Gothic Heather Hypnotized 3

161 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2005-07-22

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Before we begin the session, I have a little pre-shoot chit chat with Gothic Heather. I then direct my photographer to take a few publicity pictures of her. As we do this, I lead in to the induction process seamlessly.

The induction continues. Gothic Heather is in my arms, going in to a deep and focused trance. Notice how she quickly and instantly responds to my command to stand feet together, hands at her side. She snaps right to attention without giving it any thought.

I now use hypnotic suggestion to influence Gothic Heather’s feelings. I begin by suggesting that she feels happy, joy and bliss. As these feelings wash over her, I slip in that she feels aroused as well. This suggestion takes rather well. Focusing on my words, my words bring her pleasure. I then move in to a progressive relaxation exercise, however, since I know how she will respond, I replace the “relax” command with “orgasm now.”

I continue the progressive relaxation exercise with Gothic Heather, and find that she has a lot of stress and tension inside her. I release her from this, and take her deeper in to hypnosis.

In this clip, I tell Gothic Heather about a cool hypnotic experience that I had socially one night. However, before I begin, I use hypnotic wording to create a link between Gothic Heather and the girl in my story, and as she identifies with the girl in my story, she feels what she felt and does what she did. This story is about the idea of mandatory cuddle time.

I wake Gothic Heather up and we talk about how I modified the progressive relaxation exercise with the orgasms, and I mention that this is something that I developed with my girlfriend. I also touch up on the mandatory cuddle time trigger. I then place her back in to a trance state, and suggest to her that every time I say the phrase, “brave new world,” that she’s going to feel that she is seductive and sexy and that she wants to get the attention of the man that she’s talking to, in the way that they arrange their body, and the way that they talk, the way that they express themselves, and the expressions that they show on their face. I suggest that it will be perfectly natural, that she’ll remember doing it, that it will be her idea, of course, but that it won’t even occur to her that hypnosis has anything to do with it, that she will just feel perfectly in place.

Gothic Heather and I talk about our favorite future dystopia novels. Mine is, “A Brave New World,” of course… This goes on for a bit, and surprisingly enough, all I seem to want to do is compare “A Brave New World,” with every novel that she mentions. The conversation is on the verge of getting pretty heavy there for a moment, but as I keep on using the trigger, Gothic Heather becomes more and more turned on and more interested in being sexual than political, and I’m having a great time watching the process.

An interlude. I talk with Gothic Heather a bit about how she’s feeling. Then we pose for a picture, before I sink her deeper in to the trance state. Her puppy barks a little bit, and I have to reassure her and take her deeper again. I then refresh her levels of arousal.

Gothic Heather is standing at attention in a trance state, and I repeatedly use her arousal triggers to amplify her feelings. I then give her the suggestion that she feels so aroused and turned on that she wants to start taking off her clothes. In the process we slip back in to our literary discussion. While we’re doing this, she asks me what I’ve done to her, and if I made her have more orgasms. I then snap her back in to the trance state, and give her the impression that she really wants to seduce me.

I give Gothic Heather a false memory of looking forward to having the hypnotic orgasms, and about how wonderful they feel, and that it turned her on very much. Then she wondered what it would be like to talk with me about them. This caused her to feel giggly and playful. She asks me what my stance is on orgasms, and this feels like the type of question that you ask a politician when they are running for office, so I run with it for a little bit…

I ask Gothic Heather if she enjoys the hypnotic orgasms that I give her. She says that she does, and then she asks if I ever get hypnotic orgasms. As I talk about what I get out of hypnotizing people, I lead in to a powerful connection with her, and of course, increased arousal.

I suggest that Gothic Heather feels floaty pleasure. I suggest that right now, all she knows is the present, and that the present is beautiful. It’s warm, and comfortable, and soft and cuddly, it’s a perfect moment that lasts forever. I then suggests that she looks in to my eyes and orgasms, as she feels all these things. Then I suggest that she doesn’t need her bra right now. We have another distraction from her puppy, so I do another deepening exercise with her. I then have her focus on existing in the now, in the greatest moment ever.

