and no idea why she can’t move her arms. I then give her the suggestion that she’s going to find it all incredibly funny. The interesting thing is that her normal personality is quite aggressive. She actually says “fuck you” to me when I joke that she looks like an airplane with her arms out in the air. While she wonders why she can’t move her arms, I give her the spank command. The response is very intense, and it’s important to remember that this is all in her imagination, that there’s no actual physical violence taking place. Even so, the intensity of this moment can potentially be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. In the interest of keeping the mood from becoming too dark, we start to discuss with her the spanking suggestion, and replace the pain of the spank with incredible arousal. This is still triggered by the softest tap of a single finger.

Clip Thirteen – ( 2:43 ) 4/13/2004
I continue to explain the hypno spank suggestion, and I continue to use the hypno pleasure suggestion. I then go into a short expression of my views of how BDSM people typically view the use of hypnosis, but then I explain the way that I would provide the same effect, but from a hypnotist’s point of view.

Clip Fourteen – ( 3:00 ) 4/14/2004
Hypno tickling. I give Gothic Heather a series of hypnotic suggestions that cause her to feel the sensations of being tickled all over.

Clip Fifteen – ( 4:34 ) 4/15/2004
I have suggested that Gothic Heather believes that she’s the most bad ass dom that there is, and to give a talk about it. However, I still have her tickle command in place.

Clip Sixteen – ( 2:14 ) 4/16/2004
Since Gothic Heather mentioned that the tickling has an element of pain to it, I suggest to her that it feels nice. When she has trouble repeating the statement, I get the idea to make her tongue really big in her mouth, and then have her continue trying to be the bad ass dom.

Clip Seventeen – ( 1:13 ) 4/17/2004
Now that I have returned Gothic Heather’s tongue back to normal, I suggest that she stick it out, and show how she likes to feel it against her most sensitive spot. Then I have her feel what her tongue is doing.

Clip Eighteen – ( 3:16 ) 4/18/2004
Using the power of hypnosis, I give Gothic Heather the suggestion that she’s a robot that is controlled by a remote control. This is for all the robot lovers out there.

Clip Nineteen – ( 3:05 ) 4/19/2004
We continue with the suggestion placed in the previous clip, where we turned Gothic Heather in to a robot. We tell her this, and she’s somewhat surprised. We then use a few of the controls on the remote control and show her. However, it’s we who are surprised, when we give her the command to perform a lap dance. Afterwards we put her in to program mode, and choose one likely occupation that robots may perform in the future.

Clip Twenty – ( 1:05 ) 4/20/2004
We now place Gothic Heather in to a happy place that causes her to smile and giggle. While in this happy place, she feels her boobs become huge. After that her boobs disappear, and I send her on a mission to find them. This leads to a short bit of freeze play, and then I give her the suggestion that she’ll wake up and want to start the erotic hypnosis session (because she doesn’t remember it).

Clip Twenty-One – ( 3:33 ) 4/21/2004
I talk with Gothic Heather, who is still waiting to be hypnotized, and mention that someone wanted me to turn her in to a robot. We see her reaction to this. When she sees the remote control, she’s puzzled by it, and experiences an inexplicable sense of deja vu. We then see her response to a few various suggestions while she’s in a “normal” state of mind. As I punch random buttons on the remote, she has different responses, and then believes that she’s dropped her boobs, and needs to find them. Then I use the remote to turn off and on her clit and nipples, and all sorts of other things. This is a great clip!

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 1:18 ) 4/22/2004
I now use my remote control to mute Gothic Heather. Then I ask her a few questions. Seeing her growing frustration at being on mute, I unmute her, but then play with her volume controls.

Clip Twenty-Three – ( 2:37 ) 4/23/2004
Continuing with our new tradition of tossing in some Ghengis Kahn jokes, I give Gothic Heather a suggestion that her name is Ghengis Kahn. I then deepen her a little, and finish the inside jokes with You Need Fuel. This shows off Gothic Heather’s creativity, as well as her continued responsiveness to direct instruction, no matter how strange the instructions are (i.e. stand up, turn around three times, say “You need fuel,” then sit down).

Clip Twenty-Four – ( 2:58 ) 4/24/2004
I suggest to Gothic Heather that she has the desire to discuss at great detail her interest in BDSM and Bondage, however, she’s going to experience everything that she describes.

Clip Twenty-Five – ( 3:31 ) 4/25/2004
When I had picked up Gothic Heather from the airport, she talked about political stuff the entire ride back to the studio. She’s definitely on the left. So I decided to give her a suggestion that she would cluck like a chicken, and then asked her to explain her feelings on the current American president, and his administration’s policies. It bears mentioning at this point, that that same administration is spending a lot of tax payer money to go after lawful businesses that cater to the adult entertainment market. Please read for more information. If you enjoy visiting my website and viewing my work, and you are an American, please consider voting out the people who would want to put me out of business based on their religious beliefs. Also, as a note of errata, the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq at the time of filming this video was a little over 600, not 600 billion, that was a freudian slip with the Haliburton scandal.

Clip Twenty-Six – ( 2:46 ) 4/26/2004
We now give her the suggestion that she’s a staunch Bush supporting republican. You can see that she’s having a great deal of difficulty carrying out the suggestion, because it goes so strongly against her personal beliefs, so I decide to make it easier for her, and suggest that she barks like a dog as she discusses this issue. At the end of this segment, we return her to her former political orientation.

Clip Twenty-Seven – ( 2:49 ) 4/27/2004
At the suggestion of my crew, I give Gothic Heather the hypnotic impression that the stuffed animal that I’m holding is a baby that needs to be breast fed. Imagine what happens when I drop it!

Clip Twenty-Eight – ( 2:31 ) 4/28/2004
We find out that Gothic Heather’s favorite musician is Trent Reznor (of 9 Inch Nails). So, using hypnosis, I give her the impression that the stuffed animal is him, and he wants to sing a song with her.

Clip Twenty-Nine – ( 1:35 ) 4/29/2004
Using the stuffed bear, we give Gothic Heather a hypnotic suggestion that she does whatever the bear does.