I share with Gothic Heather something that I’ve learned in my travels and explorations. Many people spend their lives looking towards or trying to attain a goal, and while they do that, they wait for time to pass while they wait for that goal. However, in even the smallest drops of time that we can be aware of, there is infinite potential to experience the greatest sensations that we can possibly imagine. I use hypnotic suggestion to help her to understand this. I then have her look deep in to my eyes as she feels these things, and I also slip in the idea of perfect submission, after perfect arousal. The effect is quite noticeable. I then trigger her arousal again, and ask her to express how she feels. I then freeze her in to a perfect moment while I change the tapes in the cameras.

After the pause, Gothic Heather and I chat a little bit about past post hypnotic suggestions, then I use a few of her arousal triggers, and she talks about how it’s affecting her.

We then talk about how she’s my first shoot in a few months. I then cite the new 2257 regulation along with changes to my style of hypnosis, meanwhile I’m using Gothic Heather’s arousal triggers. As the talk gets a little emotionally charged, I go in to my story about ponies. I also mention the Fetish event that I went to in Paris last winter.

Now I talk with Gothic Heather about ideas for things to do with hypnosis, that I had specifically for her. I have her stand at attention, and she leaps in to it. Then I suggest that she feels sensations as she does so. I then ask her to identify the piece of bondage equipment that I have in my hands. I then use hypnosis to explore her feelings and perceptions about wearing the equipment, and then set up a hypnotic suggestion about her doing so.

The suggestion to experience the equipment as a submissive (as opposed to Gothic Heather’s normal role as a dominant) takes hold. I place the leather cuffs on to her wrists, and we talk about what that’s like. She wants them tighter, so we make them tighter, and talk about why. We also explore some of the concepts about the feeling of being on the edge, of flirting with danger, without actually being on the edge or in any danger. In this example, it’s about having the gear on loose, but with the perception of it being on tight, almost too tight.

Gothic Heather reflects upon the feelings and the sensations, and this self reflection causes her to realize that she can dive even deeper in to enjoyment of where she’s at right now. She does this, and it literally brings her to her knees, in accordance with the symbolism she’s currently focused on.

Now we shift again from Gothic Heather’s psychological arousal and mental turn on, to physical pleasure and tactile erotic turn on, as I suggest that my fingertips arouse her, and that her fingertips also arouse her. Enjoying pleasurable sensations, we build up to an orgasm.

I begin this clip with a little memory play with Gothic Heather. I snap my fingers to wake her up, but she has no memory of being in the bondage gear until I snap my fingers again. While I’m taking the leather off of her, she asks if she is going to get to put them on me. This gives me an idea… We do a little role reversal, where I let her tie me up and take an in charge position, while I still maintain control using hypnosis. From this position I use hypnosis to bring out her ideal dominant state.

She’s starting to hit me pretty hard, so I trigger her trance state, and suggest that she feels more and more aroused, but at the same time while she wants to hit me harder, her hands hit me softer, and that this frustrates and turns her on at the same time. I suggest that she wants to punish me for being so insolent by dropping her in to a trance while she’s being dominant. We explore this, with more arousal and an orgasm.

I have Gothic Heather explain why she wants to spank me. We then go a little deeper in to her head about how she is in her sexuality.

Now that Gothic Heather is reassured that she can do what she wants because if things get too intense for me, I can just put her in to a trance and stop her, I unleash her most perfect expression of her dominance, and turn her loose on me. Naturally I suggest that she talks about what she’s doing as she does it. As she tells me about how in control she feels, I can’t help but command her to orgasm.

Gothic Heather has me in restraints, and I decide to play around with her perceptions a little bit. So I freeze her in to place, with the intention of getting out of my restraints and playing a joke on her… However, initially the joke is on me as I find it harder to get out of the restraints than I had initially thought. Eventually I get out of them, and start to have fun with some freeze play.

Gothic Heather feels cuddly and a little confused, so I bring the memories of being dominant back in to her mind. She laughs out loud and says, “You know, it’s always an adventure with you.” (The two looks of confusion that she gets during this clip is distraction caused when her dog barks.)